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Age 61
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight 185 lbs (84 kg)
Gender Male
Looking for Male
Gear Pro gear preference, but speedo,jocks or less all good
Languages spoken English
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  1. Canada - Ontario, Sarnia
    Place of residence

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers

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Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel, I'm a jobber

Fetishes: Don't want sex, Boxing gear, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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I have been on this site before,but living out in the boonies, lack of action turned me off.However; I like the community,and and giving it another shot.

Classic Pro/Brit Pro Heel, admirer of the ring gods in trunks and boots,and I love wearing the gear.Total turn on.

Enjoy wrestling for sport,or fun.Really enjoy enjoy Heeling, slowly working a guy over, taking him down,one hold one body part at a time.Back and forth works too, open to erotic with good chemistry.Enjoy rough,if agreed-limits respected.Have an interest in Boxing and sparring too.Key words; body contact,sweat, and fun.


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