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Age 74
Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 175 lbs (79 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Gay
Looking for Male
Gear singlet, Asics shoes, speedos, bikini trunks
Languages spoken English
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Last update 8/15/2021



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  1. USA - Oklahoma, Tulsa
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Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Online chatting, Looking for coach

Specific wrestling styles: Promission, Folkstyle, Going to matches

Miscellaneous interests: Massage, I have access to mats, Friendship

Fetishes: Jackoff, Spandex, Wrestling gear, Nipple play, Cock fighting

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Looking for wrestling buds for workout, singlets, Asics wresting shoes, speedos, bikini trunks, I love hairy legs, buzzcuts, just for fun, trade holds, safe, sane, holds with jo, erotic, jack wrestling.


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Raywrestle is recommended by Apollonian

Ray is an AWESOME GUY! As he indicated, we ended up talking more than wrestling because of common interests, etc. We both agreed that a re-(actual)-match needs to happen. As he said of me, I can say of him- he has strong legs and if you are a fan of scissors, you would have a great time with him.



Apollonian is recommended by Raywrestle

Apollonian Jeff met as planned. He is a great, honest person and fellow musician. We talked in length about music, common musician acquaintances, and musical situations. We had a very short headscissors session, as time escaped us. He has great headscissors. I would recommend him to anyone who loves scissors.



Raywrestle is recommended by Jim West

I'm so impressed by Ray. He's not just much stronger (and quicker) than at first appears, but also a really friendly guy. Highly recommended.



Jim West is recommended by Raywrestle

Jim is a great guy! Very honest and dependable. Watch out for his headlocks, very powerful. He knows his holds and is a lot of fun. I highly recommend him.



Raywrestle is recommended by Rassle4Fun

I met Raywrestle in Tulsa OK a couple of times and he is reliable and fun to wrestle a nice sweaty match and trade holds. I am stronger than he is, but he can hold his own. I recommend him if u want to meet a fun respectful nice guy. I will wrestle him again when I go back on business to the area.



Rassle4Fun is recommended by Raywrestle

Rassle4Fun is reliable and a wonderful person. He showed up like he said he would. As a wrestler, he is very strong, well built, safe and really knows his moves. I highly recommended him for anyone who wants to wrestle with him.
Wrestled with rassle4fun again 7/29/14. Great fun and enjoyable wrestling.



SalzPeter is recommended by Raywrestle

Hairysnogger is a great and fun guy. I had a wonderful time wrestling with him. We met as we had decided. I highly recommend him.



Scottilla is recommended by Raywrestle

Scott is a fun guy to wrestle and was easy on me, since he wrestles in tournaments and I don't. Still he used his signature hold to wrap me up, lol. I highly recommend him.



Supersized Man is recommended by Raywrestle

Supersized Man is a huge man that likes pro style wrestling. I met at his place and brought a mat. He kept his word about meeting at the appointed time. In spite of the size difference, I did get him in a headscissors and he emitted. He likes pro wrestling vids.



Raywrestle is recommended by HeadSqueezeKing

I've had ten or more matches with Raywrestle. He is a lot of fun and really knows his holds. Stronger than he looks. He has kept me locked up for a while several times. Respectful of limits and a really nice guy.



HeadSqueezeKing is recommended by Raywrestle

HeadSqueezeKing is a great guy who knows his holds, especially headlocks and head scissors. We have wrestled many times and he is fun to wrestle. I would recommend him to anyone.
Wrestled him again on 7/29/14. Good fun time again.



rassler 315 is recommended by Raywrestle

rassler 315 or the Grizz is a super nice guy off the mat. On the mat, he is a great wrestler who also gives hints of what to do for people with less experience. He is super strong and knows many holds. I can't wait to wrestle with him again. I recommend him to anyone who wants a great wrestling experience.



NickZ is recommended by Raywrestle

Nick is a very fine, honest person, feisty, just goes and goes, and is not afraid to wrestle with guys larger than him. I enjoyed wrestling with him at the Okie even though he pinned and wrapped me up, I had no chance. I recommend this wonderful person to anyone!