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  1. Germany, Bremen

I am willing to travel 1000 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


64-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 220 lbs (100 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: Slip /speedo, naked


I'm back in. This profile is just there for me to sign up for events and get in touch with the participants. I Do Private matchte's in London waltham and Events in manchester. Like a rough Hard style.... Very suffering tortures... Punch ellbow Kicks allowed..... Love Fights until TKO. Also love to Do a very pretty grappling.... Stay in London any weekends in the year.
Next Weekends In London :::
22-24 may / 17-19 july / 11–13 September / 9-11 october... (i am only come if i have Real planned Fights 2 month before!)
Events: mcr 29,February / 20 june
Barnet 1 August / 7 November
Germany wrestling in hildesheim und berlin (catchbär)



Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Brit pro wrestling, Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a heel, I'm a jobber, Stakes
Fetishes: Wrestle for top, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play

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TRexGER is recommended by Navyguy

I met up with this tough German fighter in the Walthamstow ring in London after a few months of planning and coordinating. He’s a big tough guy who is all business in the ring.
We climbed into the ring and went at each other hard; fists, elbows, knees and a variety of holds. Thomas had a 35 pound advantage on me so I stayed aggressive and took the fight to him as best as I could so as to keep him on defense. We pummeled each other hard. He is very difficult to gets submission on but I finally prevailed. Highly recommend TRexGER as a good tough opponent and all round good guy in and out of the ring. Ready for Round 2.



Navyguy is recommended by TRexGER

Today there was our USA-Germany match. And navyguy starts very aggressively and with hard punches. So he dominated the match for a long time. But after almost an hour he started to weaken and I was getting more and more involved. unfortunately the fight did not go to a final decision since he suddenly said that it was enough for him. Nevertheless, it was a tough brutal fight in which punches and ellbows were carried out with full force. nothing was given to the other. It was very interesting for me to get to know this American wrestling style. We made an appointment for autumn and then we have to decide.



TRexGER is recommended by OxonWelsh

TrexGER vs Welsh Dragon. We'd been chatting for months. This was my first fight in a wrestling ring, something I have wanted to try for a very long time. It was a lot of fun bouncing off the ropes and jumping off the turnbuckle and trying out different moves. I underestimated TRex's strength and thought I'd have an upper hand despite my lack of wrestling skills and experience. But TRex is stronger than he looks. In the early stages of the bout, I was able to break out of his holds and even managed to put TRex is some submission holds. We also agreed to kicking and punching so I made sure I dropped a few elbows on him off the ropes whilst he was down. My stamina was better than TRex but he used his knowledge of the ring ropes to put me in new submission moves I'd not been put in before such as bending my limbs round the ropes. After punching me in the crotch things went downhill for me and I couldn't fully recover. TRex punched my forehead repeatedly, dragged me out the ring and threw me int the turnbuckle post, as well as smashing my head off the steel chains. I have a bump on my forehead to prove it and many bruises. TRex became more aggressive and sadistic as the match went on and his brutality wore out my stamina. TRex won Round 1, a Valentine's Day massacre, but in Round 2 I will be more prepared for his underhanded tactics.



OxonWelsh is recommended by TRexGER

Today we have our long-awaited match. Oxon wanted to massacre the TRex as a Welsh dragon. It turned out differently! He calls himself a jobber, but that's not true. He strikes back fully. and even though it was his first match in the ring, he quickly knew how to use ropes and ring edges. That's why I had to take it badly. From the middle rope he always fell into me with the flying ellbow. he can really take a lot and is super well built. I had to use all my power to finally dominate and completely disassemble it. in the end it was totally daze so that I could take pics in peace and then take it apart. It was a great match and we agreed to rematch for September. The Dragon want to melt the Trex in flames.



TRexGER is recommended by wrestlerdu

Ich habe TRexGER bei Pippas getroffen, wir hatten uns schon im Chat unterhalten über ein Kampf, aber das klappte nicht.
Da wir beide bei Pippas waren und uns gesehen haben ,ging es gleich auf die Matte.
Ich merkte sofort das dass nicht sein Ding war, er war noch unsicher, aber nach kurzen Kampf war die Unsicherheit vorbei sowie der Kampf. Nach einiger Zeit kam TRexGER im Ring mit seiner Catcher Body und es ging zur sache, was uns beide gefiel.
Außerhalb von Matte und Ring ist er ein Angenemer Kerl.
Freue mich auf das nächste Treffen.



wrestlerdu is recommended by TRexGER

Hat in manchester viel Spaß gemacht mit Franz.. Hat einen grossen starken muskelbody..mag es wenn man ihn auch mal richtig punchto... Echt harter Bauch.. Fight sehr anstrengend.... Es ist viel Kraft nötig um gegenzuhalten.... Ausser halb des rings super nett und bei fight darauf bedacht das sich keiner ernsthaft verletzt. Gerne wieder!



TRexGER is recommended by arniebaby

Heute war es endlich soweit. Es ging mit dem Saurier auf die Matte. Zwei Stunden lang tobte der harte Fight, bei dem es nicht so einfach war ihn zum Abklopfen zu bringen, da der Kerl Siegeswillen hat und auch gut was einstecken kann. Das Austeilen klappt auch schon ganz gut. Wenn jetzt noch Technik und Ausdauer hinzukommen, wird der Saurier das Baby vielleicht verschlingen. Unnötig zu erwähnen, dass TRex neben der Matte natürlich ein netter Kerl ist , mit dem man sich gut unterhalten kann.
Es wird definitiv einen Rückkampf geben und dann zeig mir deine Krallen, Saurier



arniebaby is recommended by TRexGER

Einfach super! Freundlicher netter Kumpel. Auf der Matte ein super härter aber fairer fighter. Hat enorme Ausdauer. Mit knapp 2 Stunden war es ein bisher längste Kampf. Und kämpfen musste ich. Technisch war er mir überlegen. Einmal musste er selbst das Handtuch werfen. Aber dies war nur der. KENNLERNfight.... Es gibt ein Wiedersehen. GARANTIERT



Squashlad is recommended by TRexGER

I really have to thank Graig. He introduced me to a harder form of wrestling. After a short grappling to warm up it got down to business. Chains and belts were placed in the ring and they were to be used. We put on collars. everything was used. After every lap we were exhausted. But after a short break it went on for about 2 hours. Unfortunately we had to stop because we had to get the last train to londin-centrum. at the beginning I was only on the defensive but towards the end it became more balanced. Who knows how a fight would end up until the decision. Despite the hardness and the really painful actions, care was taken to ensure that no one was seriously injured. I can say that this variant of wrestling and choking and feeling the chain as it was wound around my head also got a little horny for this hardness (not sexually), but at Graig I always felt safe. we had interesting conversations during the breaks. We agreed immediately after the fight in April until the decision. Graig, with you I keep getting into the ring with chains and full hardness.



TRexGER is recommended by Eddi30

Heute war es endlich soweit und wir haben uns auf der Matte getroffen. Respekt. Der Mann hat ordentlich Kraft. Das muss man sagen. Hat richtig Spaß gemacht auf der Matte. Und auch neben der Matte kann man sich prima mit ihm unterhalten. Und der Herr ist sehr zuverlässig. Meine absolute Empfehlung. Jederzeit wieder gerne.



Eddi30 is recommended by TRexGER

Eddie ist eine Eiche, die man nicht so schnell Fällen kann! Ordentlich Kraft steht einem entgegen. Ich musste meine ganze Power einbringen damit er zu Boden geht. Dann aber habe ich ihn gut bearbeitet. Er weiss sein Gewichtsvorteil gut einzusetzen. Zum Glück für mich mangelt es ihm Noch an Technik. Aber in Zukunft wird sich das ändern. In den Pausen ein sehr angenehmer Gesprächspartner. Wir standen uns nicht das letzte Mal gegenüber.



TRexGER is recommended by Scrapmerchant 1

TRexGER and I had exchanged more than 900 messages, we clearly got carried away with the banter and trash talk and the lesson learned from this and our subsequent meeting was that both fighters must clarify 100% with no ambiguity or doubt what they want. TRexGER had mentioned no submissions would be allowed and therefore when we entered the ring I was relentless(but safe) in my attack on him - he soon tapped out several times and each time i stopped and we took stock and started again. It was obvious that my strength and aggression was overpowering the German and after about 20 minutes he decided he had had enough. Not an ideal fight I have to say although he did say he enjoyed it. It was clear we both got carried away with the banter - we did not clarify the fight rules on the night and his poor english and my non existent knowledge of the German language added to the confusion. Afterwards we shared a beer and have agreed to meet again but we will both be 100% clear about the style and rules of our next encounter. TRexGER is a nice bloke and we will wrestle - not fight next time.



Scrapmerchant 1 is recommended by TRexGER

After a long, very pushed chat, this powerhouse finally faced me in the ring. His aggressiveness and physical strength have really intimidated me so that there was little resistance from me. It turned out that the high-press chat had led to a wrong idea of ​​the fight. I wanted to make a tough wrestling on the border of brutality. He understood this as a war-like war. but after the one-sided fight we were able to clarify things with a chilled beer, because scrapmerchant is a great buddy outside the ring. That's why we have arranged to meet again next year for another meeting. then in submission style with vie grappling.And a nice but hard mix of take and give. I promise you Alan, he will not be one-sided. Cheers beer, TRex



TRexGER is recommended by HighwayMan

TRexGER is a beast as his name implies.
We had a fun match at Walthamstow late rainy Saturday afternoon in which I got clobbered as expected.
Off the mats he is a great, interesting bloke who is full of lots of great information.
I highly recommend him if you want a challenge



TRexGER is recommended by walsallgoodguy

Have met TRex twice now, first time we had a ring match and matroom match after, then our last meet a ring match Germany v UK both at pippas, really tough bruiser, but very friendly after the matches, can't wait for our forthcoming tag match in Walthamstow, Ripper Roger



TRexGER is recommended by wrestlingnovice

I had a Good wrestle with Trexger the other day, and I would recommend him for a wrestle


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