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  1. USA - Missouri, Maplewood
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42-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 188 lbs (85 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: 80's style singlets and leotards


I like wrestling strong women and even matched men. I also will do dominance scissors sessions with guys my size or smaller. I like being dominated by women and dominating men. No offense, but I prefer to wrestle hwp hygenic people under 55. You don't have to have a shaved but Robin Williams hairy won't work for me. I am into give and take pro style submission, heel / jobber and semi competitive wrestling. I like submission holds like head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, cross pins, leg locks head locks, school boy pins, etc. I like to make it a fun challenging workout but nothing dangerous or injurious. I like to wrestle in 80's style singlets. I've had many ask where I get them. I was making them myself but now have a seamstress perfecting those styles. If interested, private message me and I'll connect the dots.

As far as the copyright issues go, it should go without saying but in case you must hear it,, I'll keep it simple.....If you use my photos from this site, I will prosecute. Happy wrestling ladies and gents! I'm happy to be a part of a network that connects all of us that crave the unexplainable. Peace...



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Promission
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Photo swapping
Fetishes: Don't want sex, Wrestling gear

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Legman77 is recommended by Dave wrestle

I had a great time today. Legmann77 was freindly and a really great guy. He was stronger than I and dominated the rounds but didnt get overbearing. We wrestled many rounds and it was fun and quite a workout both trying to get out of his holds and trying to keep from getting in them. If in St Louis i recommend trying to meet him. I hope that we can meet again



Dave wrestle is recommended by Legman77

Don't let his thin frame fool you. Dave is feisty and tenacious. He traveled 2 hours to meet up and we had a blast for a few hours. Although I dominated, he didn't make it easy. I got a great sweaty workout with him. at one point I succumbed to his scissors. Dave is also a complete gentleman off the mat and was easy going and open to my ideas. If you get a chance to wrestle Dave, take it.



Legman77 is recommended by Ringwrestler

Sweet Snap Suplex ! This hunk-in-a-singlet was such a treat to meet and work on wrestling moves and holds with ! He has a great arsenal of his own that involves those massive legs of his and it was very easy for him to adapt his knowledge to Pro mode ! His easy going style makes him such a pleasure to be around , both on and off the mats ! So glad he found this site and was willing to take a chance on meeting and engaging in an afternoon of Pro Style ! Such a great addition to our Wrestling Warrior-ship !



Ringwrestler is recommended by Legman77

I had a blast with this Ringwrestler. I have never done pro fantasy style wrestling, but he was really good at showing me the ropes, no pun intended. I had never been suplexed and done anything above the mats before, and I had a great time. He was patient and safe with teaching me pro moves. And when the bell rung, he jumped into character and we had some phenomenal matches. He was a super nice guy out of the ring as well. If you are ever in LA, look up Ringwrestler.



Legman77 is recommended by AldiStl

Had a great time with Legman. Very chill on and off the mats, making sure that were both on the same page, and that we both have some fun. He's got a strong set of legs and knows how to use them. During breaks, he would show me a couple of tips. Would def match up with him again sometime.



AldiStl is recommended by Legman77

Aldin was a lot of fun to wrestle with. For someone who is very new to this, he held his own and was a natural, surprising me with awesome counter moves. He was very open to styles, gear and trying a number of holds. Aldin is a very kind gentleman on and off the mats. If you have the chance, have a match with him!



Legman77 is recommended by Shootbig314

Kristen is strong and has many moves. Looks great in his gear. And a super nice guy too.



Shootbig314 is recommended by Legman77

He's a challenging wrestler, very personable, willing to try different approaches and new moves. He was open to attire. It was a lot of fun to wrestle with him. I recommend having a match with him.



Legman77 is recommended by ramesh

Kirsten is very nice by nature. He is a tough opponent on mat and flexible to learn new styles. If you come this way dont't miss to wrestle him



ramesh is recommended by Legman77

Ramesh is a challenging opponent. He was open to trying different styles of wrestling and my preferences for gear. He's also a very nice guy.



Legman77 is recommended by Ruff jobber

I absolutely recommend wrestling Kristen77 if you get the chance! Easy going cool guy and is a lot of fun. He has gear to share and into taking pics and video. Do yourself a favor and contact this guy!



Ruff jobber is recommended by Legman77

Ruff Jobber and I have wrestled a few times. He's a great jobber who likes to turn the tables occasionally. He's strong, good natured and fun to wrestle.



Legman77 is recommended by flscw

Good guy, strong, has a killer scissor hold! Very personable and fun to wrestle! We need to get together again!



flscw is recommended by Legman77

He was challenging and had a good demeanor. He was also open to trying gear I brought to share.