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  1. Canada - Quebec, Montreal
    I live here
  2. Mexico, mexico city
    (I'm here between 6/13/2018 and 6/16/2018)


46-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 179 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Gear: shorts , underwear


My wrestling tastes have changed for the better since I joined this site. I really enjoy all types of wrestling including submission, promission, pro, pro fantasy and rough housing. I can get into gut punching and anything else you may want to try as long as we respect each others limits and have fun. In submission, I will try to take you down ( i like to see someone squirm), In pro, I prefer to job if you know more moves than me. If you like my profile, don't be shy, send me a message and we can see if we can get together for a good workout and I'm sure we can find some common ground so we both have a great time.

Wrestling is erotic in itself without having to complicate things with sex, but not opposed to it if chemistry is right.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques
Fetishes: Gut punching, Nipple play, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 1/02/2019

Past cyber/phone opponents:


Lumber Jack G is recommended by growin dude

As heavy duty as he looks and if you like an all out bull vs bull match Lumber Jack G is your man ! Still he was safe and very friendly , but competitive :) Great build thick and full on muscle :)



growin dude is recommended by Lumber Jack G

As soon as I saw this dude, i thought to myself : Holy shit, this guy is a tank! That is exactly what he was a tank of solid muscle.I had a blast testing our strength back and forth. Lots of flexing and sweat, just how I like it! Growin dude is a fun guy on and off the mats, wrestle him if you get the chance.....rematch anytime!



ninjawarrior is recommended by Lumber Jack G

can i just say..... I loved wrestling ninjawarrior!! He is such a nice guy and also very fun to have as a jobber, great body goes without saying! I put him through a whole bunch of scissors, back breakers, torture racks.. squatted him in all positions! I want to keep him on my dresser so i can wrestle him whenever I want! :) Let s wrestle again soon , ok? 100% recommended



Lumber Jack G is recommended by multiplesubmission

Wrestled this guy a couple weekends ago. Lot of fun, all muscle, and very strong arms and legs! Once you’re stuck it’s pretty hard to get free! Def a lot of fun to flex with too :)



multiplesubmission is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Had a great time with multiplesubmission. I meet this guy over the weekend with Slowsubs and we had a very good time wrestling. Killer scissors , super nice guy. Don't underestimate him, he will do some damage!! Thanks for coming to Montreal dude and thanks for bringing those guns! Bicep heaven!



Lumber Jack G is recommended by Chemik

Great match! Cool and respectful guy. He's a safe and fun wrestler who'll definitely give you a hard time! Strong guy, it was a nice give and take. Enjoyed wrestling him and you will too!



Chemik is recommended by Lumber Jack G

I met Chemik on a last minute rendez-vous and I couldn't be happier. We had a long , extremely sweaty match that went both ways for about 2.5 hours. Chemik is strong, very resilient, and not to mention very good looking with a body you would want to aspire to! I'm very happy we met and I am already looking forward to a rematch when the opportunity presents itself. 100% recommended, awesome guy! Merci Chemik, super match!



Lumber Jack G is recommended by lutteuractif

To begin with, his photos don’t do him justice.This man has an amazing biceps and impressive chest. Great attitude, beats you with his mellow manners and his amiable smile.
Happy for a rematch.



lutteuractif is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Met lutteuractif very briefly early morning for about an hour, but the match was as intense as they get! We spoke about what kind of a match he preferred and then he proceeded to put me in every hold imaginable to make me suffer. I was pushed to some of my limits and the holds were not easy to get out of or resist for that matter! In fact, I couldn't get out most of the moves I was put in!
Lutteuractif is much stronger than he looks and knows how to immobilize an opponent. I told him, he was lucky that he did not want to be overtaken, because I was ready to dish out a world of hurt after everything he put me through. Great match. Great guy! If you like to suffer and be completely controlled, Lutteuractif is your guy! 100%!!



Lumber Jack G is recommended by Alexander Yang

Johnny haha, my first opponent ever, didn't disappoint me at all, in addition to his nice body, strength, and awesome skills, this guy is just cool, really nice to talk to, and you just feel comfortable when you are with him. A fantastic wrestling with him this afternoon, men This guy's legs are so strong that when he put you in scissors, there is nothing you can do but enjoy the pain, he also gave me some great holds, poisoning advise, but after the whole match, I cannot really say who really won, cause I got him a lot times too. Anyway, definitively will come back to Montreal and meet this guy again.



Alexander Yang is recommended by Lumber Jack G

I had a surprise match with Alex this afternoon which turned out to be one really great 4 hour match! It was Alex's first match ever and I am honored to be the one to initiate him to wrestling. With the moves that this kid pulled, you would have thought he was a professional! We mostly did promission wrestling and be warned, if you give him the advantage, he will cause some serious damage as a heel! He is fun to wrestle and fun to talk to. I am looking forward to a rematch with this young stud! ... oh.. and ALEX.... if you were really wondering who won..... it was me !!!! hahahaha



Lumber Jack G is recommended by VinnyDurango

When i started chatting with Lumber_Jack, i called him stud. Meeting him for the first time, now I know why I called him a stud. That dude is a total beast. He could work anyone over, but I had the greatest of pleasure of heeling him and it was awesome. If you can grab a hold of him, do it, you won't reget it ;)



VinnyDurango is recommended by Lumber Jack G

VinnyDurango = total squash match! Had been talking to this dude for a little while about a squash match and man did he deliver! He is shy at first... but he becomes another person when he starts wrestling. He knows really cool moves, knows how to sell them and makes a great heel! Will def roll with him again if he wants a rematch! We had a nice few hours of pro wrestling fun! He is not easy to book, but if you do..I highly recommended him!!!



Lumber Jack G is recommended by allstar

had a blast with lumber Jack!!!! a very easy going guy, very smiey and friendly. We a an few hours of submission fight and he's a tough guy to take on. a very strong guy!! we did our cardio for the day!!! can't wait to meet him again :) thanks lumber jack!



allstar is recommended by Lumber Jack G

I had a very nice match with allstar, I underestimated his strength.
We wrestled for a little over an hour and we were covered in sweat!
This guy is small, but very tough! We did mostly submission and although he tapped out every time, I am sure that with some practice, he will be not be as easy to take down! I did have fun squashing him though! I recommend this guy if you have a chance to wrestle him....I definitely did my cardio for the day!



Lumber Jack G is recommended by sparkytbg

Johnny is very strong and a fun guy to wrestle. He has learned allot from the first time I wrestled him and now. If he does not want you to get a submission he is quite good at stopping you. I look forward to more matches with him.



sparkytbg is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Sparkytbg was my very first match! He made me feel very comfortable and put me at ease as soon as we met. We spoke about some moves and most importantly safety and then we started to wrestle, we must have wrestled for a little over an hour and apparently that is not bad for a newbie! He dominated almost every move he put on me (even though I have 40 lbs on him), but he taught me a great deal and was very patient. Probably, apart from some moves, the most important thing he taught me was how to tap! ... trust me, I did that a lot! He is a very nice guy, strong, polite and reliable! Good squeezer too! It was a crazy workout and super fun! Would meet up again when I come through Boston...



Lumber Jack G is recommended by Ferrero83

Lumber Jack G not wrestle for a long time ago, but he is very strong and well muscled. He is yet a little skilled, but with practicing he will be very tought. We spent a nice time of wrestling with the smile with sport spirit. He is a very nice man, I recommand him definitly if you visit Montreal or if he visit your area.

Lumber Jack ne lutte que depuis peu mais il est déjà très fort et musclé. Il est déjà un peu expérimenté, mais il va vite devenir redoutable. On a passé un bon moment de lutte avec le sourire et avec l'esprit sportif. C'est un homme très sympathique et fiable, je le recommande si vous visitez Montréal ou s'il vient dans votre coin.



Ferrero83 is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Just had a 3 hour wrestling match with Ferrero69t and he is simply a blast to wrestle with. We mainly wrestled submission style and although his technique is clearly better than mine, I was very proud to have made him tap a few times. Ferrero69t made me tap with his killer choke holds and crushing scissors. We definitely worked up a mad sweat and he was completely worth meeting up with. Off the mats, he is also a great guy to hang with and chat. Looking forward to a re-match either in France or back here.......110% recommended!



Marcwrestler is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Just had my meet with Marcwrestler! He is such a nice guy off the mats...on the mats he is super safe, but he'll make you submit over and over again! He pretzeled me into positions I have never been in before! He knows his moves and his experience oozes out of every pore! He is a a blast to wrestle with and possesses a very engaging personality. I am glad we finally got to meet up and wrestle! Till the next match.....



Lumber Jack G is recommended by lb200

Oh wow.. um.. Lumber Jack G is definitely one of the best wrestlers I have fought. He's a very fun guy to tumble with, he's enthusiastic, passionate, mindful, very handsome and very easy to communicate with.

We did pro, sub and promission. Despite him saying that he's a beginner, his ability to adapt styles and to transition between holds shows the opposite. He's a fast learner. He's very strong.. in fact he lifted me several times and threw me around like a pro!

Lumber Jack G may be a jobber at heart, but in pro he makes one great heel! And in sub, ... well... he makes a very good jobber! :) Give this wrestler a couple more opponents and I'm sure he can turn the tide and become a formidable submission wrestler.

Roughhousing is Lumber Jack's preferred style. He also loves to trade gut punches, head scissors, headlocks (the one where you have your opponent down the mats) and loves to be dominated. He has a very charming body scissors with sleeper hold that you might want to stay in it instead of attempting to escape ;)



lb200 is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Not only is lb200 charming, polite and handsome... he is a damn great wrestler. His leg scissors are deadly and seem to be able to crush steel! Try to stay away from those legs!! We went at it for 4 hours switching wrestling styles to suit our mood, unfortunately that was all the time we had! Will definitely wrestle lb200 anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Super fun guy that I am looking forward to wrestle again and again and again.



fightdan is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Had a great workout with this very polite and charismatic man named fightdan. He knows his moves and applies them very well. He taught me some really fun wrestling positions and I enjoyed every second of it, whether giving or taking! I loved giving him back breakers after he taught me how to do them properly! Very down to earth and respectful of limits. Also great guy to talk with. Thanks man! Till our re-match...



harroitsme is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Super chill, polite, strong guy! Looking forward to a rematch with this dude! Some rough-housing and gut punching (all very fun). Absolutely as fun to talk to as to wrestle. I completely recommend this scrappy guy if you get a chance to wrestle him.Glad he lives in my city!



Lumber Jack G is recommended by slowsubs

Lumber Jack is basically 200lbs of gym forged muscle. I was only his second match and the first to be similar in weight and physique. He was admittedly nervous but upon walking in the room he was at ease with in a few mins and eager to play. Although unskilled I'm seasoned and had a Def advantage so pummeling him was awsome. He's as solid as he looks in the profile pics and took abuse like a champ. Time for some give and take and giving him the advantage is at your own risk, this guy is a beast and he realized fast that it's just as much fun to be dishing it out as receiving and he used all that power effectively. Massive bearhug and a scissor that will leave you dizzy. We rolled for over 4 hours and it seemed like 4 minutes. what a great guy and a new friend that I can't wait to take on again. Don't pass up the chance to meet this bull.



slowsubs is recommended by Lumber Jack G

Slowsubs is FUN, wish we lived closer! Man, did I have a good time with this guy... from the moment you meet him, it feels like you've known him forever! He immediately put me at ease and we started to roll. Watch out once he's got you in a leg scissor or in his powerful grip.. good luck getting out of any move he puts you in! I must have been caught in a scissor and head lock for about an hour till I became limp and down to my last strand of energy. By the way: He never gets tired!!! He likes to trash talk in your ear too... which got me all riled up, and when I finally got out of his clutch I gave him some punishment of my own! It made me realize I like to dish out some punishment too (so thanks for that SS)!!! If you have a chance to wrestle this guy, DO IT! Great guy all round....can't wait to wrestle and hang with him again!