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Time for another update. Grappler, blue belt in jiujitsu, wanting to meet other guys for wrestling bouts. I'm big into submission wrestling - to me, I want the battle between men to find out who is the strongest and the most skilled. I've started doing gym weights again so a gym buddy would also be good. Can host in Glasgow and if you are very nice, can provide a couch to crash on too.

I have been on this site 6 years now, met some great people, and there's a lot more I want to meet. I will get round you all one day, fellas!

Looking for the following : -

-Guys to sparr and wrestle with - SAFE AND SANE ONLY! Broken bones, black eyes, blood etc does not interest me in the slightest.

- Training partners: not just in BJJ but I like learning wrestling as well, so coaching is appreciated.

- Fun only under certain circumstances but for me the most important thing is the battle.

Also : understand the need for discretion, a face pic would be appreciated. I'm always weary about picking up a psycho on here, it seems every second wrestler I meet have got a horror story to tell......

Not really up for wrestling guys above a certain weight as I did injure my back one time fighting a big Ten Ton Tessie. No offence meant if I reject you, I wish to respect everyone on this site.

Off the mats: I like to keep fit, and have a number of varied interests. Also something of a coffee addict.
Thanks for reading this far down!



  1. United Kingdom, Glasgow
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I am willing to travel 100 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 46-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 179 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: trunks/singlet/army combats/shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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FitScot is recommended by TakeYouDown71

I was lucky enough to have another match with FitScot recently and this guy just gets better and better!
I’d hoped that with me having a bit more experience since the last time that it would be a mor even match but nope, he still had 5he upper hand throughout.
This guys moves like lightning and has incredible technique. naturally strong, he easily overpowered me and had me in some seriously difficult holds to get out of so its only fair I tell you he got a few taps out of me.
If you seriously want to test your wrestling skills then this is the man to go up against.
Add to that he’s a genuinely decent bloke with a fantastic physique too.



TakeYouDown71 is recommended by FitScot

I have had the absolute pleasure of grappling this fighter a few times now, he is building up his skill and his strength. Be warned, TakeYouDown is gonna be a challenge for the majority of you on here! A pleasant dude and fit as fuck, hit this guy up now for a fight.



FitScot is recommended by njmuscguy1

great meeting this tough skilled fighter during his trip to nyc !! a pleasure on and off the mats and hopefully we will meet again !!



njmuscguy1 is recommended by FitScot

A skilled fighter who is a pleasure to roll with and a friendly guy off the mats too!



FitScot is recommended by fracono

Managed to sort out a good spontaneous grapple with this guy today! He's as tough as he looks, if not tougher, and has technique to back up his muscle! He taught me a few new tricks that I cant wait to try out, and as a whole he was incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. Recommend FitScot to anyone who gets the chance and wants to challenge themselves



fracono is recommended by FitScot

Had a great roll with this guy as his energy and enthusiasm made for a challenging bout. Warm and polite, Fracono is friendly and a pleasant fighter to meet. Go hit him up!



FitScot is recommended by Jock wrestler

I had a training with this man this evening and if you live in Glasgow I suggest you look him up if you want to improve your skills. Although this was my exploratory session it was down to business right away and believe me he will get you started as he means to go on. I was taught some tactics in defence and attack and it was brilliant
He will be monitoring my progress when I return in Spring



Jock wrestler is recommended by FitScot

A rookie fighter who is polite, great company, and who in time is gonna progress on and kick yo asses! Had a great time training with this chap last night, and it was fun wrestling with him. Hit Jock_wrestler up now!



FitScot is recommended by NYleanmuscle

We go way back but our matches are not forgotten. Great guy, in shape, reliable, knows his stuff. Can't say enough about of the good him!



NYleanmuscle is recommended by FitScot

Around 6 years ago NYleanmuscle and I wrestled and I still haven't forgotten it. Would be up for another session with this man in an instant. He knows his stuff, and is great company off the mats. Hit him up.



FitScot is recommended by Jotakle

I knew it was great opportunity for me when FitScot agreed to meet me for a wrestling match, he was someone who I had been wishing to meet for a long time and I was not disappointed.

This guy really knows what he is doing, safety being his first priority, he had me on the defensive from the very beginning

He is a very strong powerful bloke (both physically and mentally!) someone who is totally focused, and who competently kicked my arse with a determined ruthless efficiency!

Ewan is also a very patient lad who shares is knowledge, providing me with some really effective coaching, which was really helpful, so he better watch out the next time!

I totally recommend FitScot, he is a great welcoming host (both on and off the mats), someone who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him. I really enjoyed the wrestling and I hope it will not be too long until we meet again.



Jotakle is recommended by FitScot

After many months of chatting, I finally met Jotalke for a grapple. I was a bit sad that I didn't meet him earlier as he turned out to be very pleasant and charming to be with, and interesting too. On the mat, he is a very keen wrestler, enthusiastic and willing to learn more, and it is obvious when rolling with him that he has picked up a bit of experience very quickly, and will definitely picking up more as time progresses. He is going to become one hell of a battle so watch out lads! I have no hesitation in recommending Jotalke.



FitScot is recommended by WrslMscl

FitScot lives up to his name — he’s definitely fit (solid body, good stamina) and a Scot (translation please! ;). He is a kind, reliable, and very helpful host, and a competitive beast on the mats. He was my third match in as many days and I was sore and mildly re-injured from my previous bouts, but I decided not to back down. We went at it hard and after about an hour and a puddle of sweat, the score was 2:2. The deciding round was the longest and the toughest — we both wanted to take it badly. He did. As I congratulate him on his victory, I am vowing to turn the tables on him next time we roll!



WrslMscl is recommended by FitScot

Don't be fooled by WrslMscl's charm - he may appear to be friendly and witty but he proved to be a complete demon on the mats and getting tapouts from him was hard work! This man knows his stuff. His skill caught me out a couple of times so this made for one of the biggest battles I've had for a while. Looking forward to the rematch already!



FitScot is recommended by Joebloggs

FitScot met me fully knowing my inexperience. He is very fit and strong, also very sociable and welcoming- he introduced me to some great moves, allowing me to practice with him, rather than actually fight him. I learned a lot from him and look forward to learning more.



Joebloggs is recommended by FitScot

A very keen fighter, just starting on his journey, very keen to get ahead and who picks techniques up quickly. This rookie is going to be one to look out for. A very pleasant chap off the mats, sociable and good company. Look out for this man!



FitScot is recommended by matchup

Very enjoyable roll with FitScot in very humid conditions. His pictures do not do him justice, and I found him to be a very down to earth, reliable and genuine guy with a great sense of humour. He knows exactly what he wants and makes it clear, and I respect that. He also has some techniques and a desire to improve, which will stand him in good stead.



matchup is recommended by FitScot

Bloody hell. What a fighter.

Thought I would have at least got a couple of tapouts but as the match went on, it came clear to me that this grappler really knows his stuff and most things I threw at him were ineffective. Seemed to be a complete wizard at his game.

Brilliant session, and Match Up was good company as well, very friendly. Hit him up.



FitScot is recommended by secondsout

Really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Fitscot, this strong, bjj trained grappler is in great shape and I spent most of my time defending his relentless mat skills. In-between making me tap, he shared a couple of nice bjj moves. Friendly, sorted guy to wrestle…definitely recommended



secondsout is recommended by FitScot

Had a great session with Secondsout today. Surprisingly strong in core strength and able to put up a hell of a fight. This guy ain't no pushover. Very polite, warm and engaging off the mats too. Hit this guy up!



FitScot is recommended by DARE68

Fit, wiry, feisty and full on. That's the type of match you'll get from Fitscot. Very experienced and knowledgeable wrestler (ju-jitsu trained) who is defiant and will not submit easily. A truly great match and I certainly look forward to our rematch in the ring as there's certainly a need on both sides to continue this. Nice one mate.



DARE68 is recommended by FitScot

What can I say - this fighter is charming, handsome and strong. Our space was very limited (bloody hotel rooms) but we utilised what we could to full effect. Bigbeefydare was an absolute pleasure to roll with.

And if he plans to up his stamina we are all screwed! I am still bealing from that headlock he sneaked onto me! It's going to be interesting to see how BDD develops. Watch out meetfighters!



FitScot is recommended by Jayboy

Had a great wrestle with FitScot - and he lives up to his name. Great physique, very technical skilled wrestler and a great easy going lad to fight. Generous with tips and has some great stretches. Definitely recommend and definitely want a rematch.



Jayboy is recommended by FitScot

A good fit fighter, good looking, fairly strong and got a lot going for him. Had a very enjoyable roll with him and was surprised by a sudden foot lock (damn!!) so obviously knows a truck or two. Jayboy was also fun on the mats so hit this guy up. When is our next fight?



FitScot is recommended by davey123

Was really great to finally meet his man who is both fit and well trained. I am hoping it will be the first of many meets as I have started BJJ training properly and he is something of an expert. This meant that we were able to practice some very useful stuff on each another and then we had a roll towards the end of our session and got a tap each. He is totally trustworthy and safe/sane to roll with - despite the fact that he could probably have choked me out a dozen times. Easy to chat to and clearly loves to grapple. I am greatly looking forward to meeting him again as soon as possible! He has a great sense of humour too and was very willing to share his skills and benefit of experience. I want to practice and learn as much as possible!!! (As someone who has always really relied on sheer brute power it will be so good to improve my skills. )Of course highly recommended.



davey123 is recommended by FitScot

It was a pleasure to meet Davey123, the man is good company, friendly, strong and skilled! Our meeting consisted of a training session in which we both skill-swapped, and this type of session is absolutely ideal for me as I love to learn wrestling moves. Then for the last while, rolled for a couple of rounds and managed to tap each other out (is a rematch due, Davey? ;) ). Had a lot of fun drilling and showing each other moves with Davey, and it will be really interesting to see how Davey progresses. Just hope he doesn't progress too much otherwise you are all in trouble!! HIt this man up for a wrestle, you will not regret it.



FitScot is recommended by boine

This hot guy rocks my boat!
Laidback, fit as fcuk, private mats, and able to hold a great conversation!
Then add some serious experience, great gear and awesome stamina.

Thanks Evan!!! I need a rematch!
Next time its gonna be longer, harder and hotter...
Though one thing, Ing Bru doesnt work ;)



boine is recommended by FitScot

What a formidable fighter!! Fast, furious, tough. Boine gave me one of the biggest battles I've had from here from a long time. His training and years put into the fighting game has served him well. I was genuinely pleased with the couple of tap-outs I did actually manage to achieve! And yet, our fight was very enjoyable and great fun! It was unfortunate I had to stop due to back injury otherwise I would have carried on.

Boine is great fun off the mats too and I hope to fight this dude again some time.



FitScot is recommended by Bluebuzz

Met this great guy, experienced and great introduction to wrestling. Real champion for the sport and oriental arts. Felt safe and progressive. I tried to make it difficult for him to get submissions. Wrestling was balanced because we were similar in size and this was good. Great workout and introduction from a real Gentleman. Total respect.



Bluebuzz is recommended by FitScot

Was honoured to introduce Bluebuzz into the fine art of wrestling and he makes a formidable opponent. Good strong legs make this fighter a challenge! Looks great in a singlet too. I have no hesitation in recommending Bluebuzz!



FitScot is recommended by Izunadrop

Really glad I met this guy as my first opponent. I was super nervous but he made me feel relaxed and put me at ease.

He really knows his stuff and is a very skilled technical fighter. He showed me some effective yet easy to pull off moves for a beginner. Although I didn't get him to tap once I still had a great time and a really intense work out.



Izunadrop is recommended by FitScot

Nice polite strong fighter, was honoured to be this man's first opponent. His strength made it difficult for me to get any serious work done. Will be interesting to see how this fighter's skills develop as time goes on.



FitScot is recommended by eastcheshireguy

I thought from chatting for a long time that this would be a tough meet - his several BJJ classes a week plus fitness training alluded to this. Presenting a more muscular body in his singlet than his profile suggested I knew it would be tough!

And so it proved. Straight into it with a tap off me after a short time I knew what I was up against. I'm pleased to say once I got his style I think I was able to make this strong guy work hard for each tap and I even extracted one off him. That's what I like with a skilled guy - being able to make them work hard to stay ahead so this was a great session as we made full use of the ring.

The well deserved beers after were consumed with interesting chat - excellent end to a most enjoyable match, the first of many I hope.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by FitScot

Fit. Strong. Devious. And an amazing wrestle. This hot fighter was not an easy fight which made for a long, intense and enjoyable battle. Great company in the pub afterwards, which is a good thing - you might need a drink to recover!



FitScot is recommended by mikeswuk

He organised a group meet and was good company off the mats, ensuring we all had a great time. On the mats he is tough, strong and safe. It was great to roll with him and I hope we can do it again sometime.



mikeswuk is recommended by FitScot

Had a good match with Mike at a group meet, his skill and experience really showed when trying to attempt him to submit and a right battle ensued. Enjoyed his company off the mat who was also willing to help me with a move or two. Thanks Mike!!



FitScot is recommended by TigerStyle

A great coach and very patient with me for my first time rolling! FitScot is definitely fit 😛 and got me tapped out and out of breath quickly but I learnt a lot in the session. He even showed me some jiu-jitsu holds and moves. Very friendly man, strong and agile on the mat but also careful with new guys like me. Can't wait for the next time!



TigerStyle is recommended by FitScot

A strong fighter who definitely has something and will make you work hard on the mats. With a bit more training and stamina this man will be a force to reckon with. Tigerstyle will soon be earning his stripes!



FitScot is recommended by scotsgrappler

One pleasant feature of a return to the home town is catching up with old friends and past opponents. Last time we met, many moons ago, Fitscot was kind enough to remind me recently - " I wiped the floor with him". As the song has it, "those days are past now". We are evenly matched in build so it came down to his superior technique. He has travelled a long route. Charming host, strong guy and a formidable grappler. I anticipate various rematches. We'll see if winning against him really "in the past, must remain". Highly recommended.



scotsgrappler is recommended by FitScot

I very much enjoyed meeting this polite and sociable wrestler, who put up a really good fight and made me work very hard for my submissions. It was a pity our wrestle was a wee bit short in time, as I had to return back to work, but I'm looking forward to hanging out with this fighter again for a longer wrestle. Appreciated the skillsharing and drilling too - thanks pal!



FitScot is recommended by dabbler1973

Met fitscot many years ago! Had a very good hard sweaty fun wrestle. Very respectful of limits and good fun to practice holds with each other.
Great hairy body for wrestling with!! Grrr! LOL
Pleasure to meet - lovely guy - would recommend to anyone starting out in wrestling and nervous about giving it a go... fitscot will keep you right.



FitScot is recommended by finest

An absolute pleasure to meet up with Ewan. He organised the great new venue in Walthamstow which gave us plenty of space to roll.

He is fit and strong and as the owner of walthamstow noted 'he looks like a fighter!!' A couple of hours later I could confirm that not only does he look like a fighter but he is one with BJJ, wrestling and boxing lessons under his belt.

A tenacious fighter who will challenge you!



finest is recommended by FitScot

Was really pleased to have met up with this fighter after talking to him for some time. His skill completely took me by surprise and set me back for a number of tapouts - but thankfully he made the experience of wrestling him really enjoyable, helping me with some techniques. Very warm and friendly guy who I am well up for wrestling with again!



FitScot is recommended by Squashlad

31/08/2016: Great to finally get a grapple in with FitScot on one of his trips to London. He's very well named, in great shape, fit, strong and trained in a wide variety of combat sports, so he was all over me from the off and emerged an easy victor. But that's all good, as he was happy to do some skill sharing and show me a few things about how to counterattack rather than just defending all the time, and he was sporting enough to vary things and not repeat any submissions once he'd achieved a couple of taps out of me with each one. Which, given the python-like efficiency with which his strong forearms repeatedly forced their way between my chin and chest and the neatness of his rear chokes, was just as well for me! Very safe and sane, interesting to chat to and an all-round nice guy, FitScot's a certainty for a rematch even if the result is a bit foregone. Very highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by FitScot

An absolute pleasure to wrestle with! Sincere, charming, put up a good battle which left me infuriated for a good while and also has a good sense of humour, thus making him a good reason to meet up again. You're back on my fightcard, Squashlad!



FitScot is recommended by Glasgow Crusher

I've just had the most amazing 3 hour fight with this really great guy. He's a great fighter, very strong, great holds/moves & a very tough opponent. He's a really pleasant and friendly guy with a great gift of making you feel at ease, relaxed even when getting down to battle. He taught me some great moves and holds and he made me feel so relaxed I let him practice moves on me leading to more wrestling. I'm glad that he's going to have regular wrestling practice with me over the next few months.
A really great, strong guy to wrestle!, definitely fight him although he did kick my ass!.



Glasgow Crusher is recommended by FitScot

Sitting here collapsing after almost a 3 hour battle - the man held his own very well. Good fighter, very willing to learn as well which was great. Had a good chat with this fella over tea at the end and was pleased that he was pleasant company as I'm looking forward to training with this man over the next upcoming months. Go fight him!



FitScot is recommended by Superfly

After a while trying to arrange a match with this skilled wrestler we finally got to hit the mats. As expected, he was a worth opponent, plenty of sweat and he dominated me I would say for 70% of our encounter. Looks good in speedos and def a fit guy. He was safe and sane, good technique and had plenty of stamina. I hope we get to have many more matches. Well recommended!



Superfly is recommended by FitScot

Skilled, strong, hot - this sums up this Superfly guy! Really enjoyed the wrestle with him and his strength and knowledge level manage to outsmart all the moves I was throwing at him - damn!! A lovely guy off the mats too, very respectful of boundaries/safe/sane which left me well up for another grapple with him, although hopefully I will have upped my game by that point!!



FitScot is recommended by london sub

A good guy to get on the mats with! True to his monika he is indeed fit, as well as being strong and quite skilled. I had a tough time keeping this fella at bay and the final score was definitely in his favour. Watch out for his interesting chokes!

Fitscot is very safety conscious, gracious, fun and an all round nice guy. I highly recommend him if you want a competitive submission match.

I'll be sure to prep better for our rematch...



london sub is recommended by FitScot

Well I wanted a battle and I got one. London Sub did not make it easy for me, he has skill and strength in the right areas! Had a good long match with this guy which was really enjoyable and I'm well up for a rematch. London Sub js a great guy off the mats as well, which made meeting him for a wrestle even more of a pleasure. Won't be so kind to him next time, mind ;)



FitScot is recommended by fran32sp

We had tried to meet before without any success, but I finally met this great guy two weeks ago. He is very fit and strong. Always willing to play safe. I still have a bruise under my right arm, nothing serious, though. I def want to keep in touch, hunk!!



fran32sp is recommended by FitScot

A totally charming and handsome man! Great company as well, respectful of boundaries and fun to fight with! Hope he stays in touch.



FitScot is recommended by grappleruk

Had a really enjoyable wrestle with this guy. He's safe, sane, strong and developing some good skills. Also a real pleasure to chat to when off the mats. Hope we can wrestle again!



grappleruk is recommended by FitScot

An amazingly skilled wrestler who soon tied me up in knots - damn!! Still provided me with a very enjoyable match, as this fighter is very respectful of boundaries, friendly and good company, plus was willing to show me a couple of moves. And a hot guy too! What's not to like?



FitScot is recommended by blackwrestleruk

Had the good fortune to meet Ewan in his hotel room in London tonight.
What a tall, fit deceptively strong and handsome fella that awaited me.
He made me feel very comfortable and we got down to a hard fought sweaty submission wrestling match. He's eager to learn and improve and tho I got beaten really enjoyed our struggle. Great post-match fun and a very sociable guy. Can't wait for the next match!!



blackwrestleruk is recommended by FitScot

He is fit, he is strong and bloody hell this handsome laddie gave me a battle! He left me worn out and made this meet very worthwhile. This fighter's also a nice guy, lovely company and an interesting bloke so was really pleased to make his acquaintance. Determined to train harder to make him go down next time though!



FitScot is recommended by ozboxer

I had a great time boxing with this hot fit Scot.
He is a pleasure to be with, and an intelligent and sane guy to spar with.
He has a great energy and some nice combos!
I look forward to further sessions when we can meet again
Greatly reccomended.



ozboxer is recommended by FitScot

A fine boxer! I was very impressed with the extent of Ozboxer's skills and experience which is certainly in evidence when sparring with him
Ozboxer kindly took the time to give me some advice on my own technique as well, which I appreciated. Although he was a challenging opponent for me, he was able to come down to my own skill level and mindful of being safe and sane. He also was very hospitable and is a handsome strong laddie! Looking forward to the next bout.



FitScot is recommended by ayrshirewrestle

A very fit, strong opponent, respectful of limits and happy to share what he knows to people. Great host and very friendly and easy to talk to before/during and after our bout. If this guy challenges you take him up on the offer of a wrestle



ayrshirewrestle is recommended by FitScot

A very friendly and affable person who was more than willing to let me practice a couple of shots on him. Very keen to learn and respectful of safe and sane boundaries. Surprisingly strong and got me in a couple of unpredicted holds. I have no hesitation in recommending him.



FitScot is recommended by Wrestlebhoy

Had the pleasure of wrestling FitScot today, decent friendly guy with an impressive fit physique, lives up to his profile name. Knew I had to be sharp and on my game to catch this guy, he's stubborn and strong and has been wrestling for 3 weeks! He was kind enough to show me a few moves he had been doing at his wrestling class and we had a good grapple, he is very safe and sane and I look forward to wrestling him again, I would highly recommend this guy if you get the chance to wrestle him, take it.



Wrestlebhoy is recommended by FitScot

Was not prepared for this man! A hard opponent with his own definitive style which caught me out. Friendly chap with a hot body and a great fighter which has made me determined to train harder. Enjoyed meeting him and have no hesitation in recommending him. All good safety wise too.



FitScot is recommended by ScotLaird1

E. proved too fit, too fast and too strong, but nevertheless this 'knight' of the mats/(ring) ensured our bout was safe whilst being fun and even showed me a couple of moves in between pinning me. E has an enviable physique and level of fitness, testament to his combat sports training and running. Hope we can rematch in 2015.



ScotLaird1 is recommended by FitScot

An absolute gentleman who can surprise you with the odd move! A good honest guy and a pleasure to wrestle with while being able to stay and sane. Look forward to another bout at some point.



FitScot is recommended by tupsi

Skilled and fit wrestler with lots of stamina. He's able to keep rounds going for a long time without tiring. Great if you like long matches. Very safe, sane and he sticks to rules/agreements. He's was also on time and a great, friendly host.



tupsi is recommended by FitScot

Good strong fighter, very polite guy and impressed with his ability to stay in holds for a long time. The meet was very safe and sane and I have no hesitation in recommending Tupsi to other fighters interested in a good wrestling bout.



FitScot is recommended by duellist

Great to meet and a good guy to spar with, willing to learn and capable of hitting and being hit. A gentleman outside of the ring and I look forward to tougher fights as he progresses and gets stronger.



duellist is recommended by FitScot

A strong fighter, very skilled in boxing, can put up a hell of a struggle while wrestling and willing to adapt to a less-experienced level. Had a good sparring session with him, all safe and sane and look forward to another rematch. Even though he is fierce while fighting he is a friendly guy. Well recommended for a meet.



Glasgow is recommended by FitScot

Fast, keen, talented, cunning, sexy.


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