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Older man who enjoys the physical workout and body contact from wrestling. Open to many styles of wrestling with men of all ages and sizes. Also interested in erotic wrestling and action during and after the "real" wrestling. I've been wrestling for 25 years and have wrestled men in many parts of the US. Have mats and large space to wrestle in townhome in South Kansas City. Also have large collection of wrestling videos. I can host.
I need to go back on a diet. I have gained weight, which is slowing me down. My clothes do not fit any more.



  1. USA - Missouri, Kansas City
    Place of residence; always
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I am willing to travel 1000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 72-year-old Male

Stats: 6'2" (188 cm), 255 lbs (116 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: singlets, shorts, jocks, nude

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No holds barred No holds barred
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WildcatLes is recommended by Jim West

I generally steer clear of opponents who weigh over 200 lbs, but Les seemed online like a safe, reliable person, and I figured I would learn from him while having a fun match. I'm glad I took the chance, as I had a great time wrestling with Les. An outstanding person and strong sportsman. And his basement mat-room is excellent.



Jim West is recommended by WildcatLes

Jim is a tough wrestler. Although I outweighed him by 75#, he worked me over on the mats. He uses his long arms and legs to keep you down. Then he works you with headlocks and scissors holds. We had a great wrestling session on the wrestling mats in my basement.



WildcatLes is recommended by LongandLean

Les is a legend on this and other wrestling sites. We've gotten together twice and enjoyed intense contact and wrestling holds. Away from the mats, we've become friends and message frequently. Hes a great encourager and a great wrestler!



LongandLean is recommended by WildcatLes

LongandLean is a great guy to wrestle, as well as a super nice person. He was just getting into wrestling during our first match. He's very strong. His body is great to admire. Watch out for his bearhug and leg scissors. We wrestled a second time and his wrestling skills were even better. I highly recommend LongandLean.



WildcatLes is recommended by jobber4bears

I met WildcatLes a few times years ago and can't believe I never wrote this recommendation!!! He's a GREAT guy both on and off the mats!!! Knows his stuff on the mats and a gentleman off!!! Hope to meet again someday!!!



jobber4bears is recommended by WildcatLes

I wrestled Scott several times at the Florida Wrestling Rumble and hosted him in a condo in Orlando a couple of times. Jobber4bears is a great jobber. I was able to work him over on the mats since I was in very good shape and had been wrestling several times a year.
I hope to tangle with him again on my next trip to Minneapolis.
Big Hugs to a Great Guy.



WildcatLes is recommended by throw

A tough wrestler who takes a lot to make he submit. A great and friendly host who was lot of fun to talk to. I highly recommend him.



throw is recommended by WildcatLes

Young, strong wrestler. He used some good submission holds on me in an hour long match. I'm looking forward to wrestling him again.



WildcatLes is recommended by SpazzyWeasel

WildcatLes is a very tough wrestler. He's also an extremely nice person, and it was definitely a pleasure to meet him. I had a very fun time wrestling him.



SpazzyWeasel is recommended by WildcatLes

Wrestling stridentweasel was lots of fun. Although he claims he's a newbie, he is tough on the wrestling mats. I taught him some wrestling holds and moves. We had a great time wrestling. I look forward to more matches.



WildcatLes is recommended by Rassle4Fun

I wrestled Les in KC like 3 times. He is good, fun, tough, safe, strong, has stamina, a great guy, and a HOT wrestler. I was challenged by him and we had a great time wrestling. But I guess he was SORE next day, which I love to hear that.... LOL
Looking forward to my next match with him when I travel again to KC.



Rassle4Fun is recommended by WildcatLes

Rassle4Fun is a great guy to wrestle. This was our third time wrestling. We started with light wrestling standing and then took the match to the mattresses. This guy is strong and knows his wrestling holds. He was able to block several of the holds that I usually use. We always enjoy good, safe fun, although I'll need a massage today or tommorrow to ease the sore muscles.
Wrestle him if you get a chance.



WildcatLes is recommended by Fight Boston

WildCatLes is a strong guy, don't let his age fool you. If you show up for a wrestling match, be ready to wrestle. I look forward to wrestling Les again.



Fight Boston is recommended by WildcatLes

Tough fighter. Although I outweighed him by 70#, Fight Boston gave me a real workout. He was able to withstand some of my better holds. I look forward to wrestling Fight Boston again.



bbncc is recommended by WildcatLes

bbncc is a tough wrestler. He's as strong as he looks in his pictures. Would love to wrestle him again, but would have to watch out for his scissors holds.