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  1. USA - Arizona, Avondale
    (I'm here between 8/24/2019 and 8/01/2020)
  2. USA - California, Los Angeles
    (I'm here between 8/17/2019 and 8/17/2020)


22-year-old Male / 5'9" (175 cm) / 160 lbs (73 kg)


I’m here for fun and to fight, but if you’re weird or too much, you’ll get blocked, it’s that simple. Be kind, respectful, and sane and we’ll have no issues.



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Romeoruler is recommended by dfw039

Romeoruler was a fun and courteous opponent and our match went back and forth for over an hour. He says spends plenty of time at the gym and has the strength and muscles to prove it. He probably spends even more time getting you hyped up for the match with some cocky trash talking. I would recommend a match with Roneoruler to anyone and look forward to a rematch when I'm back in LA.



Romeoruler is recommended by Alex Ivan

Roman was a super cool dude. He hosted me in his home and was a fantastic match. He very powerful and quick and was definitely one of the hardest opponents I’ve ever had. Definitely don’t miss your chance with this tough guy



Alex Ivan is recommended by Romeoruler

Alex_Ivan gave me a great match. It's not often that you meet a guy who is almost a perfect opponent. We went back and forth for a long time, neither of us wanting to give in; an ideal match. He's handsome, easy to talk to and super fit. Don't underestimate him, his legs are insanely strong and will squeeze you until you submit. Looking forward to another rematch some time.



Studjj29 is recommended by Romeoruler

Studjj29 was one of my favorite fights I’ve had. Meeting him, he was a nice and chill, but then became a beast on the mat. Unfortunately for him, I was able to subdue him and make him submit, but not after working up a large sweat and going all out for it. I also accidentally injured him (still sorry about that man, haha) but he was a mate about it. Looking forward to another match with him in the future.



Romeoruler is recommended by mister J

This guy is definitely one of the toughest alpha heels I have ever met – powerful, strong, and relentless on the mat, but easy-going afterwards. He got the better of me this time, but I am looking forward to a rematch soon. Don't miss out on an opportunity to match up with this well-built, handsome stud. You won't regret it. But bring your A-game. You've been warned!



mister J is recommended by Romeoruler

Amazing fight with this dude. Definitely gave me a run for my money and gave me a good workout. Super friendly, super accommodating and chill guy to talk to. Not to mention he's even more attractive than his pictures. Definitely going to keep his contact so we can have a rematch.