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Amateur lightweight wrestler looking for a hot sweaty workout. Wrestling has always been a turn on for me. I like the body contact, the physical action and the sweat. Not trained in wrestling techniques by any means so would lean towards meeting veterans who know how to stay safe and sane. But am open to meeting anyone as long as you don't get carried away and break my arm.
Mostly erotic wrestling. Asian and frequent gym goer.



  1. Ireland, Saint Kevin's ED
    (I'm here from 2/17/2019)
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 36-year-old Male

Stats: 5'3" (160 cm), 134 lbs (61 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English

Gear: Tight briefs, Speedos

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Links07 is recommended by devilishjosh

Despite the difference in size and strength, he did not gave up easily.

Off the mat, he is a gentleman with good manners.

Looking forward to meeting him again and promised not to break his arms again. 🤭



devilishjosh is recommended by Links07

I think I've met very few Asians who can match the thick muscularity of Josh. When he flexes, his biceps are bowling balls huge. His size intimidated me at the get go but that was only the start of my troubles. He is an absolute beast when wrestling. The power of his quads, arms and shoulders are massive. I was nearly a broken man after our session haha. Lovely guy (when not wrestling !! ), sexy as hell in a tight Speedo, I was happy to have met Josh this trip. Highly recommended.



Links07 is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

Great guy, feasty wrestling who dont give up easy
Enjoyed our short session with him.
Off the mats even nicer guy!
Easy quick setup of the match, no issues at all.



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by Links07

Great fun today sparring with Swiss-Fighter. Setting up the meet was very easy. He is charming and friendly which is always appreciated when meeting a stranger.
He is of course strong and built, much more so than his pictures. I was clearly out of my depth. Those lean muscles look fantastic on him. Very handsome. Very sexy. Highly recommended.



Links07 is recommended by vin80

2nd meeting:
Met Links07 for the second time and it surely wasn't a disappointment. This time around he is more buffed, packed with muscles. He has gained lots of strength as well, making me tapped numerous times. He put me in different types of holds, making me helpless at times. His friendliness personality made the session a really pleasant one. It was really an enjoyable session. Looking forward to many more sessions with him!

1st meeting:
Links07 is a handsome and fit wrestler and I have the privilege of being his first opponent from MF. He is a very reliable and a friendly host. Our fighting ground was amazing! This chap is very strong and skillful, despite of claiming that he has not much of wrestling experience. He has deadly legscissors and made me submitted multiple times!! I enjoyed our match and looking forward for our next meeting.



vin80 is recommended by Links07

Jan 2019
Spectacular Round 2 with Vin80. I've more wrestling experience this time round and can hold my own but this tough cookie just doesn't give. He made me sweat 2kgs off this battle and I've been limping since we said goodbye. LOL. Sexy and rough....5 stars !

July 2017
Vin80….my first friend from MF. And talk about setting standards. Comms were super easy. We were both eager. Vin80 is super reliable and on-time. Hotel upgraded me to a suite which gave us a massive living room to wrestle in. This guy is sweet, friendly and polite, until he strips down to his boxers. Vin80 knows his holds and they are quick. We are both the same weight and height. Match was even, very sexy and aggressive. We both made each other submit several times. I lost count how many rounds we had.
45 minutes later, we were completely soaked with sweat, my white speedos was now see-through. And he looked like he showered in his boxers.
As I typed this, my body is aching from the session but man it was hot. I will remember this match for a while. Vin80 my friend, I look forward to Round 2.



Links07 is recommended by IrlWrestle

Links07 is highly recommended. He is safe, sane and reliable. On the mats he is a force to be reckoned with. He is very determined and defends his ground extremely well. He also has an impressive attack game. He is a challenging opponent and well worth fighting.



IrlWrestle is recommended by Links07

I’ve not had a 3-hour match before IrlWrestler. I don’t think we both knew how that happened. He has a great set up – mats, space, gear and all. And more importantly he is so friendly and genuine, he puts me an ease straight away. He’s very skilled, has a lot of energy and knows how to use his strength. I managed to get one pathetic submission after submitting for the 6th time and I ran out before he could get submission no 7. Absolutely superb guy. 10 out of 10 in my books.



Links07 is recommended by YangGanas

I am always intrigued by an intelligent and educated wrestler and thats the thing i treasure most abt Will. A professional whom you will be able to have great conversation with on just various topics.

On the mat - he is a mini powerbomb! He has a pretty amazing physique and despite the significant size difference, he really gave me a real tough fight. Kept coming back at me even before I could even take a breather from the previous set. His skills are pretty impressive too that I al most couldnt believe that he just had several matches under his belt.

Certainly a wrestler you shouldnt missed if ever you have the chance to meet him, at whichever part of the world he is in.



YangGanas is recommended by Links07

Yang Ganas went out of his way to accommodate my work schedule, meeting me in the dead of the night for a sweaty workout. What a super guy. Friendly, reliable, skilled and super strong. I love meeting experienced wrestlers like him. It's so easy. No endless, meaningless chats. We met, got to know each other, stripped to our Speedos and went at it. 45 mins and a dozen holds later our bodies are sweating into each other. Hot.



Links07 is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Was lucky enough to meet Links07 for a match when he was visiting London . He’s such a great guy. Though much smaller than me he’s a great fighter . We had an amazing match and we sure do enjoy our time wrestling . Can’t wait to meet him again for other matches ! Fully recommended!!!



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by Links07

Met Brazilwrestler86 on a trip to London. He comes with great recommendations and they are all true. Such a pleasant guy, he puts you an ease almost immediately even though his size would intimidate most human beings. Strong, safe and super skilled, I would highly recommend meeting Brazilwrestler86.



Links07 is recommended by FighterGuyy

We had a good fun roll with Links! A lot of teasing and laughing and snark, but also some good wrestling holds.

I had a great time, and I hope to see you again next year when you are back in Budapest!



FighterGuyy is recommended by Links07

Meeting my MF idol - First of all, his personal private wrestling dungeon is like Disneyland for Meet Fighters.
Then he changes into a Speedo and he’s so incredibly hot the wrestling mat would be smokin. Whatever is going on with his knee, it seems all the muscles have moved upwards to his python arms, chest and shoulder.
I never had a chance. He’s so strong, so skilled and went he gets you into a chokehold, its Hello La La Land. Think I lost a kilo just trying to get out of his holds.
Fighterguyy is a super classy and friendly guy. Makes you feel at ease almost immediately.
In the world of MF with its first class wrestlers, FighterGuyy should be listed as a tourist attraction when visiting Budapest – not to be missed. Definitely one of the best MF meet in my book.



Links07 is recommended by Alan2005sg

This gentleman, Links07 is seriously handsome. He has a nice chest & toned arms. In his size, he is super strong!!
Although I have weight advantage over him, it took me some effort to make him tapped. During the fight, he has successfully grabbed me many times into RNC (rear naked choke). The chokes were so real & they're so tight, which made me almost submitted to him. (I was very, very lucky to escape from all of them).
His legs were very strong as well, I got into his body scrissors several times. I struggled so much to escape from him.
Overall, the match was good, not so competitive but no yet so easy. After a long week of work, the match with Links07 indeed has given me a good relaxation match.
Hope to see him again.



Alan2005sg is recommended by Links07

Another match, another friend made. Alan is superb. He looks better than his pictures and a hell of a lot younger than what he said his age is (I still don't believe him!). And of course the member of the Hundreds Club is skilled. He was on the defensive most of the time when wrestling me. The one time I asked him to attack me, I was choking out within seconds. Lovely guy, very safe, hot sweaty body - after a brief hiatus from MF, Alan reminded me again how fun wrestling can be.



Links07 is recommended by fitguy2

We had fun banter leading up to the match and the fun continued when we met. He is in great shape from regularly working out and looks even better in real life than his pictures. He is full of energy, and keeps coming back for more, and you can’t turn your back on him at all or it will try and take advantage of it. Such a pleasant guy to chat with and a charming personality. Hopefully the first of many matches with this cool guy.



fitguy2 is recommended by Links07

Reading his recommendations here Fitguy2 did not look at all like how I pictured him to look. He looks, dare I say it, gentle . But when he strips off to change into his wrestling gear beware….he’s not traditionally big but his body is so lean and muscular. I looked at him from behind and his back is just muscles cascading into a tiny waist to form a sculpted ass and big thighs. He is strong, skilled…blah blah blah but his weapon is his body. His frame and small waist makes it easy to slap on a leg scissors or a bearhug but he doesn’t feel a thing because he is just built with solid lean muscles. And if you are into mental warfare, this guy is your man. He doesn’t stop taunting you even after you tap. After round 2 he pulled me up, pushed me against the wall, our briefs soaked with sweat. He pressed his chest against mine and I felt his heavy breathing down my neck. He did a front double biceps and pressed his arm pit against my face. He rubbed my sweaty nipples, moved in closer and went “you ready for round 3 boy?”



Links07 is recommended by fighterff

Link has almost the same stats as i am, weight and height thus our match was fair. This nice built chest and lean figure guy put a great match to fight me back after many taps. A great fighter! Hope he will return to fight me again in the future. Beside that, Link is a good looking and sexy guy especially when he is in his formal coat. Cant believe we chatted an hour in the first and almost forgot came to wrestle him. Most Recommended (:



fighterff is recommended by Links07

To begin, fighterff is crazy hot.
This mighty mouse with muscles exploding everywhere clearly likes the gym.
When wrestling with fighterff, know that he’s very strong and very competitive. Those expecting a give and take session will be disappointed. He came to our session with only one objective in mind – to dominate and to destroy. I could barely stand straight just an hour into the match.
Off the mats, he’s a complete charmer, good looking, friendly and sexy. This strongman represents the best of Malaysia and I’m glad to have met another friend here in MF. But I may have to take a hiatus from wrestling after a session with him. I’d like to be able to bend my arm again :)



Links07 is recommended by Mark uk

Sept 17. Having spent a few weeks trying to find a gap in both our busy schedules we finally got a quick break on a Monday afternoon while I was working from home.
What a nice guy. He's new and experienced but there is no stopping him trying on the mats. Safe sane and quick learner. Off the mats he is a charming. Easy going guy. Was a total pleasure.



Mark uk is recommended by Links07

Mark was the 1st to welcome me to MF and I was more than keen to meet. In his speedos, this stud sucks up all the hotness in the room - built like a tank and sexy as hell. He claimed the match was give and take. I just remembered being folded in half and having my ass handed to me. During the session I had a leg scissors wrapped around his waist and he just smiled, turned me around and put me in a camel clutch. The match was long, sweaty and so very hot. He is super safe and every bit the legend everyone here says he is.