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Hi there! I'm mostly interested in submission fighting and MMA, as long it is competitive. You don't need to have a certain level, I'm also happy to coach. Currently I hold a black belt 1st Dan in BJJ and I own my own fightgym. I'm also up to alpha vs. alpha fights, roleplay, oil or mud and pool wrestling - as long it is safe and sane. I'm not into gut punching, hotel fights, cyber fights, serious injuries and one sided humiliation. In general I do not travel too far for meeting up with people but I'm happy to welcome you at my gym.

Please be around my age or younger, not heavier than +/- 85 kg and have a face pic ready.



  1. Switzerland, Zug
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Age: 40-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (179 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, German

Gear: MMA-Outfit, Rashguard, Shorts

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Kane78 is recommended by pndfighter

We've now met for the second time for some good training and sparring as part of wrestling camp in Lindow and I still feel lost for words when trying to describe Kane78. He's not only passionate about grappling, wrestling and generally fighting and he does not shy away to share his knowledge with others, beginners and advanced! Sharing is caring as they say, but he's also able to turn up the heat and go rough, while still keeping all involved parties safe!

There's not enough superlatives to describe him as a person, as time flies while you're having a conversation with this charming guy. Missing a meet with him would be a grave mistake! I'm looking forward to the next time!



pndfighter is recommended by Kane78

We met the first time already a year ago at the Berlin wrestling camp. This time we spent a bit more time on the mats together. Pndfighters heart is beating for grappling and submission fighting. He's a skilled fighter who can go the rough way but also knows how to adapt his fighting skills on guys who are new to the game. He's very gentle, fun, open minded and reliable. I'm looking very much forward to more rolling and training together! Thanks for the good time!



Kane78 is recommended by g-fighters

This is a real pro who knows his buslness. If you are looking for a challenge, I can definitely recommend him, if you are a beginner, I can also recommend him. He gave me a good introduction and tought me some valuable tricks. Also, he is a great guy besides the mats. Looking forward to our next fight.



g-fighters is recommended by Kane78

That was a lot of fun! This charismatic fellow has a lot of energy and is eager to learn. We fought for nearly two and a half hours and he gave 100% until the end. Besides he is still a beginner in fightsports he will not show you that. G-fighters is as well a fun guy and has a good sense of (dark) humor. I definitely recommend him, hope to see you again on the mats lad ;)



Kane78 is recommended by on the line

Well, he wrote I gave him a hard time when we met. I must admit I rather had the feeling he was playing with me. Kane78 is strong and unbelievable skilled. If you want a tough, long and outstanding fight this is your man. Off the mats he is a very nice person and we had some really interesting conversations. Do not hesitate challenging him if you get the opportunity to meet him. But be aware that he will beat you!



on the line is recommended by Kane78

Don‘t miss the opportunity if you have the chance to meet this strong and hunky fighter. He is very powerful and has an iron will to dominate and win the fight. This time technique and experience did win over sheer force but he definitely gave me a hard time. The fight was wild but still safe and sane. A blue ear, some scratches and bruises will remember me of this brawl.



Kane78 is recommended by Deutsche1980

Kane is a wonderful and gracious host, an unbeatable wrestler and a very patient instructor.
I had a great time rolling with him and getting some very useful tips at this amazing gym in Zug.
Cannot recommend him enough!



Deutsche1980 is recommended by Kane78

Although we didn‘t have a lot of time on the mats I enjoied meeting Deutsche1980 very much. He is a passionate and skilled fighter and also a very friendly person. He knows how to fight adequately without injuring his opponent. I strongly recommend meeting this gentleman.



Kane78 is recommended by GroundFite

Kane is a beast! Strong, super-skilled and knowledgable about the game, whether it's on the ground or on your feet. This guys is the real deal. Off the mats he's super cool. If you get the chance, hit him up for a match, just be prepared.



GroundFite is recommended by Kane78

Fully recommended! GroundFite is the most skilled and experienced fighter I met on He is in great shape and also a fun guy. Thanks for the great time on the mat!



Kane78 is recommended by ausrasren123

A Real strong, technical, trained and cute guy from switzerland. Was a pleasure to fight with u and to get some technical advices. Lets fight again soon.



ausrasren123 is recommended by Kane78

Strong, with good technical skills and handsome - don't miss to meet this guy! Even if we had only a short match with focus on technical advice, I look forward to face him again on the mat for some real stuff!



Kane78 is recommended by Users name

Kane78 is a very nice and experienced fighter, who is also a great teacher and I learnt a lot from him. Even if he is much stronger than me he gave me the chance to try out the new stuff he taught me.
Beside the mat he is a friendly and open-minded guy I would definitely recommend for a match. :)



Users name is recommended by Kane78

Users_name is a very sympathic, young guy, full of energy and fight spirit. He doesn't give up very easily and is willing to learn new moves and techniques which he instantly tries to use. Beside the mat he is a fun and honest guy. Definitely a recommendation!



Kane78 is recommended by judoka12

sehr guter Trainer sehr professionell und kann gut erklären und zeigen,man kann ihn sehr gut weiter empfehlen
das beste was es gibt



judoka12 is recommended by Kane78

Judoka12 hat mich in meinem Gym für ein personal Training besucht. Sehr netter Kontakt, motiviert und zuverlässig, kann ich nur empfehlen.



Kane78 is recommended by GrappleViking

June 2017
Met Kane at the Lindow wrestling camp. Kane saw me (and probably laughed) grappling with another member of the camp, and asked me for a grapple. I had no idea what I went up against..

This man is, if not the most skilled, one of of the top 3 most skilled grapplers I have had the pleasure (and pain) to go up against! We had a few tussles, and it was obvious I was outclassed.

I hope to meet him in the future, and can recommend him highly to anyone. Be prepared to lose though..

Till next year, mate!



GrappleViking is recommended by Kane78

GV is competitive, strong, quick, intelligent and some kind of a cocky bastard ;). I did not have the chance to roll with him on the mat for a long time but I was impressed by his self-taught skills and knowledge about advanced grappling technics. He will give you a hard time with pleasure and I recommend you to accept this challenge!



Kane78 is recommended by subfight

Here comes the pro. First of all he travelled quite of a distance to come to meet up, which I highly apreciate. Then I found out what is to be the mouse in the cat's game :), and not only with me :). Highly skilled fighter who between all the "beating" spent time to show me few things. It was kind of a free lesson by a professional grappler and that is a rare opportunity here. Very nice guy off the mat and never miss the chance to meet him up if u can. Just don't make silly jokes between the rounds ;)



subfight is recommended by Kane78

Pirgos is a very kind and nice person which I can highly recommendate. Fighting him was a lot of fun, even we had different skill levels. He never gives up and is always looking for a good chance to tap you out. Don't miss the chance to meet him if you get it!



Kane78 is recommended by matworkout

Kane is a great and lovely guy, a very skilled, very strong and natural grappler and great fun to fight/train with and learn a lot from. Beware that cheeky glint in his eye.. and getting anywhere near his legs...! Highly recommended if you get the chance.



matworkout is recommended by Kane78

Dom is a genuine and nice guy and it was a lot of fun to grapple with him. Don't miss it, if you have the chance to get on the mats with him!



Kane78 is recommended by swiss-boy83

Wer wirklich die Techniken des Grapplings erlernen will, ein Warm-Up sucht, dass einen echt herausfordert und Zeit, in einer guten Umgebung seriös zu trainieren, ist bei "Kane78" genau richtig!

"Kane78", heute hatte ich bei Dir das erste Training im Club. Ich bin schwer beeindruckt! Du bist technisch extrem versiert, hast ein Warm-Up gemacht, bis mein Schweiss effektiv nur noch auf die Matten tropfte plus dein Unterrichtsstil ist hart, effizient und äusserst lehrreich. Zudem bist ein netter Kerl, offen, freundlich und kompetent!

Kane, gegen Dich zu Grappeln war verdammt aussichtslos für mich. Du hast die Griffe einfach hoch routiniert im Griff - und somit mich! Grosses Kompliment.

Ich freue mich, von Dir viel zu lernen! Dich, Kane, kann ich allen nur schwer empfehlen.



swiss-boy83 is recommended by Kane78

Alex ist an nahezu allen Arten und Facetten des Kampfsports interessiert. Er probiert gerne Neues aus und ist sehr lernwillig. Das bereits Gelernte setzt er im Kampf gezielt ein. Persönlich ist er ein sehr angenehmer und liebenswürdiger Mensch, den ich bedenkenlos weiterempfehlen kann.



carnivore is recommended by Kane78

Our first fight is years ago. Marc is a nice and honest person with a direct communication. He is quite tall and muscular, always willing to learn new moves. I really can recommend him, you will have a good time!