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Love pro style of wrestling..
Enjoy give and take, jobbing, and being a heel
I like to feel the pressure of the holds
Tough guys, coaches, real pros, real men, daddies, are my types of wrestlers
Have all the gear,trunks,pro leather boots, knee pads, masks
Have had some pro training,
I have a wresting mat room in my basement.
I have a very nice guest room for hosting if you like.
You might even get coffee and breakfast in the morning!
I respect wrestler's request. If you don't want sex that is fine with me. I have wrestled a guy for years that did not want sex. I always respected his request. Making a new friend and getting to wrestle a good wrestler was enough.



  1. USA - Connecticut, Brooklyn
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 57-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 184 lbs (83 kg)

Gear: pro trunks, speedos, jocks, or nothing

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Canadian Pro Wrestler is recommended by johnnykjohnnyk67

Sarge is a first class real pro wrestler! He was willing to share some of his pro wrestling skills with me, and I appreciated that so much! It was great to work out with Sarge in his very fine pro wrestling ring. Sarge is a good man and a wonderful teacher. So if you are looking for an real pro wresting experience then the Sarge is your man! I highly recommend the SARGE!



johnnykjohnnyk67 is recommended by gut punch heeljobber

Johnny and I spoke just a few times before meeting. I detected a demure southern gentleman.
When he arrived at my home, the meaning of don't judge a book by it's cover became very clear. This demure southern gentleman proceeded to mop the floor with me.
For someone who is very new to Gut Punching ,he more then knew his way around. He truly knows how to throw a punch and take a punch, then throw another, along with elbows,shoulders and what have you.
He then started putting me into wrestling holds while punching the daylights out of me which I found to be extremely exciting.
This is deffinatley a man who needs to be added to your collection of opponents.



gut punch heeljobber is recommended by johnnykjohnnyk67

If you are looking for a real man that knows his gut punching skills then Sonny, the Gut punch Heeljobber is your man! Not only can he take a punch to his hard muscular mid-section but he can deliver a punch like a real pro! I enjoyed his moans as groans as I punched his mid-section. Thank god he moaned groaned like a real pro instead of screaming like a little girl. Sonny is a built, muscular, hairy, and tough punching stud! Not only is he rough and tough, but he is a truly good guy! I enjoyed my gut punching and wrestling session with hot Sonny! His hairy chest, soft facial hair, muscular body, gut punching skills, punching delivery, and reaction to punches was a dream come true for any gut punching wrestling man like me! I highly recommend the Gut Punch Heeljobber to you wrestlers, boxers, and gut punchers!



johnnykjohnnyk67 is recommended by BoxerCoachinmd

Had the pleasure of meeting johnnykjohnny67 a few years back when he was passing through town. Solid, tough and fun guy who was a great competitor on the mats and a true gentleman off the mats. Highly recommended and I look forward to seeing him again soon in the near future.



BoxerCoachinmd is recommended by johnnykjohnnyk67

I highly recommend BoxerCoachinmd for pro wresting and boxing! Coach and a great boxing coach. He is very knowledgeable about boxing. He taught me a lot in just one session. We die some pro wrestling too. Coach is a real pro wrestling and pro boxing man! You will have a great time with Coach. I sure did!