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Age 22
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
Weight 185 lbs (84 kg)
Gender Male
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  1. USA - Texas, Duncanville
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Judo Judo

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Submission wrestling is my preference, feel free to reach out so I can send my pics via Snapchat. Guys around my age and size preferably


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jobberdude88 is recommended by Sleeperking87

Great match with this guy! Always look forward to reminding this cute jobber who the sleeper king is!



Sleeperking87 is recommended by technics2

SK87 was the last stop on my last mid country trip. Came prompt and ready. Strong and tall. Had to make him pay for his sneak attacks. One RNC I let him get in deep 😉. Gave him an even deeper few. Bless his heart for the attempts on ankle locks and heel hooks. After I locked them on HIM, I'm sure he now respects them. Gave him a quick class on applying them so beware. I welcome another meet. Him, I recommend.



technics2 is recommended by Sleeperking87

Great opponent! Knows his submissions very well! Highly recommend you wrestle with this beast !



Sleeperking87 is recommended by gambit

Great impromptu match! SK87 is easygoing, cool and passionate about wrestling so we could’ve gone at it all night. Enjoyed the matches and we will definitely lock up again. Hit him up if you’re looking some good sub wrestling.



gambit is recommended by Sleeperking87

The best match I’ve ever had on the site! Super strong guy! 💪🏽 His scissors and sleepers are lethal. He definitely backed up all his trash talk. He went out of his way to make sure I tapped in my own signature submission- the RNC. Super energetic and did not want to give up torturing me. I still feel sore a day later and can feel the power of his strong legs around my ribs. Really chill guy and easy to set up a match with. I appreciated him coming on late notice. Be ready to enjoy suffering and punishment if you set up a match with this beast !



Sleeperking87 is recommended by Wrestlehere

This guy was my very first match on the site. I couldn’t have asked for a better wrestling partner for it! Had a great time putting each other on holds and learning. He knows his moves and is great for competitive and fun wrestling.



Wrestlehere is recommended by Sleeperking87

Wrestlehere is a great wrestler, energetic, and is always ready for more. I was glad to be his first match on the site and we had a great match trading submission holds!