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38 Male

6'1" (185 cm), 265 lbs (120 kg)

  1. United Kingdom, Crewe, Cheshire East
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English, German, Spanish

I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host.

Singlet, trunks, any

Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, Pro wrestlingPro wrestling, Mud/oil wrestlingMud/oil wrestling, Pool wrestlingPool wrestling

Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Play wrestling, Practicing holds, Promission, Outdoors fights, Tag team / group fights, Two on one, Workout partner, Looking for coach, I have access to mats, Friendship, Not interested in cyber, Don't want sex, I'm gay, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Face sitting, Rip and strip

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Hi, I am big stocky guy who is losing weight bit by bit. into and curious about different styles but mainly do submission wrestling either competitively or for fun. Everything is always open to discussion.
Happy to adapt to different sizes and weights, will meet anyone who asks.
Have mats to host on and can travel with planning and notice.

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jamstu is recommended by Dundeewrestle (2015-01-10)

Has a wrestle with James yesterday! Total beast on the mats! Safe and sane! Showed me a few moves and gave me some valuable advice fir wrestling! Will get him tapping next time! ;) worth a meet for sure

Dundeewrestle is recommended by jamstu (2015-01-10)

Meet Aaron for a wrestle yesterday, this wrestler is still learning but learns fast... he is a sound solid strong guy and with some training he will be great wrestle. Always good to meet someone like this guy.... wholeheartedly recommended

jamstu is recommended by HeavyD (2015-01-10)

Great guy as usual, excellent fighter and host. Such a shame our last encounter got cut short!


jamstu is recommended by jamesclarke1994 (2015-01-03)

Met James today at his matroom.Dominated me start to finish...had a few holds on him and got a tap out from him....that was about it. He is an awesome guy and 5 years in the makin this match and it finally happened and was worth the wait. Cheers James. appreciate it.:)


jamstu is recommended by Srilankangrappler (2014-10-07)

Great host. Very good wrestler. Taught me a lot & very skilled. Good chap all round.

Srilankangrappler is recommended by jamstu (2014-10-07)

This guy is definitely worth a meet, strong and resilient, he is getting back into wrestling and once he picks up more skills, he will be formidable. Would certainly meet up again

jamstu is recommended by Cobra7668 (2014-08-03)

After quite a long time of chatting, I eventually met up with James and had a good time. It was a shorter time than we had anticipated (my fault) but James was very gracious about it.H is a great guy and willingly came down to my level as we rolled together. He is a good lad to chat too and very safe and sane in all that he does. Thanks, James :-)


jamstu is recommended by Andy Cage (2014-07-23)

Had a great session with James a few days ago. Awesome guy easily got me in all sorts of holds and stretches so was a perfect heel v jobber bout. Would easily recommend to anyone and hope to meet up again.

Andy Cage is recommended by jamstu (2014-07-24)

Andy is a perfect jobber... just the right amount of resistance to give you a good workout whilst putting him in various holds and stretches.. A true gent on and off the mats.... Any one looking for a guy to safely work over i would happily recommend him.

jamstu is recommended by borets (2014-07-13)

Finally managed to meet James, and you should to. He knows his onions, safe sane punctual reliable fun and a tough bastard on the mats. This big lad comes highly recommended.

borets is recommended by jamstu (2014-07-13)

Had the great pleasure of meeting mark at his place yesterday. He is a good solid wrestler who is hard fun on the mats and a true gentleman and host off them... Well worth meeting him and would recommend him to any one who was a good wrestle

jamstu is recommended by lancsguy (2014-06-08)

I met this friendly safe and sane wrestler a couple of days ago. He's an experienced heavy weight who knows his stuff. He is the toughest opponent I've come across yet. It's safe to say he won. Thankfully I did get a few taps. I'd be more than happy to recommend jamstu for a wrestle and I look forward to our next match.

lancsguy is recommended by jamstu (2014-06-08)

This guy is a force to be reckoned with and will be more so, when he becomes more technical. A friendly, safe and strong guy who I would happily wrestle again and would recommend him to anyone who wants a good hard fought bout.

jamstu is recommended by MEGRAPPLE (2014-04-05)

After talking to 'Jamstu' for as long as ive been wrestling, l finally managed to meet this experienced and skilled wrestler. I was not disappointed. Despite the weight difference ( which is unusual for me to say) "Jamstu' certainly controlled the match. I look forward to our next meet as he is a safe & sane and a pleasure to wrestle.

MEGRAPPLE is recommended by jamstu (2014-04-05)

MEGRAPPLE is a good solid wrestler, with a good sound knowledge of holds. really enjoyed wrestling him as he tried to give as good as he got. He is certainly one to meet and wrestle. Would definitely meet again in the future

jamstu is recommended by Tanker (2014-02-01)

OMG! Jamstu is awesome. There are some wrestlers, Musclneck, Rob England et al , who I use as benchmarks. To their number I add James. Very strong (He used to lift beer barrels at work & built up his strength & learnt the best way to lift heavy weights with minimum effort doing it) Very Skilled wrestler (All down to understanding physics he tells me, valuable information. I felt I should share it) Another thing when james was attempting to coach me was his suggestions on techniques were geared to the needs of bigger guys like himself & myself , who have't the agility of a lighter wrestler.

As you've probably guessed I lost.

James is a nice guy. Safe & sane, good & generous coach. He wrestles to win, but pitches it at his
opponents level. he is happy to wrestle any shape or size of wrestler.
As I was driving home over Saddleworth Moor in the Bleak Borderlands Of Lancashire & the old West Riding of Yorkshire in strong winds, my shoulders were aching like they've never ached before after a wrestling match. Def Recommend for wrestlers of any level

Tanker is recommended by jamstu (2014-02-01)

great nice guy who gives it his all whilst wrestling, will be a good wrestler once he remembers to put things into practise . would certainly wrestle him again

jamstu is recommended by dadwrestle (2013-11-30)

Totally overpowered and outclassed on our last meet yesterday!
No idea why I haven't posted a recommendation before! This guy is WELL worth meeting. Big and tough, but safe and sane! Roll on our next encounter on mats!

dadwrestle is recommended by jamstu (2012-01-06)

This guy is a good hard wrestler, nice guy off the mats and mean tough guy on them, really enjoyed our meets and would take any opportunity to meet him again, well worth the experience

jamstu is recommended by Vanman81 (2013-11-07)

People say this guy is strong! That doesn't even go part way to explain how strong he is. His in depth knowledge of wrestling is also majorly impressive.

Totally nice guy who makes you welcome and comfortable until he cranks on the headlock. Once that is on the is little option but to tap.

We will definitely fight again mate, just give me a chance to stop aching.

Vanman81 is recommended by jamstu (2013-11-07)

Vanman81 is a good solid wrestler, good fun guy to wrestle and would recommend him to anyone who enjoys a good hard fun wrestle, nice guy as well on or off the mats

jamstu is recommended by SubguyUK (2013-11-03)

Meet James for the first time yesterday, for an enjoyable play wrestle. "The Big Guy" is very strong with legs and thighs like steel traps (lol). He is however, both safe and sane, and knows exactly how to control his strength when wrestling smaller guys. Had a great time. James is a nice guy, a good host and a great guy to meet both on and off the mats.

SubguyUK is recommended by jamstu (2013-11-03)

Andy is a good guy to wrestle, a fun wrestler who doesn't submit easily, A guy well worth meeting and would recommend him to anyone

jamstu is recommended by Warkscub (2013-10-09)

Met James for a wrestle and believe everything people write about him - this guy is really strong, powerful and a very skilled wrestler with some wicked moves. Also he's a really friendly, genuine guy, safe and sane. If you really want to test yourself with a big strong wrestler I totally recommend him.


jamstu is recommended by southlondonwrestler (2013-09-28)

A total gentleman. Very strong and knows his stuff. A lot more experience than me but I managed a few subs! Highly recommended. Meet him but watch his headlocks.

southlondonwrestler is recommended by jamstu (2013-09-28)

A true gent, strong, tough and can take some working over. a reallu great guy on and off the mats, certainly worth a meet. Once he starts to improve his technical skills, he will be a force to be reckoned with. Now to arrange a rematch...

jamstu is recommended by andilupi (2013-09-14)

Good guy and very strong - enjoyed meeting and wrestling him very much.
Second time around James is even stronger - amazing headscissor power and even more skilful. Thanks mate!

andilupi is recommended by jamstu (2012-10-13)

good fun bout, he has great hot strong scissors that you need to watch out for. genuine good guy

jamstu is recommended by JOHN1953 (2013-08-01)



jamstu is recommended by Wrestleme (2013-07-26)

Met Jamstu and was a fun wrestle. He is a strong guy with great wrestling skills. Took it easy on me due to the size difference but had a really fun bout. Would meet again.

Wrestleme is recommended by jamstu (2013-01-06)

Wrestleme is a good guy who will, as time goes by, improve more and more. great grounding basics, now just needs to apply more, good solid tyke who i would thoroughly recommend to anyone

jamstu is recommended by SurreyGuy (2013-07-08)

Met up with James for a match yesterday while visiting family in the north west. He's a big strong guy with powerful headlocks but safe and sane. Nice guy off the mats too. I'd recommend wrestling him if you get the chance.

SurreyGuy is recommended by jamstu (2013-07-08)

Si is a great guy and good strong wrestler, we had a good fun sweaty wrestle, would happily recommend him anytime

jamstu is recommended by oldscrapperderby (2013-05-26)

big guy, but nice and friendly and safe and sane with a lightweight like me, he can mix it with the best, but also lower his game to my ability, thanks mate, look forward to the next time.


jamstu is recommended by walrus (2013-04-01)

Jamstu is a big strong man. He looks like an old style wrestler tall and barrel chested. He made me feel very welcome, a really nice man off the mats and a powerful, determined yet considerate man on the mats. Really enjoyed our wrestle especially when he bearhugged and bellysplashed me and look forward to another wrestle with him.

walrus is recommended by jamstu (2013-03-30)

Walrus is good guy to wrestle, a big guy with a big belly to work over, A nice guy all round

jamstu is recommended by suburbanite (2013-01-22)

I tussled with James a while ago and found him very understanding & considerate.

I hope to be facing him again soon.


jamstu is recommended by dazwrestleuk (2012-11-03)

Jamstu is a big guy, a strong guy, a skilled wrestler and a top bloke, seriously. Recommend anyone has a match with him

dazwrestleuk is recommended by jamstu (2012-10-18)

Daz is a good solid wrestler great guy on and off mats. would take on again and recommend to anyone


Piledriver is recommended by jamstu (2012-10-10)

good solid little wrestler in development - takes a good working over, with more training he will only get better

jamstu is recommended by TANKE (2011-10-16)

It's a great friend and a superb opponent in the fight, I recommend you to fight against because he likes to fight with any rival. Enom friend a hug.

TANKE is recommended by jamstu (2012-06-14)

Tanke is a good strong solid wrestler who does exactly as advertised a good solid fun wrestle, great guy, really nice bearhug, would wrestle again and recommend to anybody visiting northern Spain

jamstu is recommended by Mattyboy (2011-11-13)

Very considerate of the needs of his opponent, decent mat set up. Easy to talk too off the mats and puts you at your ease straight after you meet.

Mattyboy is recommended by jamstu (2011-11-13)

Matty is a good determined wrestler, great guy on and off the mats, for some will make a great jobber, for others, he will make a formidable opponent.

jamstu is recommended by nw58 (2011-09-24)



jamstu is recommended by Tyger (2011-09-06)

Had a good fight with James today. He's a big strong guy, with an impressive range of punishing holds. If you want a hard and horny fight - lock up with him!

Tyger is recommended by jamstu (2011-09-07)

had a good hard horny bout with Huw, the guy is a resilient wrestler and a good guy on and off the mats, would recommend to anyone wanting a good wrestle, would certainly wrestle again

jamstu is recommended by Margauxmalc (2011-04-02)

Met James for my first bout. A great guy, very powerful but always safe. A fantastic initial meeting! Thanks James.

Margauxmalc is recommended by jamstu (2011-05-21)

Malc is a good guy who with some more experience will be a very good guy to wrestle
would take on again anytime

jamstu is recommended by fatboy1969 (2011-04-17)

Met James for my first bout in a long time. He gave a great match. Would recommend to anybody wanting a good fight

fatboy1969 is recommended by jamstu (2011-04-18)

this guy is a good fighter, with more experience he will be a coniderable opponent - would recommend him to anyone

jamstu is recommended by mackemsub (2009-11-17)

Big lad who is skilled and very agile for his size

Recommend a bout with him - good lad off the mats too


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