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Fit 53 y. old into erotic wrestling/gear. Live in London.

Becoming more flexible as I get older. Can be a very dominant but safe and controlling heel. Or a flexible jobber depending what you want.

Into enjoying another guy in gear - especially trunks and footie or rugby socks, and yes holds (doing and being in) still are a massive turn on. Enjoy Boston crabs, Indian death locks, reverse rollup, hammerlocks and many others.

Keen to find people for regular fun meets - can accom in London.

I am in a totally honest open relationship which is great. Can accom for fun. Aim is to enjoy ourselves. Always happy to meet beginners if there is some erotic edge and mutual attraction.

Cheers wrestlers!



  1. United Kingdom, London (I'm here between 7/23/2016 and 7/23/2032)
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Age: 54-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Gear: trunks footie or sport socks trainers

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boston kid is recommended by ts1976

Handsome and very intelligent but approachable and down to earth: All the great comments he got from the other wrestlers are true. It was one amazing match for me.

Before the match, he suggested he would dominate me completely. He would be in control of me. I never thought I would be comfortable of the idea, but I was wrong. He dominated me in hot prolonged holds, his verbal abuse and evil tactics. I enjoyed all. I felt comfortable of being dominated by him. I felt this match opened new possibilities for me.

Definitely I will meet him again.



ts1976 is recommended by boston kid

I’ve just had a super fun wrestling session with this attractive muscular man. He looked amazing in speedos with a good solid sexy wrestler’s physique. In fact the pictures in his profile don’t do justice to the reality.

He took the holds well showing a lot of resilience and got his own back ( a few times !) with some neat submissions too. All done in a safe enjoyable fluid way.

Easy to talk to, reliable, skilled and sexy - one of my best meets ever. Definitely highly recommended!



Mister80 is recommended by boston kid

As everyone has said this guy is wicked strong. Thankfully he is also sane and safe so we had a fun relaxed time.

Easy to arrange a meet. Would recommend for a good roll around !



boston kid is recommended by Chris Flashman

Sometimes in life, things just feel "right." So it was when I contacted the Kid. With our shared passion for his part of London and, of course, wrestling, I had a hunch we would get on. And I wasn't wrong.

Such a super host, and really, really nice on and off the mats. A flipping good wrestler too! He patiently put me through my paces, teaching me new holds, applying them on me and letting me try them on him. And yes, it was easy to arrange the meet: it took all of two minutes.

You'd be daft not to hit him up, but form an orderly queue behind me. Because already I want to wrestle him again. Thanks, Kid!



Chris Flashman is recommended by boston kid

Chris is a super man. Friendly and reliable. It was easy to arrange the meeting.

Although he describes himself as a beginner he knows quite a lot of holds and applies them well.

He is also much stronger than he looks. He is determined, feisty and stubborn but able to adapt to the pace of the other person.

So we had a good session. I think he will go from strength to strength.



boston kid is recommended by Boston Tap

Yes it was a long time coming but was well worth the wait!!

Boston Kid is great flexible pro style wrestler who knows how to apply all manner of mean holds but always safely done and with smooth execution.
We had a great time trading holds in ring at Grove Park.

A pleasure to meet again and easy on the eye in his red singlet!

Well worth a grapple.



Boston Tap is recommended by boston kid

Met Boston Tap over 10 years ago - and somehow we lost touch - until today!

We had a fun match at Grove Park - lots of holds exchanged safely, great fun. He knows his Bostons and several other holds. He also looks great in his kit!

Easy to plan a meet, reliable and a really nice guy to talk to - this all made for a super few hours.

Well recommended



boston kid is recommended by The Face

To say, "This Brit is my cup of tea," would be an obscene understatement.  Just recalling  the experience of his putting me through his unabating arsenal of holds gets me all worked up again.  He was this face's dream come true:  applying one torturous hold after another . . . holding me each for long periods of time . . . while testing and pushing my limits . . . delighting in feeling my useless struggles . . . seeing me suffer, racked with pain . . . hearing me moan and groan . . . pressing me to plea, beg and submit to him . . . sometimes releasing me and at other times easing up for a brief period of time, only to crank up the pressure again.

Intertwined with all of this was his use of verbal abuse and evil tactics aimed at  humiliating and subduing me until I was brought to my knees.  The kicker was his forcing me to choose among a menu of excruciating holds to experience again at the end of our match.

My experience with Boston Kid was enhanced  by our conversations both before and after the match, in which his hospitaliable, kind, pleasant and genuine demeanor complimented his sadistic nature on the mat.

I look forward to future matches with Boston Kid. I have no doubt they are going to be even better as we continue to explore the depths of our "heel" and "face" psyches.  I dream of a trip to London, where I expect he'll have all sorts of exciting, excruciating, and exhilarating things in store for a Yankee face such as myself.



The Face is recommended by boston kid

I met The Face spontaneously on a trip to California - and boy am I pleased we managed to hook up.

We had great communications before - which to me is always really helpful as I knew what would work for both of us.

He was also super reliable and turned up as promised.

Then of course there is the fact that he is a hot sexy hunk of American beef! A total pleasure to dominate in hot prolonged holds - which he also enjoyed greatly (from what I could see and hear...!). Seeing his muscles straining and expanding was super hot. He also fitted his tight speedos nicely.

We had a really pleasurable few hours and my only regrets are that we didn't have longer and he doesn't live in London! I'm hoping for more meets though in the future. A definite 5star recommendation!



boston kid is recommended by figure4leglock

Was a pleasure to meet the Kid and had a good session where we both suffered in a range of submission holds, all very enjoyable fun.

His Fig4leglock is devious and tough, cranking it up when he so wishes as well as other submission holds. It was enjoyable to return the favour and crank on some of my own, including the full Boston which I am pleased he enjoyed the pressure as I used my weight to lock n rock the hold.

The Kid is a nice guy, was a relaxed session and nice to meet him. Do meet him if you want some good wrestling fun, just like his other recommendations!



figure4leglock is recommended by boston kid

Had a great meet with figure4leglock today.

As his name suggests he loves that hold - so being a kind soul I had to keep him in it groaning and begging for a long time .... all the while cranking the pressure up and down (but mainly up).

I put him through a few other nasty submissions - the Indian Death Lock worked a treat and he resisted the final submission manfully - though it was inevitable.

He also did a rather tasty Boston Crab on me with just the right amount of weight and pull.... and kept it on for ages... hot.

Finally he is a really nice relaxed guy which made the meetup even better. Definitely someone to meet again. Thanks!



boston kid is recommended by A1Jobberlad

Well what can i say.... This guy is awesome. Certainly couldn't have had a better match. After exchanging a good few messeges we finally got a date. Boston Kid was a top host i was made too feel very comfortable and welcome from the start. He looks great in his gear and his cheeky bicep flexes were great.
I was put in holds and pins and ofcourse some squashing. Enjoyed it as boston kid gently applied the power although i had trust in him throughout.
Would be great for a re match.
Highly recommend this Handsome guy .



A1Jobberlad is recommended by boston kid

What a gem Alex is! He's a bright smiley and very handsome man who makes an excellent jobber. He suffers really well and looks the part of a jobber in his hot gear.

He has a very nice physique which allowed me to bend him in all kinds of ways. He is also extremely sexy and great company.

I can highly recommend him - and there will definitely be more meets! Thanks Alex!



boston kid is recommended by jonny innocent

I had a great meet with Boston_Kid

We had exchanged a good few messages before the meet, so we both had a good idea what the other wanted. This meant that once we were geared up he was right in there, no messing about and no easing in; I was gasping and groaning within 60 seconds.

Having systematically taken me apart, knocking limbs off one at a time, he turned his attention to my back, showing me his expertise in his trademark Boston Crab. This was followed by a Camel that left me unable to speak.

Throughout the session, Boston_Kid displayed great expertise, using holds I have never experienced before and switching them effortlessly into more punishing holds if I managed to scrape together any meaningful resistance.

Altogether a great experience that was safe, demanding and sexy.



jonny innocent is recommended by boston kid

Just in from a super afternoon with Jonny. What a nice guy and a hot jobber. Great muscled legs and took my prolonged holds well. Definitely up for a rematch. Thanks too for helping me when all the trains were out of action by driving me around S London!



boston kid is recommended by rezla123

I met boston_kid on the basis of his great reviews & excellent communication skills for a gentle non-competitive session to test out his resistance to various holds.
I'm happy I did, he's exceptionally nice, intelligent and of considerable substance.
He does love a boston but it turns out he likes all his limbs being levered and locked & he's sensible about tapping when the stretch gets too much.
This made it quite entertaining to put him through the mill & dominate him and I even got to sample a little trashtalk on him while he was incapacitated :)
Happy to recommend.



rezla123 is recommended by boston kid

Just had a fun session with Rezla123. He was great at communicating beforehand and I had good vibes before we met.

On the mat he is strong safe and imaginative. He also knows a lot of good holds. I really enjoyed being tested in his various Boston variations. Nice. He knows how to apply holds safely and this meant I could relax and enjoy them all ( well apart from the agony of course ! )
I also enjoyed his scissors as he has rather good legs. Mmmm

Definitely a great guy to meet and I hope to have more sessions with him. Oooo did I mention he has rather nice hunky legs?



boston kid is recommended by Guysmiley

Met with Mike while he was visiting the USA. Nicely built man who enjoys being punished so I practiced some new moves, joint locks, pressure points, and just generally enjoyed working him over. Very hospitable and enjoyed our ongoing banter.



Guysmiley is recommended by boston kid

Just had a good session with Guy. He knows his joint locks well and has a wicked sense of humour. I've not suffered so much while laughing so hard for a while ! Sane sensible and strong - it was a pleasure to meet him.



boston kid is recommended by GrappleViking

October 2017
Had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman, after hearing lots about him. He's had a reputation to be able to withstand the most excruciating pain - of course I had to find out for myself!

BostonKid is every bit as resilient as his reputation suggests. I put him through what holds I know, and to date, I have not met anyone who enjoys being in so much pain! I took pleasure in working him over, and forcing him right to his edge, keeping it there for minutes at a time. Honestly don't know how he survived.

Off the mats, he is superb company. Can't wait to meet him again - I had a fantastic time. Highest of recommendations!



GrappleViking is recommended by boston kid

Well what can I say? I've just had one of the best ever wrestling sessions in my life with this super man.

He is articulate bright engaging decent and thoughtful, a really rounded person. Then he stripped down to his speedos and my heart raced on seeing his gorgeous physique - wow!

This was followed by lots of great fun wrestling - GrappleViking really knows his stuff. He is immensely strong but so skilled I never was worried about being injured - in fact I was able to totally relax and have a complete blast.

It's rare to find someone so switched on and aware but with such great wrestling skill too.... amazing!

So thanks GrappleViking for a brilliant evening and I hope you continue to have as much fun we we did tonight, and that we meet again soon!



boston kid is recommended by amateurjase

Wrestling boston_kid was a true show of muscle dominance on his part. When you think it's over, another move comes, and it comes strong and locked in place, tighter and tighter.

His body is built for strength & worship and if you take on the might of boston_kid, beware the photos do not show just how big his muscles are!

Off the mats, it was hard to leave and say goodbye. We talk before and after with such interest, it was just as great as the wrestle.

Very sane, clear discussion about when to stop and what we both do and don't like.

PS: If the hold becomes too much for you, don't submit, play with his nipples. It distracts him ;-)



amateurjase is recommended by boston kid

I've just had a great meetup with Jase. He's a bright friendly articulate sound guy and I immediately warmed to him. Then on the mat he is huge fun - sexy spirited and strong - and he looks great in gear.

We had a fun session and I hope to have more.

I recommend him wholeheartedly!



boston kid is recommended by DenverWrestler

I reconnected with the 'Kid' today after first meeting more than a decade ago. He is still very fit and flexible, and it was great fun bringing out the jobber in him with a series of new holds and combination of holds. He suffers magnificently, making for a very horny session for both guys. He is also a very friendly, outgoing, reliable guy, and it was great to catch up with him after all these years, but our session was just as hot as the ones we had years ago. If you want a fun, hot time with a very nice guy, he's your man.



DenverWrestler is recommended by boston kid

Just had a hot fun session with DenverWrestler. He's a really considerate capable horny grappler. He put me in some super hot holds and also got me turned on with some nipple play. Perfect! And good company too.

He is in great shape and looks good in his square cuts.

Yes it's been a long time since we last met but today was as good as before. Let's hope for more hot sessions soon!

Highly recommended.



boston kid is recommended by tzitzi

Souper nice man , sociable, funny, smart, respectful, great host.
we enjoyed a give and take match , full of his favorite scissors and my favorite bearhugs .
I loved his gear , especially when he wears a tight, black, sexy singlet .
he was the best choice to start my visit to london .
highly recommended ! hope ro meet again .



tzitzi is recommended by boston kid

Tzitzi is a great guy - strong sexy and knowledgeable about wrestling. He looks fantastic is a pair of tight trunks - like a Greek God! Needless to say I had fun with him.

Thanks Tzitizi - 100% recommended.



boston kid is recommended by wresnipgym

Boston_kid is a great find. Easy to communicate with to set sup match. We swapped holds i a give and take session. He is safe, sane and sexy and shared my passion for Brit Pro and nipple play. Hot physique too in speedos. But watch out for those legs, once he locks them on you your on your way to submitting. Highly recommended. Don't miss if you get the chance. Looking forward to our next match.



wresnipgym is recommended by boston kid

A fun evening with wresnipgym - thanks. He's new but is a fast learner and was able to improve on some holds I showed him. Yup his nipples certainly like some attention (as do mine) - I just hope I didn't wear them out!

He was very communicative before the meetup and easy to be with tonight. Safe sane and sexy - a great mix!



boston kid is recommended by finest

Really enjoyable give and take match with boston kid - who knows how t o apply the holds just as much as take them!!!



finest is recommended by boston kid

Just met Jamie for the first time and what a great guy - nice to talk to and a very sexy wrestler as well... looked fantastic in his lycra - nice and muscular - and we both enjoyed a good amount of nipple play mixed in with hot holds... a great afternoon!

Looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

Met again today 24.6.17 - all I can say is why did we leave it so long?! Had a great session again - Jamie looks extremely hot in gear and much fun was had!



boston kid is recommended by PassionatePowerPlay

This man is a treasure. What a kind, nice, open man, who treats you as you had been friends for years. Amazing hospitality, and a nice personality. He was very on top of his things, and we had fun trying out different holds to make the jobber (me) suffer. His physique is very good, and he is in great shape. Strong, passionate, controlling. Exactly what a proper heel should be like. I had lots of fun with boston kid, and will have in the future as well.

EDIT June 2017
I have wrestled with Boston_kid for couple of times now, and it only does get better. He is an inventive, resourceful heel, who knows what he wants and what to do. Strongly recommended.



PassionatePowerPlay is recommended by boston kid

Wow what a fun time I had with Sam - a friendly communicative fun guy with a very sexy pair of legs and a handsome face... he also is a good jobber - able to take prolonged tight holds and enjoy this. He looks great in his tight gear and I certainly want a rematch soon!
The other nice thing is that he is bright and great to talk to so we had a good talk after about life the universe and everything - a nice combination of wrestling horniness and a friendship developing.
Highly recommended.

Update June 2017:
More fun... our second meet and this went even better than the first. Sam is a great communicator so we both knew what we wanted and had the max fun. He looks hot in his gear too.

Meet him!!



boston kid is recommended by detyrin

Boston kid is very safe and sane. He really knows lots of holds and knows how to apply them well. I get trapped in several moves and get worked over by him for very long time. He even make a list to ensure I take everything.

This is the best match I ever had. Guess I have to book my next trip to London as soon as possible.



detyrin is recommended by boston kid

I just met Detyrin in London and had a fantastic time with him. He is an extremely interesting person who loves to travel and already knew a lot about London. On top of this he has a sexy trim body and is a superb jobber.

I put him in lots of hot holds for about 3.5 hours and we both had a fantastic time. He is flexible and strong and looks great in his compression shorts.

This was one of the best jobber heel sessions I have ever had.

I can definitely recommend him very very highly. I only wish Taipei was a lot closer!!



boston kid is recommended by Londonfightfan

I had a really enjoyable time with Mike - he is a gentleman in every respect, and offers great conversation. On the mats he is a wrestling demon, with a nice line in punishing holds and verbal taunts. I had a great time on and off the mats and thoroughly recommend the experience.



Londonfightfan is recommended by boston kid

Ian is a great wrestler. He knows the moves and like me loves them! He can dish them out or take them. He's also into the gear and making the session fun.

Off the mat he's an intelligent likeable man so
conversation flows easily. Also we could talk about wrestling eg world of sport etc as he's been as obsessed as me for years!

Definitely someone to recommend 😀



boston kid is recommended by Perseus

Great guy to meet and practice a whole array of pro holds. Has an amazing resistance to pain and you can bend him in many directions - action man figure :-)
Off the mats super host great to chat to and a definite meet for those heels who wanna practice their teccinque on willing jobbers A+



Perseus is recommended by boston kid

Great meet with Perseus. He's a strong sexy safe guy with a great repertoire of hot imaginative holds. He makes a great heel too and looks the business!

He punished me with some great Boston crabs and variants - and the whole time I felt safe and was able to really enjoy it.

Off the mat he is a really nice smiley guy and we have lots in common. He's very easy to talk to.

So if you want a fun session with a sane heel then Perseus comes 100% recommended





boston kid is recommended by grappleruk

A really nice guy. Safe, sane friendly and very easy to chat to. Knows his promission and how to have fun with it :)



grappleruk is recommended by boston kid

Had a great meet with GrapplerUK. He's a nice guy who not only knows his stuff but is also in great shape. Strong sexy skilled and fun .... what more could you ask for ? Highly recommended



boston kid is recommended by flexiwrestler

Just met Boston Kid this afternoon and what a pleasure it was.
An expert in Bostons, and Camels and other high pain threshold- he really knew how to put on the holds and make you suffer sanely - I'm sure Round 2 will happen soon as I'm determined to take more punishment.!!

Nice guy on and off the mats, highly recommend and makes you feel comfortable and at ease!



flexiwrestler is recommended by boston kid

Just had a good meeting with Flexiwrestler - I was amazed by his flexibilty. He really took my Camels and Bostons incredibly well. He was so arched back in the Camel that he was looking at the ceiling. In the Boston I sat right up on his shoulders and pulled his legs hard back - great fun.

I also tried a few other mean holds on him and tested his pain threshold, which was high.

He is also a friendly nice guy who is easy to talk to - and this added to the pleasure of meeting him.

Here's to next time!



boston kid is recommended by codo

Boston kid has been one of the best matches I've had. He is so strong and overpowering all through the match. I managed to get some holds on him but I believe he just let me. We got have a fetish for lycra and he looks good wearing it. I couldn't get my hands off him! I completely recommend him and we are definitely meeting again



codo is recommended by boston kid

What a great guy! I have just had one of the best meets ever with him. Codo is charming, intelligent, cute and sexy - and big into Lycra (just like me) - so we had loads of relaxed fun. Definitely worth a meet and we already have the next one planned!



boston kid is recommended by BearRoma

I must admit I was a little bit nervous when Mike confirmed he was coming to meet me in Rome. We have been planning this meeting for so many years and I can say with no doubts he's the main reason for my Boston crab obession. So, when you've been craving to meet somebody for so long, you worry that something could go differently from what you've been expecting.

Luckily I can say that I had a really great time with this gentleman, who, by the way, has been the first making me try the real English tea (which I didn't know it must be taken with milk. - my bad!!!!).

His politeness, the tipical English wit and the decision in his thoughts helped me overwhelming my worries and enjoying this special week-end together. We talked easily about many subjects like two old friends - which in a certain way is true, considering we've been emailing for 10 years - and I was totally amazed by his positive attitude, his unique smile, that showed up on his face even for a simple good slice of pizza:)
As well as I was amazed by his toughness as a jobber. I truly enjoyed riding him in long kept boston crabs. And when I say long kept, I mean it.

Being a Boston Crab fan could be frustrating, especially when you're a heel and you are 30 / 40 kgs more than your jobber. You cannot find easily somebody who can be held for more than a few seconds or without risking to leave them breathless. Well, finally I had in my hands a guy who shares my same passion and can really take a lot of pain. I think I put Mike in something like 40 Boston Crabs throughout the whole week end, and despite my weight he got to resist up to 6 minutes with my big ass comfortably sitting on him. Our gallery together is a true Boston Crab tribute indeed, and it speaks for itself, showing how much I enjoyed the tension on his back, his moans, screams and his final submission.

I don't even have to say that I felt honoured by his visit and I hope I'll have the chance to meet him again soon. If we lived closer, he would surely be one of my regular friends :)



BearRoma is recommended by boston kid

Well I am just back from a super trip to Rome to meet this sexy heel. We have been emailing for years but finally had chance to meet.

First of all he is a very charming polite man and we had plenty to talk about which was great.

Secondly when he gets you in in the Boston Crab the fun begins...! He is really skilled and careful so I felt totally safe as he demonstrated the hold well. It was great fun. He knows how to work the hold safely and for a long time - just how I like it. So we had lots of hot Boston Crab action.

He also has a very good figure 4 headscissors and being buried in his big thighs is a horny experience.

So definitely a 5* recommendation for BearRoma and here's to our next bout!



boston kid is recommended by Lomandlad42

21.9.16. Had another cracking session with Boston Kid. Working him over a succession of Boston's and scissors this fella is uber flexible, although he did make me tap in his crab. Definatly in my top three guys to wrestle on this site. Thanks for another great meet ..... Round 3,4,5 .....coming soon cheers mate 😀

Met Mike today for a brilliant session. A safe sane fella who know his holds and can apply them to great effect. Can hold out in a Boston far longer then any guy I've met on here, but I had fun in putting in through the ringer 😀😀. Looks great in gear and an absolute pleasure to chat with after. Having waited a long to meet for a while Mike didn't disappoint. All round great guy, comes with 110% recommendation from me. Definitely round two soon mate .....thanks 😀😀😀



Lomandlad42 is recommended by boston kid

2nd meet 21.9.16:
Another fun filled session with Jay. He is a charming sexy man and looks fantastic in his gear. He put me through a good array of mean holds. His Boston was particularly impressive and of course I enjoyed that! All wrapped off with a nice cup of tea so could not have been better! Looking forward to further meets soon 😀😀

Just finished a great wrestling session with Jay. He is a very sexy guy who knows his stuff and looks great in gear . He certainly put me through some good holds and I can confidently say we will be repeating this soon! He is very inventive and also applies a good Boston which of course I enjoy. To top this he is a very charming and decent guy which made the whole afternoon even better. Thanks Jay😀😀



boston kid is recommended by MIKE WEST

Mike is a fantastic guy to meet on the mat! He is a muscular ,strong fighter who has a very wide repertoire of skilful moves who knows exactly how to grind down an opponent. Also a great host who quickly establishes rapport and also good fun. He can give as well as take and has major stamina. Will want to meet again soon!!



MIKE WEST is recommended by boston kid

Had great fun with Mike who enjoys being a mean heel. I was able to discover his Achilles heel and so it was not all one way! A good communicator and up for horny fun.



boston kid is recommended by Oilman

This guy says he likes being in holds but hey, an expert heel he turned out to be when we met. Knows all the moves and likes to take it long and slow, cranking up the pressure as he goes. Totally safe and sane but at the same time, with scissors, camels, bostons, armlocks etc, he calmly and confidently took me to my limits of endurance. Many thanks for the experience!



Oilman is recommended by boston kid

Had a good time with Oilman - I put him through the mill of nasty submissions - he is flexible and took them well. Also a nice guy to talk to!



boston kid is recommended by Essex

Finally got to meet this extremely fit guy.
Great give n take session to start off with and then took turns in a couple of heel vs jobber match ups.
I thought this guy was going to be easy to get to submit...he does not give easily and is extremely flexible.
Great to practise holds on and think we both learnt some new holds.
Strong guy who can work you in a hold, but he didn't get it all his own way ;)
An absolute diamond geeza to meet and will definitely be having a few more meets with him.
Highly recommended!



Essex is recommended by boston kid

Great fun meeting with Mark - he is really relaxed and open - so we were able to sort out what we both liked (remarkably similar tastes!) and ensure we both had fun. Lots of horny give and take in hot gear - what's not to like?
He's a very good safe sane wrestler who looks great in gear... we had a very fun session trying all the good old favorite submission holds and pins... definitely someone I will meet again... Thanks Mark!



boston kid is recommended by jayboy0204

Met Mike for hopefully the 1st of many matches.He is a very hospitable host and I was put at ease straight away. He was the perfect jobber and I enjoyed applying my favourite holds on him. He looks hot in his pants too. I look forward to another session with him



jayboy0204 is recommended by boston kid

Just met Jay - poor guy got stuck in traffic coming here so our 1 or 2 hour session was cut down to 25 intense fun minutes. Had a great time. He is a safe skilled wrestler and I enjoyed his boston crab and scissors for some time... and he released immediately I needed him to... great. Next time a longer session definitely! Thanks Jay



boston kid is recommended by Rik

In all aspects I had a brilliant meet with Boston Kid ! Boston kid is such an easygoing and pleasant guy that I felt comfortable from the moment I entered his house. After getting to know each other it was time for the fun part on the mats and test his limits. This hunky guy looks great and hot in his gear and it was a pleasure wrestling him. Because of feeling so relaxed I could fully concentrate on the wrestling and be creative. I put him in nice / nasty holds amongst which of course his favourite: the Boston crab. He is amazing in the way he can take all the punishment which is really hot ! He even enjoys it and so did I ! If I could, I would wrestle this man every day ! It definitely is time to move to London :-). A privilege to meet this guy and the memory of our match gives me immidiately a big smile. Definitely a 5 star recommendation. Meet him if you can !



Rik is recommended by boston kid

Wow... having spent a brilliant afternoon with Rik I now know what a great guy he is. I also know that he feels almost embarrassed by the lovely comments he has had - because he's such a decent modest guy. So at risk of embarrassing him more I'll add to the list of 5 star reviews!

When Rik arrived he was immediately easy to get on with - sorted, funny, honest, handsome.... so that was a good start. Later when we got down to fun I was even more bowled over by his lovely physique.... a real treat to be able to get to grips with a hunk of a man! And then... the wrestling... defintely one of my best ever - horny, safe, fun, intense.... all pitched at what we both wanted and in a safe fun way with great communication. I don't really think it could have been better. Wow!

So Rik is that kind of guy - someone you could become good friends with and someone you could also have hot fun times with over and over... I can't wait for our next meeting - now all I need to do is persuade him to move to London!

Rik - hope I've not embarrassed you!

And another one: I met Rik again yesterday and the pleasure just continued - what a lovely guy - hot, horny, skillful, intelligent and fun! I teased him by saying I'd give him a bad review as he made me suffer so much... (mmmmm nice) but in fact he deserves a 5 star rating again!! Cheers Rik!



boston kid is recommended by je999

Mike is an amazingly nice person! Very polite, kind and friendly. He's also a great wrestler and I enjoyed the wrestling match with him. He put me in some challenging holds. I learnt a lot from our session. I'm looking forward to meeting him again. He is highly recommended.



je999 is recommended by boston kid

John is a really lovely guy - handsome, friendly, smiley, and a lovely physique to round this all off. He is new to wrestling and keen to learn. We had a fun time this afternoon. Thanks John!



boston kid is recommended by davey123

This guy takes holds which would have others frantically yelling they submit - or passing out. Have wrestled alot of guys over the years, big, small, muscled, athletic and some just enthusiastic to try. But way out in front in terms of soaking up the punishment from wrestling's most grueling holds is this man. He bends and refuses to quit. Then bends some more and still refuses to quit. 'Ask him ref, ASK HIM'. Well, you can ask him as long as you like and you only get one answer which is usually 'f*** off!' or simply 'no'. A very nice guy too, who is fit and chats easily off the mats. There is no better jobber I reckon.
At 210lbs of muscle I have kept him in a full, cranked, seated crab for many a minute. If you don't believe this is very painful get someone to try it on you, and if you don't believe he can really take it, contact him to try out.
Let him try the same battery of sub holds on you at your own peril. Extremely highly recommended.



davey123 is recommended by boston kid

One of the best wrestlers I've ever met. Fit muscled sexy and sane he is a master of so many submission holds I've lost count. He specialises in combinations which had me bursting with pleasure and pain. His boston crab is the best going. To cap it all he's sane, safe and great company. Cannot recommend him highly enough!



boston kid is recommended by matchup

very friendly relaxed guy, hot in a singlet or trunks. Lots of fun!



matchup is recommended by boston kid

great time with matchup today - very skilled and safe - and also decent enough to let me get a few holds on when he probably could have resisted - thanks! Beware his array of very mean and nasty rear naked chokes, arm locks and twists and figure 4 head scissors....all released when submission came - we had a great time and I can highly recommend him.



boston kid is recommended by hugefan

Met Mike for a second time this evening, and I was delighted to say it was fifth time lucky for me as I had a run of four cancellations in a row. Not that I am trying to imply the best thing about Mike is that he turns up, its hard for him not to as we met at his pad, he is also great fun, let me have great fun and is very hot. He was equally impressed by my BMI maintenance program, he kept offering me food because he was worried I might eat his furniture. Luckily he offered plenty to keep me otherwise occupied. Do meet him if you get the chance.

Mike is a great guy, very hot, great host, lovely personality, puts you at ease and let me explore my sadistic side, very safe, for me at least ha ha, not sure about sane he is as mad as me. If you get the chance do go for it, unless i am free then I bagsy him. I could write more but i am working on my concise side just take it that Bostonkid has a hugefan.



hugefan is recommended by boston kid

Strong sane nice guy with a great sense of humour. He might make you submit from his tight scissors, cruel hammerlocks, crushing bostons or his infectious laugh! I can guarantee a great time, try him!

Our second meet: He did warn me he had put some weight on but I was surprised to hear the lift cables strain as he arrived. As he squeezed through the door frame I'm sure he grunted 'where's the fridge?' But I may have misheard. Anyway soon we were getting down to the wrestling. I remember Big Daddy well but never thought I'd be meeting his
Doppelgänger. Anyway a great time was had. That weight is useful for the Boston so I enjoyed that. I was a bit taken aback by the frequent trips to the loo as I'm sure I heard the fridge door open each time.... But hey. Was a fun match and as Stephen waddled off down the corridor afterwards I felt glad to have met him. But seriously - a great guy with a nice body - enjoy him - just make sure you have plenty of food in.



boston kid is recommended by GrappleFun

Had a great wrestle with Boston kid. Some give and take - he is a fit, strong guy (especially his legs!!) and some nice close holds which we both enjoyed! Really nice, pleasant guy, safe and sane, and sexy in a singlet too!! Looking forward to the next time!



GrappleFun is recommended by boston kid

Met Paul this afternoon. Had a great time. He is a nice fun sensible guy with good wrestling skills, safe and sane. Also looks very hot in a tight singlet - very enjoyable!!



boston kid is recommended by DomWrstlrUK

Great jobber with a huge pain threshold, can really take a lot of boston crab abuse which suits me fine as i love to dish it out. Great guy, on and off the mats, sane, sorted and a joy to wrestle with, you'll be in good hands!



DomWrstlrUK is recommended by boston kid

Mean heel. He will work you over safely but you'll know it! Great fun knows his stuff and a nice guy too. Highly Recomended



boston kid is recommended by Churd

What a fun afternoon wrestling. Loads of give and take action. Loved working each other's back, and a great figure-4 head scissors. I loved it. More please.



Churd is recommended by boston kid

Churd is a great guy - welcoming and fun - and he knows his stuff.... somehow I forgot to add a recommendation before so apologies for that - meet him and enjoy!!



boston kid is recommended by Welshwarrior

amazing time with bostonkid! He can really take the boston crab well and deep and for a long period. definetly recommend to others. fantastic to talk to and good at applying the holds as well as taking them. hoping for another meet up soon!



Welshwarrior is recommended by boston kid

Rhys is a really great guy. He travelled all the way form Swansea to London today for us to wrestle. We had a brilliant time. He has a nice body with great solid thighs, and a really good relaxed manner. PLUS he is very good at giving (and taking) the full Boston Crab so we were ideally suited.... I managed to push the time he could take it for and he certainly pushed my limits too - in a safe horny fun way. I feel great now. Definitely one to recommend - get yourselves to Swansea lads!!



boston kid is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

My first pro match from ages : a good fight indeed. Looking forward a rematch in a Matroom: mike is skilled and good.



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by boston kid

Very nice guy and a tough wrestler as the name says! Sane and friendly and I can guarantee a good match. Thanks Yann!



boston kid is recommended by davewhittle

Known boston kid for years ,we had a fantastic afternoon putting the meanest boston crabs on each other ,he really can take a deeply sat crab ,fun horny time ,highly recommended safe and sane with a body to die for.



chrislean is recommended by boston kid

Met Chris today and had a fun time - a genuinely nice guy with some horny ideas. Thanks!



boston kid is recommended by JobberVHeel

Friendly and reliable guy. Had a cool relaxed session of practicing holds. Would recommend.



JobberVHeel is recommended by boston kid

Just in from a fun horny time with Tony. He is a nice guy and looks great in tight speedos and footie socks. Would happily recomend him.



boston kid is recommended by hardboy

Known Boston Kid for a few years now. Great fella to wrestle, very welcoming and honest guy with great body to go with it. Loves to be held in boston crabs and he can take them well. Reccomend him to anyone who want a good grapple and horny fun time.



hardboy is recommended by boston kid

Great guy and very skilled heel. Good at applying long sane but mean Bostons.... just how I like them! Reliable and fun, I can definitely recommend him for a good working over.



jbr1 is recommended by boston kid

Jon is a great guy. Sexy intelligent and fun. I'd heartily recomend him.



boston kid is recommended by Tyger

really hot wrestler. have had sum horny sessions with him - well worth a challenge!

another great session with matt. horny guy, hot wrestler, and kind host. hope we hook up again soon.



Tyger is recommended by boston kid

We met today and had a very horny and fun time. He's a genuinely nice guy so as well as doing some hot wrestling we also could talk!



boston kid is recommended by Ted Chackry

A great guy. Met up for 2 on 1 wrestle during our UK visit. Great fighter too. Cannot wait until we return to the UK for more action, especially "boston crabs" and nipple work . Warmest greetings from Brazil !!! Ted and André



Ted Chackry is recommended by boston kid

I can thoroughly recomend them - they are reall nice buys, easy to het on with and then huge fun on the mats. I had a really lovely aft noon with them on their recent UK visit and wish they were closer! Thanks guys - Mike



londonasian is recommended by boston kid

Lovely guy sane sexy and decent - thanks for a fun meet !



wrestle fun is recommended by boston kid

Just had a good afternoon with him - a genuinely nice guy who is also a very strong and technical wrestler. Good at doing complicated holds and building holds together. Safe and sensible. Highly Recomended !



boston kid is recommended by wrestling4fun

Boston_kid and I had a great wrestle a long while ago, and it was great fun to work him over. Not only is he fit and sexy, he's also a friendly and welcoming guy. What you see is what you get. And don't underestimate his strength!



wrestling4fun is recommended by boston kid

Great wrestler and nice guy. Lovely muscled legs which he knows how to use! A definite recommendation


boston kid 12/08/2016

One of my many fun sessions with Davey123

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