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  1. USA - Texas, Dallas
    Place of residence

I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


59-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 200 lbs (91 kg)

Languages spoken: English


Novice guy here, safe respect all limits



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Last modified: 3/25/2021

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musclelvr62 is recommended by texxuun

GREAT time! Such a nice guy..... easy going, respects limits.... got chance to heel him a bit, and he took it well! Looking forward to the next time!



musclelvr62 is recommended by Timothy1979

Very nice guy. Pretty strong wrestler, had a great back and forth match with him.



musclelvr62 is recommended by atlantawrestles

Had a good time with musclelvr when he was in town. He's a big, strong boy who loves to wrestle as much as I do. We were drenched in five minutes, so I knew it was going to be a fun struggle. Would be happy to wrestle him again when he's back in Atlanta.



atlantawrestles is recommended by musclelvr62

Had a great match with atlantawrestles nice man tough as nails. Can’t wait to go longer in the re-match



musclelvr62 is recommended by flonewbie

We met for a hotel match. What a great guy on and off the mat. He is a strong guy whose holds were difficult for me to escape. Fun guy too. I gave it my all but couldn’t take him but will next time. Thanks!



musclelvr62 is recommended by texbearwrestler2

Had a great match with Scott! He is strong and will grind on the holds. Watch out for his scissor locks because his legs are very strong and hard to escape. I strongly suggest meeting up with him if possible because he is a great guy on and off the mats. We spent some time in great conversation too.



texbearwrestler2 is recommended by musclelvr62

I met Abe while on a business trip to Houston.
Nice man on and off the mat. Has a great personality and we wrestled for 4 hours. He has a lethal claw hold.
Recommend locking up with him if you have the chance



musclelvr62 is recommended by LongandLean

I had a great time meeting and matching up with Musclelvr62! Enjoyed trading holds including powerful bearhugs. Afterwards, he was a wonderful conversationalist and listener as we shared a meal. I look forward to our next match!



LongandLean is recommended by musclelvr62

Great man ! Very tough wrestler with a tight bearhug.
Pleasant man to be with off the mats, too.



musclelvr62 is recommended by Maximovillareal

Musclelvr62 initiated me into submission wrestling. He was completely respectful and a gracious host. He taught me and we practiced several submission holds. He respected my limits and made me feel I was in a safe and encouraging place. Arranging the match was easy. I can’t wait for a second match.



Maximovillareal is recommended by musclelvr62

I met Maximovillareal for a technique practice session. Both of us beginners I did show him some holds and moves that I have learned.
He was prompt, courteous and has some strength. Respected his limits and he respected mine.
Happy to wrestle with him again.



musclelvr62 is recommended by roll

Had a hotel match. Easy to set up, on time and a gracious host. All limits were respected. Ended up working on different holds and escapes. Overall a good time and I highly recommend this man.



musclelvr62 is recommended by Dallasbeefyguy

Had a great time with this big, thick bear of a guy. Really nice guy and great host. Worked up a good sweat and it was great to practice some holds on each other. Looking forward to a rematch with him in the near future.



Dallasbeefyguy is recommended by musclelvr62

Was on time for match. Nice guy and was ready to lock up. Had a good two hour sweaty match.
Look forward to re-match .



musclelvr62 is recommended by rogerlee

Was very happy to wrestle musclelvr62, he is a strong wrestler, and such a nice and friendly guy!



rogerlee is recommended by musclelvr62

Great guy! Was on time for match up. Very strong and great wrestling workout.
Can't wait to lock up again