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Hi, I am big stocky guy who is losing weight bit by bit. into different styles but mainly do submission wrestling either competitively or for fun. Everything is always open to discussion.
Happy to adapt to different sizes and weights, will meet anyone who asks.
Have mats to host on and can travel with planning and notice. Will provide B&B to people known.



  1. United Kingdom, Crewe
    Place of residence
  2. Spain, Barcelona
    (I'm here between 1/15/2020 and 1/18/2020)
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I am willing to travel 75 miles


Age: 43-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 258 lbs (117 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German, Spanish

Gear: Singlet, trunks, any

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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jamstu is recommended by Undertaker

Met jamstu a couple of years ago and he is really strong and nearly knocked me out by his strength! Very save and sane and a really nice guy on and off the mats. Highly recommended



jamstu is recommended by south coast

Met up with james today at his place. I knew i didnt stand much of a chance and so it proved. A man mountain of a guy so bloody strong had me well and truly beaten. James is a friendly guy good host and totally safe and sane. A great guy who should not be missed if offered a match. I'll be sure to visit again.



south coast is recommended by jamstu

dont underestimate this guy, strong and he can take some manhandling ... nice guy on and off the mats
wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone



jamstu is recommended by barcoded

It’s laughable!

How could I think that i’d be able to make a move with this hulk? Two arms and a knee were thrown away in a moment from holding his arm!



barcoded is recommended by jamstu

True gent and great guy to wrestle and work over.. claims no skill but with him, he is a novice with guts and determination to do what he can..



jamstu is recommended by uk submission jobber

Great guy off the mats and a terror on them! Possibly the strongest guy I've wrestled to date, his defensive grappling was fantastic and left me at a loss as to how to put on any offence at all! Got my ass thoroughly handed to me by him and looking forward to the rematch!

Lovely bloke who I'd strongly recomend



uk submission jobber is recommended by jamstu

dont let this guy;s username fool you too much.. great stocky built wrestler who can take a lot and dish some of it back out ...
would happily recommend him to anyone for a good fun wrestle



jamstu is recommended by QuinnUK

I first met this behemoth a few years ago on his mats but in a fairly restricted space. It was a wipeout as there was just nothing I could do to counter his size and strength (quite apart his speed!). Today we had another go and this time it was different. Well, it was different in as much as we had plenty of space and could get going from a standing start. In every other respect it was just the same (ok so I did get three or four submissions off him this time but we stopped bothering to count the ones he got off me). So it is back to the drawing board for me which, frankly, is a much more sensible place to be than in the ring or on the mats with this man! If you like a challenge then this is an easy man to recommend. Probably wouldn’t hurt if you were a 250lb professionally trained fighter. You MIGHT stand a chance!



jamstu is recommended by cheshiregrappler

Finally met Jamstu today. Was good to grapple with a similar sized guy. Very good host. Certainly broke a sweat! Hopefully I'll be able to wrestle him again soon.



cheshiregrappler is recommended by jamstu

Met this great similarly sized wrestler today for a good sweaty wrestle.. this guy is strong and not to be underestimated .. was great fun to finally meet him anfd have a good heavyweight wrestle



jamstu is recommended by Gazbat0807

Met Jamstu this morning despite the size difference he wrestled to accommodate the difference no matter what I did it made no impression the score count got higher an I tried my best to make it a good match we had a good laugh while we wrestled and after two one hour bouts we called it a day he is such a nice genuine guy I would wrestle him again anytime and hope to do so soon give him a match u will enjoy the experience



jamstu is recommended by jcdf

Had the pleasure of meeting this fella for a brilliant session... have been talking for a while so was such an exciting pleasure to meet him :) he’s high up on my list of amazing wrestlers... incredibly strong (stronger than I imagined) which is why he probably wins all his wrestles.

A gentleman too... in a beast way ha ha :) was a great coach as I’m nowhere near his skill level... and had some amazing pointers on how to get some nice holds in. Definitely would recommend.... although you probably won’t win lol.



jamstu is recommended by northstaffs pitbull terrior

Had a really good local meet with jamstu this afternoon. Very strong fella with 15ish yrs more experience than me.
A tough cookie with own mats and very accommodating. Hopefully can meet again soon.



jamstu is recommended by Hardmatch

I can't believe I hadn't written a recommendation for this powerhouse before. I wrestled him on my last visit to the UK as part of a 4 man meet. Jamstu is a powerhouse and also very agile. His scissors are lethal. I have very strong legs and was shocked to have to submit to a scissor hold to my upper thigh! He is an experienced guy and a lot of fun to wrestle.



jamstu is recommended by chestertom

Wow - what a powerhouse - big, big guy - I was putty in his hands at wrestling - he really showed who was boss but in the nicest possible way! However, I got my revenge with arm wrestling and beat him on every go. Can recommend him if you want to take on someone who is both really strong and really nice - he even picked me up and dropped me back at the railway station. Well worth the meet.



chestertom is recommended by jamstu

This guy is a good strong guy and fun to take on.. what he might lack i wrestling e more than makes up for in armwrestling .
Nice guy on and off the mats



jamstu is recommended by Merseywrestle

Had a wrestle with Jamstu this evening a strong, skillful guy which makes wrestling him so enjoyable and he is great company too, looking forward to the next one..



Merseywrestle is recommended by jamstu

Had a good fun wrestle today with merseywrestle. strong, resiliant and feisty... a great guy on and off the mats



jamstu is recommended by GrappleViking

January 2018
What a way to kick off 2018, by meeting and wrestling this guy for the first time!

Jamstu is an absolute beast on the mats. There is no other way of putting it. Incredible balance, super skilled, and so bloody strong! Add to all this that he is in fact incredibly quick, and we're looking at a first class wrestler. Had a blast wrestling him, and can't wait to wrestle again! I'll surely learn a few tricks from this guy..

Off the mats, he is very calm, collected, down to earth, and a pleasure to spend time with. Highest of recommendations!



GrappleViking is recommended by jamstu

A good start to 2018 - met this feisty young and upcoming wrestler.. he might look slight and somewhat innocent looking, but dont let those looks fool you... this guy is a tough wrestler, who doesnt stop looking for a way to wear you down.
Grappleviking is only going to get better as he improves with experience and age.. 100% totally recommend meeting him and can't wait to wrestle him again



jamstu is recommended by clarkie94

Definitely the ultimate heel. If you like being dominated by a beast then James is deffo your man. He is an absolute legend on the mats. We have talked for years finally met him in 2013 after 3 years of talking. he dominated me start to finish even addin insult to injury by using dirty tactics to humiliate his young chubby jobber. Great lad off the mat too with advice and general talk. a pleasure to have met and i can't wait for round 3 hopefully in the ring this time :P



jamstu is recommended by surrey71

I cannot believe I haven't written a recommendation for James before - it must appear so rude!
I reconnected with him this past weekend - and he is, away from a match, the friendly guy that I remember so well.
In our match I can only say his is as devastatingly good as he always was. Strong, fast, knowledgeable and I will admit I was totally outclassed.
I cannot recommend him highly enough and want to thank him for the long trip he willingly made to come and see me - yes and destroy me!!
He's a true gent but a real brute when he wrestles - you have been warned!!



surrey71 is recommended by jamstu

This guy is strong and doesnt give in easuly.. nice guy on and off the mats, a true gent to wrestle.. watch out if he doees manage to get you down and on top.. would recommend to anyone..



jamstu is recommended by Koiboy

Had chance to wrestle Jamstu again after a years wait at a meet in Manchester. He hadn't changed a bit. Still big, strong and able to move a lot quicker than you'd expect from a big lad, add in his extensive wrestling skill and you got one Hell of an opponent that needs you to be on your 'A' game.

Still great fun to wrestle him, he definitely pushes you to your best and I am proper looking forward to wrestling him again, hopefully sooner rather than later.



jamstu is recommended by Warrington-Mike

We have met a couple of times for fun Boxing and wrestling. he is a big strong guy, always had me, but a perfect gentleman and host.

Have to have another round again !



jamstu is recommended by dorsetgrappler

This was my third match with jamstu so I knew what I was letting myself in for. And I wasn't disappointed. An excellent wrestler who can adapt to his opponent skill level, but he'll get the taps with those killer legs of his. Next time it'll have to be an oil match so I have even half a chance!
A great guy and a good host. Well worth the travel.



jamstu is recommended by andy

James is also great to wrestle,we have also had great matches aswell,he is great to talk too off the the mats too,looking forward to having a re-match soon.



andy is recommended by jamstu

Andy is a nice good guy to wrestle. great guy off the mats and great gut to work over on them . always a pleasure to meet up with him



jamstu is recommended by Crumpy141

Very nice guy both on and off the mats. On the mats he knows exactly what his strengths are and just how when to sit back and laugh at you being unable to break free.

Was shown a few new moves and tried them out a bit but to no avail.

Off the mats James is a really nice guy to chat to, very comforting and helpped me relax in a new environment. Couldnt reccomend high enough :)

I look forward to a rematch



Crumpy141 is recommended by jamstu

This young guy is great on and off the mats, not too bad for a Geordie... he is strong and stubborn, two things which will stand him well being a fighitng jobber.. Thoroughly enjoyed our wrestle and definitely would recommend him to any one who wants a good fun struggle and wrestle.
yes he is a little experienced but that will change with time and the more he fights..
Wholeheartedly would give him the rematch that he so desires



jamstu is recommended by ruffighter

jamstu is one fine fighter and can play the viscious heel to a T



jamstu is recommended by rumbletumbleUK

After numerous chats we eventually met up and even though travelling up to meet him he was tired and it was rushed.
His experience and high skill trounced me many times.



jamstu is recommended by hephaestion2014

Have met a couple of times now and have always been good fun.

He's very good and knows a lot but not in a way that you don't get a good wrestle.
Not only will he wrestle down and adjust, he'll share his knowledge, well some of it, so you get a good workout and learn a few moves

He's a good guy off the mats, and on. I've wrestled him in a sorta beast mode, wrestled semi-competively and a fun, softer playful wrestle too.

He'll give you the match that you ask for ;)

If you haven't wrestled him, you're missing out. Look forward to the next round.



hephaestion2014 is recommended by jamstu

What I can say about this gent of a wrestler? Good solid guy who can take a working over... after a few months of trash talking by texts and email, we finally managed to meet up and wrestle.. albeit in a small hotel room..
he is a great guy to wrestle and with more experience and coaching, he will a force to reckon with on the mats ... wholeheartedly recommend him to any one



jamstu is recommended by MMAniac

This guy is beastly strong, one of the strongest I've met so far. I knew he would be strong, but was still quite stunned as I hopelessly attempted various takedowns. Unless you're a (super)heavyweight yourself, don't even bother stepping onto the mats. Jamstu is quite scientific about his wrestling, so we had a really nice chat about techniques and strategies after our short/intense bout.



jamstu is recommended by Bear Combat Warrior

There is really not a lot that I can add to what has already been said about James, by other guys, but I'll say the following.

This is one very fit guy, who is immensely strong, and extremely skilled. James is however, a gentle giant, and well and truly respected my limitations, for which I am very grateful. That said however, he definitely gave me a working over in a very good way.

I truly recommend anyone contact James and have a match. You won't be disappointed in any way, shape or form, and you'll have a contact for life!

I'm very grateful to James for making our meet up so enjoyable and for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and see me.



jamstu is recommended by Leglocklover

James is a gentle giant who was happy to wrestle to my far inferior level. He is very skilled and we ended up locked in a multitude of holds. He has thighs of steel and once they are wrapped around you it is game over. A thoroughly decent guy and well worth the meet.



Leglocklover is recommended by jamstu

This guy has a great attitude for wrestling. strong powerful legs that no-one should underestimate. Nice guy all round and I would certainly wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who fancy their chances in a good scissor or leglock duel.



jamstu is recommended by spuds86

I met jamstu a couple of weeks ago and we had a fun hour of mixed wrestling. He is a strong guy and i didnt stand a chance with my lack of experance. It was like a cat playing with a mouse. Those leg scissors are a killer. Down to earth guy and hopefully we can meet for longer next time :)



jamstu is recommended by Tanker

17.7.16 Been trying to arrange rematch with this beast for about 2 years. then all of a sudden we met twice. Last weekend at a hotel in Nottingham, then again today at Pippas courtesy of Steve Gray. I have pondered the enigma that is Jamstu long & hard. A big bloke who is light on his feet, fast & agile. Skilled in the grappling arts. Strong as an ox, fit, but says he doesn't train. Hotel wrestles are not really my thing because of the lack of space & I knew with James I needed to move around & hopefully tire him. Sure enough he soon had me corned, overpowered & submitting. HoweverI enjoyed it. We posed together in front of the mirror at my suggestion & sparred a little & I had a good look at his body & compared our bulk & height to see where I might have an opening for today.(Rather cunning of me I thought). But in the end my only real plan was to dance around Mohammed Ali style (Don't laugh ) & hope for an opening if he got tired. This was ok , & today unlike our previous fights I managed to fight my way out of concerted Jamstu attacks & avoided been dragged into the Jamstu vortex, overpowered & forced to submit. FOR A WHILE! But ultimately the rock on which my hopes were dashed were his strength, size & he is a better wrestler. I got on top which is where I am happiest, tried my favourite subs to no avail. Before he assumed control & submitted me.
Conclusion……….I need to become a powerlifter !!!
James is a lovely guy, at the end we discussed how I might manage to take him down & we tried one or two thing & he let me practise a couple of subs.
I have wrestled a lot of very accomplished heavyweights.. Both here & abroad. I reckon James is the toughest Heavyweight opponent I have faced in the UK at the present time . He is probably amongst 6 best best I have faced in the world. If you want to test yourself take him on, he is safe & will wrestle at your level. He is a challenge, but I would like meet on a regular basis & hopefully improve. 10 out of 10 from me!

OMG! Jamstu is awesome. There are some wrestlers, Musclneck, Rob England et al , who I use as benchmarks. To their number I add James. Very strong (He used to lift beer barrels at work & built up his strength & learnt the best way to lift heavy weights with minimum effort doing it) Very Skilled wrestler (All down to understanding physics he tells me, valuable information. I felt I should share it) Another thing when james was attempting to coach me was his suggestions on techniques were geared to the needs of bigger guys like himself & myself , who have't the agility of a lighter wrestler.

As you've probably guessed I lost.

James is a nice guy. Safe & sane, good & generous coach. He wrestles to win, but pitches it at his
opponents level. he is happy to wrestle any shape or size of wrestler.
As I was driving home over Saddleworth Moor in the Bleak Borderlands Of Lancashire & the old West Riding of Yorkshire in strong winds, my shoulders were aching like they've never ached before after a wrestling match. Def Recommend for wrestlers of any level



Tanker is recommended by jamstu

great nice guy who gives it his all whilst wrestling, will be a good wrestler once he remembers to put things into practise . would certainly wrestle him again

update 16/07/2016
Met Tanker again for another wrestle, he has improved a lot since our meeting, defends well and is a good strong wrestler .. thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants a good wrestle



jamstu is recommended by WeeJimmie

I tend to be wary of young fellows but this one put me at my ease from the moment I met him. Fun, patient and enormously strong he seems to enjoy squashing older guys like me. Got flattened by him in 2011 and 2012. A third session is long overdue.



WeeJimmie is recommended by jamstu

Weejimmy is a good solid stocky guy who can take a good working over... never gives up easily and is always a pleasure to work over ... recommend him to anyone for a good friendly wrestle



jamstu is recommended by marklondon71

Great wrestler and very accommodating, very good fight and got plenty of practice. Sorry he's further away now, would definitely wrestle with him again.



jamstu is recommended by resurgam

Even though we only live a few miles apart, it has taken a while for me to get to wrestle Jamstu but it was well worth the wait. He is a skilled and knowledgeable wrestler, who willingly shared his experience with me in what turned out to be an enjoyable and fruitful session. I hope we shall get together again soon



resurgam is recommended by jamstu

Good solid fun wrestler who is earning the ropes but has a good sound basic grounding in wrestling.. Enjoyable to wrestle and a nice guy to meet and wrestle



jamstu is recommended by Squashlad

Had a fantastic wrestle with this very strong and very experienced guy at his great home mat set up. Completely out of my depth here but it was no problem as jamstu's seemingly very happy to wrestle down to others' level, wrestles safely and sanely and only very occasionally uses his size to his advantage (just to remind you what you've taken on!), mostly preferring to get his (many) submissions through well executed holds. For such a big guy he's a very technical and thoughtful wrestler. He's also a generous and skilled coach, patiently showing me a number of holds and moves and explaining them in a clear way that'll hopefully sink in. A lovely, friendly, funny guy off the mats too, he is very highly recommended and I'm looking forward to the rematch.



Squashlad is recommended by jamstu

Don't let the name fool you in anyway, this guy might like to be a jobber and get squashed but you have to work for it.. Very nice guy to meet and wrestle. With some more coaching he will give a lot of heels a hard but satisfying bout. Would definitely meet and work him over again...



jamstu is recommended by YoungScot

goes without saying that this guy is an unstoppable force! Had a good light hearted wrestle where, needless to say, I got owned. Hopefully get a good few more matches with him :)



YoungScot is recommended by jamstu

This young gent has all the making of a very decent wrestler.... h doesn't back down and takes the fight to you. With time and with him remembering what he needs to do in a wrestle, he will develop into quite a formidable wrestler.. Would recommend him to anyone and definitely up for another meet



jamstu is recommended by eastcheshireguy

Met James at his place for a few tips rather than anything competitive. He offered loads of advice and hints on moves and holds which he was happy for me to practice on him - great to try them in a less hectic session. Grest knowledge on it all and friendly bloke so I would definitely recommend him for a session.



eastcheshireguy is recommended by jamstu

Andy is a good guy on the mats, tenacious and eager to learn, this guy is a pretty quick study and will only improve with time. Would definitely recommend him to anyone



jamstu is recommended by sthlincs

After many years of enjoyable banter, I finally met this gentle giant. I was outclassed as expected but loved testing my strength against this big knowledgeable guy. Echo everything said about him, hope I get some more know how to get him down!!! Thanks mate.



sthlincs is recommended by jamstu

Sthlincs is a good strong powerhouse who is starting to become a good wrestler once he remembers what to do when he is on the mats, Genuine fun nice guy who I would recommend to anyone



jamstu is recommended by HeavyD

Great guy as usual, excellent fighter and host. Such a shame our last encounter got cut short!



jamstu is recommended by borets

Finally managed to meet James, and you should to. He knows his onions, safe sane punctual reliable fun and a tough bastard on the mats. This big lad comes highly recommended.



borets is recommended by jamstu

Had the great pleasure of meeting mark at his place yesterday. He is a good solid wrestler who is hard fun on the mats and a true gentleman and host off them... Well worth meeting him and would recommend him to any one who was a good wrestle



jamstu is recommended by MEGRAPPLE

After talking to 'Jamstu' for as long as ive been wrestling, l finally managed to meet this experienced and skilled wrestler. I was not disappointed. Despite the weight difference ( which is unusual for me to say) "Jamstu' certainly controlled the match. I look forward to our next meet as he is a safe & sane and a pleasure to wrestle.



MEGRAPPLE is recommended by jamstu

MEGRAPPLE is a good solid wrestler, with a good sound knowledge of holds. really enjoyed wrestling him as he tried to give as good as he got. He is certainly one to meet and wrestle. Would definitely meet again in the future



jamstu is recommended by dadwrestle

Totally overpowered and outclassed on our last meet yesterday!
No idea why I haven't posted a recommendation before! This guy is WELL worth meeting. Big and tough, but safe and sane! Roll on our next encounter on mats!



dadwrestle is recommended by jamstu

This guy is a good hard wrestler, nice guy off the mats and mean tough guy on them, really enjoyed our meets and would take any opportunity to meet him again, well worth the experience



jamstu is recommended by Warkscub

Met James for a wrestle and believe everything people write about him - this guy is really strong, powerful and a very skilled wrestler with some wicked moves. Also he's a really friendly, genuine guy, safe and sane. If you really want to test yourself with a big strong wrestler I totally recommend him.



jamstu is recommended by southlondonwrestler

A total gentleman. Very strong and knows his stuff. A lot more experience than me but I managed a few subs! Highly recommended. Meet him but watch his headlocks.



southlondonwrestler is recommended by jamstu

A true gent, strong, tough and can take some working over. a reallu great guy on and off the mats, certainly worth a meet. Once he starts to improve his technical skills, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Now to arrange a rematch...



jamstu is recommended by andilupi

Good guy and very strong - enjoyed meeting and wrestling him very much.
Second time around James is even stronger - amazing headscissor power and even more skilful. Thanks mate!



andilupi is recommended by jamstu

good fun bout, he has great hot strong scissors that you need to watch out for. genuine good guy



jamstu is recommended by Wrestleme

Met Jamstu and was a fun wrestle. He is a strong guy with great wrestling skills. Took it easy on me due to the size difference but had a really fun bout. Would meet again.



Wrestleme is recommended by jamstu

Wrestleme is a good guy who will, as time goes by, improve more and more. great grounding basics, now just needs to apply more, good solid tyke who i would thoroughly recommend to anyone



jamstu is recommended by oldscrapperderby

big guy, but nice and friendly and safe and sane with a lightweight like me, he can mix it with the best, but also lower his game to my ability, thanks mate, look forward to the next time.



walrus is recommended by jamstu

Walrus is good guy to wrestle, a big guy with a big belly to work over, A nice guy all round



jamstu is recommended by suburbanite

I tussled with James a while ago and found him very understanding & considerate.

I hope to be facing him again soon.



jamstu is recommended by dazwrestleuk

Jamstu is a big guy, a strong guy, a skilled wrestler and a top bloke, seriously. Recommend anyone has a match with him



dazwrestleuk is recommended by jamstu

Daz is a good solid wrestler great guy on and off mats. would take on again and recommend to anyone



Piledriver is recommended by jamstu

good solid little wrestler in development - takes a good working over, with more training he will only get better



jamstu is recommended by TANKE

It's a great friend and a superb opponent in the fight, I recommend you to fight against because he likes to fight with any rival. Enom friend a hug.



TANKE is recommended by jamstu

Tanke is a good strong solid wrestler who does exactly as advertised a good solid fun wrestle, great guy, really nice bearhug, would wrestle again and recommend to anybody visiting northern Spain



jamstu is recommended by Mattyboy

Very considerate of the needs of his opponent, decent mat set up. Easy to talk too off the mats and puts you at your ease straight after you meet.



Mattyboy is recommended by jamstu

Matty is a good determined wrestler, great guy on and off the mats, for some will make a great jobber, for others, he will make a formidable opponent.



jamstu is recommended by Tyger

Had a good fight with James today. He's a big strong guy, with an impressive range of punishing holds. If you want a hard and horny fight - lock up with him!



Tyger is recommended by jamstu

had a good hard horny bout with Huw, the guy is a resilient wrestler and a good guy on and off the mats, would recommend to anyone wanting a good wrestle, would certainly wrestle again



jamstu is recommended by Margauxmalc

Met James for my first bout. A great guy, very powerful but always safe. A fantastic initial meeting! Thanks James.



Margauxmalc is recommended by jamstu

Malc is a good guy who with some more experience will be a very good guy to wrestle
would take on again anytime



jamstu is recommended by fatboy1969

Met James for my first bout in a long time. He gave a great match. Would recommend to anybody wanting a good fight



fatboy1969 is recommended by jamstu

this guy is a good fighter, with more experience he will be a coniderable opponent - would recommend him to anyone



jamstu is recommended by mackemsub

Big lad who is skilled and very agile for his size

Recommend a bout with him - good lad off the mats too