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54 Male

5'8" (173 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

  1. USA - Oregon, Portland
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Languages spoken:
English, French, Spanish

I am willing to travel 500 miles
I am willing to host.

Singlet, speedo, fight shorts, or less

SubmissionSubmission, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestlingMud/oil wrestling

Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing holds, Wrestling with body punches, Promission, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, I have access to mats, Friendship, Not interested in cyber, I'm gay, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Cock fighting

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Have always been into wrestling and wrestlers. I have some training in submission grappling and love it for the workout and competition. I also get into pro-style - slapping on and working holds, but am really pretty untrained. A competitive attitude is great, as long as it's fun for both of us and injury free. Trash talk, flexing and more playfull or horny games are great when there is chemistry. Have mats at my home and can host here for visitors.

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SqueezeNW is recommended by Hotmarco66 (3/01/2015)

Another opportunity to meet a popular wrestler with also a long experience, to practice holds and grow in confidence.I don t think that SqueezeNW needs a recommendation, so only few lines to confirm definitely the fact that I have met a strong , sexy athlete and a very very pleasant person on and outside the mat.

Hotmarco66 is recommended by SqueezeNW (3/01/2015)

Marco was a lot of fun to meet up and wrestle around with. He's as hot and strong as you'd expect from his profile pictures and a pleasantly nice fellow as well.

SqueezeNW is recommended by leanmuscles (3/01/2015)

Despite the cramped space I had a great time! A really skilled wrestler who knows what he is doing. Great company for dinner too. The complete package!

leanmuscles is recommended by SqueezeNW (2/28/2015)

I can only echo everybody else's recommendations of this fine man. We had a fun wrestle in spite of cramped circumstances, followed by great company for a most enjoyable evening meal.

SqueezeNW is recommended by Rowdy Submission (2/26/2015)

Oversight indeed! I've wrestled Squeeze a handful of times which is criminal given that we live within drive bing distance! He is very real (but you don't need me to tell you that- his other Recommendations testify) strong (his photos testify) and has an awesome mat set up to boot. Expect a fun n sweaty roll with him!

Rowdy Submission is recommended by SqueezeNW (2/26/2015)

Just noticed I hadn't recommended Rowdy yet. What an oversight! We've wrestled several times and each meet up has been more of a fun battle than the one before. Don't pass up the chance to hit the mats with him.

SqueezeNW is recommended by ca510140 (1/22/2015)

Great to finally meet up, great guy both on and off the mats, and oh what scissors this guy has! Can't wait for round 2 . Don't miss a chance to meet this guy

ca510140 is recommended by SqueezeNW (1/22/2015)

Was great to battle someone my own size for a change who is really good and strong. As an added bonus he's about as nice a guy as you could ask for. I see some rematches in our future!

SqueezeNW is recommended by sleepermuscle (1/18/2015)

Don't be fooled by this small package, LOL! He has incredible strength and his legs are deadly. Very fun guy to wrestle and talk trash with. Super nice guy and cute Italian face. Don't pass up this stud. I'm ready to roll with him again!

sleepermuscle is recommended by SqueezeNW (1/18/2015)

A great mix of attitude, looks and personality. A real blast to wrestle down and punish this big muscle boy and, even better, he dishes it right back. Oh, and he's gonna pay for the "small package" recommendation remark when I get my hands, and legs, around him next time!

SqueezeNW is recommended by pepperoncino (10/29/2014)

Squeeze NW is a genuinly great guy with an impressive set of muscles, good wrestling technique and especially some really strong legs to challenge you. We had a long and intense mat session of which I enjoyed every second: mesuring strength, applying holds, pins in variable geometry and lots of laughs to share. An extraordinary experience with an interesting opponent on the mats and good conversations before and after -Squeeeze NW is highly recommendable and I can't wait for the second bout :-).

pepperoncino is recommended by SqueezeNW (10/29/2014)

I had a fun time wrestling and visiting with Pepperoncino on a free day in Switzerland during a long business trip. We started out with a tough sweaty battle. He's as strong as he is good looking and knows how to use those muscles. The match lasted a good long time, and afterwards he was a gracious host with lunch and a tour on a lovely fall day. Excellent company, conversation and competition. I'm looking forward to a rematch someday and recommend him heartily.


WorkUover is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/28/2013)

Damn him for moving somewhere far from my usual travels. Had a blast in our previous matches.


Ctgrappler1 is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/09/2013)

We had a great match and a good time off the mats. He's a strong bull and I'm looking forward to a rematch next time we're near each other.

SqueezeNW is recommended by fitguy2 (4/03/2013)

Had a great time with SqueezeNW. He's a great host. He is very safety conscious, and exceptionally easy to get along with. He is a great fighter and knows alot of moves/ holds. Definitely recommend meeting up with him, and I hope we get to roll again

fitguy2 is recommended by SqueezeNW (4/03/2013)

Had a great time with fitguy2. Don't let his Irish gift for pleasant conversation lull you into overconfidence. He's scrappy and tenacious on the mats with enough skills to make it a fun sweaty struggle.


Ftlfightr is recommended by SqueezeNW (3/30/2013)

I had a great match with Ftlfighter late last year. He's a perfect combination of muscle, skill and fun. It's a shame he lives so far away, I'd enjoy taking him on a lot more.

SqueezeNW is recommended by finest (3/04/2013)

Really enjoyed our match, btw he looks great in a singlet! One day I hope to make it to Portland

finest is recommended by SqueezeNW (6/22/2011)

He is just as all the others have said. Had a great time with finest – just watch out for those legs. Hoping I'll be back in England for a rematch. Take him on if you get the chance.

SqueezeNW is recommended by NEprosub (2/03/2013)

We had a really fun, sweaty match together, and I'd be happy to wrestle him again in a heartbeat. Genuinely nice guy off the mats, tough wrestlestud on the mats.

NEprosub is recommended by SqueezeNW (1/28/2013)

We had a very fun match. On the mats, he takes punishment well, only to dish it back when he gets the chance. Off them he was a gracious and friendly host.

SqueezeNW is recommended by Mike86 (1/08/2013)

He's definitely a lot of fun on the mats and takes the punishment well.

Mike86 is recommended by SqueezeNW (1/08/2013)

Mike already has a lot of recommendations, I thought I'd add
mine. A great host and a nice guy - off that mat at least. Had a great time with him on the mats in spite (or maybe because) of our size difference. Hope we get to wrestle again!

SqueezeNW is recommended by 503grappler (9/22/2012)

SqueezeNW is a good guy to roll with. He's has good technical skills and is a strong guy with great defense. He was a lot of fun to roll with and a nice guy too off the mats. Great sportsmanship and I look forward to more great matches with him.

503grappler is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/18/2012)

I'm honored to write 503's first recommendation. We met up yesterday for what was a fun workout grappling. If you want a challenge, he'll give you that - all muscle and knows how to use it. And before and after the match he's a nice regular guy. I'm looking forward to more matches with him.

SqueezeNW is recommended by PJ Boston (8/14/2012)

SqweezeNW is awesome! If you have the chance to meet up with him, do not miss it...and make sure you get him to flex for you...woof!

PJ Boston is recommended by SqueezeNW (8/14/2012)

PJ is a hot and fun guy to hit the mats with. Had a blast with him.

SqueezeNW is recommended by SeattleFight (10/05/2011)

Underestimate him at your own peril!!! A great guy and super tough wrestler, loads of energy and strength. Stay away from those two steel bands of his he calls legs. Lethal!

SeattleFight is recommended by SqueezeNW (10/04/2011)

I'll just echo what a lot of people have said already. A fun, tough, wrestling match, and a hell of a nice guy before and after.


Ricksf is recommended by SqueezeNW (10/04/2011)

I can't believe nobody has written a recommendation for Rick yet! I've known him for years and rolled around on the mats many times. He's a great, easy going guy and fun to roll around with.


Dave R is recommended by SqueezeNW (10/04/2011)

Had the chance to do some submission with Dave and had quite a bit of fun - which was a little surprising - particularly given the rather size advantage. Off the mat he was quite a friendly and likeable guy too. Too bad we didn't have much time. I'm going to try and learn some tactics for larger opponents to practice on him when we meet up again.


mattz4fun is recommended by SqueezeNW (10/04/2011)

Finally had a chance to roll around with mattz and was great fun. Besides being a nice guy off the mat, he has great skills and strength. He also adapts well to the other guys level. Hope we get another longer bout sometime soon.

SqueezeNW is recommended by MisterLegs (10/02/2011)

Great, easy going guy, who delivers a real good match. No wonder, we became friends over the last years!

MisterLegs is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/28/2011)

MisterLegs is a great guy and a lot of fun to wrestle with. Don't pass up the opportunity to meet up with him if you get one.

SqueezeNW is recommended by Caguy (7/27/2011)

Highly recommened Squeeze - great guy, tough and hot. Great match, look forward to taking him on again.

Caguy is recommended by SqueezeNW (7/27/2011)

azguy is a great guy to wrestle with. Get a match with him if you can.


Blackwrestle is recommended by SqueezeNW (6/22/2011)

After chatting for a long time, we finally got the chance for a match. This guy is good at his game and fun to try working out holds or escapes with. Strong, confident, skilled and friendly too.

SqueezeNW is recommended by MuscleBond (6/22/2011)

What a blast! We had a great roll for over 2 hours. This guy's got a lot of fight in him. Top match man both on and off the mats. Glad to give him a solid recommendation... and am looking forward to meeting him again.

MuscleBond is recommended by SqueezeNW (6/22/2011)

ha! Don't let the "haven't wrestled in 3 years" fool you. This guy knows his stuff, besides being big and strong. Had a great time on the mats with him. Heartily recommeded.


hairywrestler is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/04/2010)

Fun to wrestle and a good tour guide if you're in his home turf.


Lederringer is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/04/2010)

Fiesty and fun to wrestle this guy.


sfbeef is recommended by SqueezeNW (9/04/2010)

great wrestler, fun and a hottie.

SqueezeNW is recommended by yim (8/09/2009)

every time i meet up with he has always been a fun and tough oponnet he is always a good throw down on the mats

yim is recommended by SqueezeNW (8/09/2009)

Yim is a tough opponent and always have a fun match with him.

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