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Hey! I'm always looking to meet/fight new people



  1. USA - New York, New York City
    Los Angeles
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I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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boxingfan89 is recommended by Wrestlg

New guy to the scene!
But a natural!
Wants to learn, and puts up a great fight!
He’ll job for ya, but he’s No jobber!
Some great wrestling instincts!
I look forward to more match ups!



boxingfan89 is recommended by LatinoPro

The ideal opponent. This guy was very professional in setting up the match and communicating what he wanted to do. He can take a lot of punishment. I bashed his gut and bare knuckle punched him in the face and he took it all. Great pro jobbrt's too and looks really hot in trunks. He needs to be discreet but he is very handsome and in shape so you will not be disappointed! Can't wait to see him again.



boxingfan89 is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had a fantastic match with boxingfan89 ! I HAD A BLAST with him! I was not expected to meet him in California during my stay and finally in the last minute, i get him jump in the ring at Santa Ana. It was a huge surprise forme with a fantastic hot man. He is so friendly with a great smile and with hot wrestling gear! I completely squashing him with my wrestling arsenal holds in the ring! Also i did lot of gutpunching on his abs and chest and others parts... He sound that he loved it! : ) Highly recommended, CAN'T WAIT to go back to Santa Ana for kick his ass again! : ) I am ready for ROUND 2 ! : )



Marcwrestler is recommended by boxingfan89

From the moment we met, I knew that Marc would be an excellent opponent. I can't say enough how friendly, kind, and generous he is. Marc is also one of the most skilled wrestlers anyone can have the pleasure of getting in the ring with. Even though I'm a beginner he made our match incredible. He asked about my limits and completely respected them.



boxingfan89 is recommended by Boxer Daddy

Truly a Game Fighter! BoxingFan89 said he was coming to fight and he did! With skills and raw determination he met me in the squared circle and didn’t pull his punches putting his abilities against mine. Even when cornered he fought back harder than ever. My faith in the next generation has been renewed. BoxingFan89 earned my respect. A rising star is ready to burst onto the scene. If you’re looking for a good fight against an opponent that will test the structural integrity of your jaw then this is the opponent for you!



Boxer Daddy is recommended by boxingfan89

What praise can I give Boxer Daddy that he hasn't already received? It was an honor sharing the ring with him and he's quite possibly the best I've ever gone against. He taught me a lot, the hard way of course, but I'd glove up with him again in a heartbeat. He's the OG and is nothing but generous with his knowledge, wisdom, and uppercuts. He makes me want to be the best boxer I can and I look up to him for that.



boxingfan89 is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had the pleasure of meeting Boxingfan89 recently when he came to town. He's a bright, engaging, and articulate young man who is eager to learn and then show you what he's mastered. Worked first on the target mitts with him, then we gloved up for some sparring. I couldn't believe how good he was considering the short time he said he'd been boxing. He has power in both hands and more than once he snapped my head back with good stiff jabs, and when he wasn't doing that he knew how to get in close and work the body. Highly recommended.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by boxingfan89

BoxerCoachinmd was an incredible host while I was travelling and an even better coach. He worked with me on the mitts and helped me sharpen my game. He's a great boxer and I'd absolutely glove up with him again. All around a great guy who you shouldn't pass up the chance to meet if you're in town.



boxingfan89 is recommended by fig4man

We had a great spar a few weeks ago. Very evenly matched..Both had a great time making the other eat some good combos. Looks great in gear and alot of fun to box. Def a rematch very soon!!!!



fig4man is recommended by boxingfan89

He's an incredible boxer and I definitely learned a lot from sparring with him. He's dangerous on the inside and could have dropped me with his solid hooks. Looking forward to more sessions with him



boxingfan89 is recommended by lacabrawler

skilled young boxer with lots of fast moves----his punches are solid and well aimed---highly recommend this talented fighter who is relentless in the ring and a really interesting gentleman out of it---I look forward to more hard-fought encounters



lacabrawler is recommended by boxingfan89

He is a great guy and a great boxer. I enjoyed talking with him just as much as I did fighting. I can't wait until we can go a few more rounds.



boxingfan89 is recommended by Gutboxer

It was GREAT meeting up with this man for some super match of gut punching. I really can not wait till we do it again. He pounded my gut with a wide variety of punches and enjoyed wearing boxing gear as much as I do. He also could take as many punches as I could give him and did not shy away but wanted more. Very happy to have found a new local GP Brother!



Gutboxer is recommended by boxingfan89

If you ever have the chance to meet up with this man, do it. In addition to being one of the kindest people ever, I feel like I could have been going at his gut for hours and he still wouldn't have broken a sweat. He gives just as good as he takes and has a nice collection of gloves and trunks. Every time we met up it was a great session and I'm sad to say that I've since moved away.



boxingfan89 is recommended by santadestroy

This guy was a lot of fun! I met up with him when he came to NY, and we spent a good amount of time exchanging holds with each other! He was fun to mess around with, and he showed a lot of skill! Highly recommended!



santadestroy is recommended by boxingfan89

He was my first time meeting up with someone and did not disappoint. He was putting me in holds and throwing me around like a pro. He's a skilled wrestler but even as a beginner I had a good time. Really cool person and would definitely link up with him again if I'm ever in NY.