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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Enfield
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I am willing to travel 300 kilometers


64-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 207 lbs (94 kg)

Gear: speedos


Looking to try out brit pro fantasies, not competitive but good scenarios, realistically played out. Sub/dom scenes especially, tests of strength, fingerlocks/forced down, grapevines, over the knee back breakers, controlling holds, verbals. Can switch jobber to heel. Aggressive verbals a turn on.

Hairy, with belly, looking to lose weight and get fitter. With that in mind, currently prefer up to an hour's wrestling - the long 2-3hrs some mention here is out of my depth for the moment. Tennis two-three times a week. Wrestling/massage workouts also welcome.

Safe and sane, happy to take on lighter opponents (and females) in catch weight contests where I start out favourite but end up in their control

ps bizarre negative 'no show' comment on my profile - posted by a guy unhappy that I wouldn't meet him in another city. I've never not turned up to an arranged meet



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling
Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Brit pro wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

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badjayson Ironbull markuk Squashlad

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GusLondon is recommended by Squashlad

19/09/2017: After you've been on MeetFighters just a little while you'll realize that guys cancelling last minute (or even just not showing up at all) is all part of it. Even the best things usually have downsides and you just have to take the rough with the smooth. No doubt most times the cancellations are for legitimate reasons. But as a result I really appreciate it when guys go out of their way to wrestle me as scheduled: although sometimes, with hindsight, they probably should have postponed! So it proved with GusLondon, who turned up at the High Barnet matroom and gamely got stuck in despite really not being well enough to be there, and he has my great respect for doing so. Unfortunately it did mean that we only had a brief grapple, and his energy levels were a bit restricted, but it was enough for me to experience how strong he is, and how determined and (appropriately) aggressive, so he is a must for another go and a longer match. While catching our breath he proved to be a pleasant guy to chat to and share a joke with, and I'm sure that round 2 will be a lot of fun. Safe, sane and highly recommended.



Squashlad is recommended by GusLondon

What a gent, reflected in his recommendation. Squashlad knows how to wrestle, to counter well, to search out the submission. I may have been a little under the weather and sub par, but frankly that wouldn't have changed the result all that much - though I'd like to test that more thoroughly when I'm 100%! Great guy, friendly and competitive.



GusLondon is recommended by Ironbull

I had the pleasure of wrestling Gus for a lunchtime bash at Walthamstow. He's strong, quick, agile and has an attacking style which pays off in battle. Our match was cut short by a pulled muscle but it was an honorable conclusion to a solid 45 mins of energetic grappling. A gent off the mats. I very highly recommend him and look forward to a rematch soon.



Ironbull is recommended by GusLondon

IronBull is strong, sturdy, experienced, powerhouse of a wrestler. He was too powerful for me to engage in direct matwork, so I tried to tire him, keep him at arms length, use decoy moves, allsorts, but he was more than a match of all of these tactics. Thoroughly good guy, on and off the mats. I had to shorten the bout because of a nagging (pre-existing) back strain and calf muscle pull, but he was completely decent about it. I SO want to make him tap out next time! Great guy.



GusLondon is recommended by markuk

I met this guy for the second time today. First off, he is 100% reliable and very easy to make arrangements with. As a wrestler he has it all. He is strong, skilled and can be the jobber one minute the heel the next. He can do comp/semi comp, pro whatever you like. At all times he manages to adjust himself to the skill set of his opponent. He is very controlled and you never feel in danger that he is going to injure you. He has a few fun dirty tricks up his sleeve which i wont reveal here, suffice to say watch out if he tries to distract you. Overall a really good guy who i would give a whole hearted endorsement to.
18th May-Return match with Gus. Got heeled into submission by this strong man today. He really went to town on me in the ring at Monicas. The female ref had to pull him off me twice, as she feared i was taking too much punishment. Finished up tied, bound and thoroughly beaten. The ref said it was one of the best matches she had ever seen. Only take him on if you think you can take it.



markuk is recommended by GusLondon

Met Mark again today after a year or two gap, at the Seven Sisters mat room, and it was great to meet up. He'd organised a very good 'mini-tourne' - a three way submissions and pins tournament with DevonWrestler plus an experienced female wrestler as a ref. Mark's fit, strong, knows wrestling holds, is safe, sane and fun on and off the mats. After a submissions match, we decided to add in a touch of pro-style and personally I thought he worked it very well. He has strong arms and legs, and get on the wrong side of either and you're cooked. Loved the way he insisted on more than just a tap-out - forcing me to submit verbally. Great stuff, hope we meet again more quickly. Highly recommended.

18th May 2017
Great Brit pro heel vs jobber bout at Walthamstow - my first time there, and very impressed with the huge space and the choice of mats and ring. Mark again organised it brilliantly, another superb fem ref. Worked out the plan in advance, then worked him over, knee lifts, postings to the corner posts, one or two maybe borderline illegal blind-side jabs, tied him up, submission. I got away with just two public warnings. Hope I didn't go too hard on him. Next victim step up. (Mark's strong and a great guy, on and off the mats, pleasure to wrestle him)



GusLondon is recommended by badjayson

I have met Gus a couple of times now and he's always awesome fun to wrestle with. He looks fab in gear like someone out of WOS. He enjoys pro fantasy and loves playing the heel (which he's very good at ) but switches easily with the flow.

Off the mats he's easy to chat with and a true gentleman. He's a genuinely nice man and I hope we meet again, soon.

Hope to meet him soon. Thanks Gus.



badjayson is recommended by GusLondon

Met twice now, most recently December 2016. Lovely guy, slim, toned, knows more wrestling moves than he likes to let on. Enjoyed a light give and take pro-wrestling style roll around. Fun, safe, will likely to explore more competitive scenarios too. Very easy to get on with off the mat.