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  1. United Kingdom, Battle, East Sussex

I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


75-year-old Male / 6'0" (183 cm) / 254 lbs (115 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French

Gear: Singlets, trunks, speedos, tights


I'm Bill. Mature (OK - old!) fat bloke .. many years wrestling experience. Easy going, friendly. Safe and sane. Prime interest is just to wrestle, from a "give and take" holds workout up to competitive submission. Enjoy meeting and chatting with other wrestlers. Can adapt to other guys' style and standard .. and am always keen to learn more, and happy to share any knowledge I have picked up over the years.

I have a superb gym/matroom with 5 x 4m competition mats .. can sometimes accomodate visitors overnight.



Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Workout partner, Online chatting, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship

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Last modified: 4/18/2017

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musclneck is recommended by Bison

One of the best matches I have ever had. Just a blast from this muscle lad. Looking forward to tangling with him soon. Safe, Sane, Dependable and a great guy.



musclneck is recommended by scottimike

A maestro bull of wrestling is gentleman Bill who I met in late Oct 2016. Recommended and I agree with most of his other commentators.Thanks .



musclneck is recommended by Merseywrestle

I have known this powerhouse of a man for a long time, witty, intelligent, honourable and a fantastic wrestler who toys with you like a cat with a rag mouse and I loved every minute wrestling him and hope to catch up again with him soon..Extremely Highly recommended.



musclneck is recommended by ShockR

I debated to myself whether or not I should give a recommendation to Bill as I know he doesn’t give any in reply (I am not expecting him too either) but I want to mirror what everybody else says about this fine gentleman.

I was picked up at the train station and driven to Bill’s which I thought was very generous, drove down the lanes near to where The Battle of Hastings occurred and arrived at the spacious gym-cum-wrestling room.

A cup of tea later and we booted (borrowed his size 9s wrestling boots) and put on our speedos and we got on the mats.

Bill looked after me on the mats and he even showed me some tricks he had learned (whether I can remember them is another thing lol).

I wish him well in the future. Highly Recommended.



musclneck is recommended by BullCop

musclneck is the dean of British wrestling. As a relaxed and charming host, our time together on the mats of his unique fighting facility and around the historic area was a delight. He is a gentleman who enjoys locking up and freely shares his vast knowledge of wrestling . I am honored to give him my best recommendation.



musclneck is recommended by croppedinely

A gentleman and true wrestling enthusiast. He's a gracious host, an excellent coach and epitomises the old-school wrestling style that many on this site, including me, aspire to. Whether you're sparring on the mat or in conversation, be assured that this giant is going to do his best to work you over - and you'll enjoy every moment of it. Effortlessly charming and brutally powerful. What a combination, I salute you, sir 😀.



musclneck is recommended by grapple musc

He was a strong and fair opponent, and very experienced so I learnt a lot. Also a great guy!



musclneck is recommended by latinwrestler

Incredible skilled and strong and an amazing host and person, I enjoyed every minute we rolled at his awesome gym. I am definitively looking forward to our next encounter!



musclneck is recommended by ROSCOE the RASSLER

Musclneck is one of the most amazing opponents I've had the pleasure of wrestling. It is rare you find someone who is vastly intelligent and deeply passionate about wrestling and life in general. Musclneck is a must on your bucket list of men on the planet to wrestle and spend a few moments with. Strong as an ox and skilled prepare to be defeated in the most devious ways. Do yourself a favor and have a meet with Musclneck. Roscoe



musclneck is recommended by Tanker

Bill was one of the first guys I ever contacted over 10 years ago. I was blown away by his photos & physique . It took a couple of years for us to meet & when we did he looked exactly as I hoped he would & is one of the nicest & most charismatic people I have ever met.
Like many people on the British scene I owe him a lot, he has provided us with the Rochdale Mat room, is one of the stalwarts who have made the UK one of the best places for gay & straight men to wrestle..
As a wrestler he is the real deal. A genuine uncompromising heavyweight submission wrestler.
The minute you hook up and feel the force you know your in the presence of greatness. Never beaten him, or come close to beating him. Think I may have once got a submission. Boy did he punish me for my temerity! But I hasten to add you are in safe hands with him.
We met up last weekend. In the run up, Bill warned me he was a shadow of his former self, even suggesting we had a PRO MATCH OF ALL THINGS!!! However I am happy to report this is all rubbish. Daddy Bear is still very much the Alpha male. Old habits die hard & once we locked horns his submission wrestlers instincts rose up& wiped the mats with me. The power, the skill, the deep knowledge of martial arts. He still has it.
Thank you again sir. I know being best type of old fashioned gentleman you don't really approve of recommendations. But I hope you accept this in the spirit it's offered. It's took me 2 bloody days to write & is the third draft & I still don' think I have done you justice!!



musclneck is recommended by Wrstlr1

It's quite a task to write anything about Bill that hasn't already been stated by so many guys. Besides being the most exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable wrestler you could possibly hope to meet his hospitality and generosity is unprecedented. Meet him whenever you get the opportunity! Very highly recommended.



musclneck is recommended by scotsgrappler

The Godfather/grandfather of British wrestling. An extraordinarily generous and kind host with a wealth of experience. Great raconteur and an impressive chef too.



musclneck is recommended by MONSTA

What can I say "the ultimate challenge" wrestled when I was a mere boy with meeting up with guys online to wrestle. Great guy to meet and wrestle and he is fun too....would wrestle him 24/7. Safe and sane bug guy....have fun



musclneck is recommended by Mark uk

3rd July 15. Has it really been another year since catching up with Bill? Well jay219 and i spent an awesome evening with him. Chatting about his life and stories in wrestling. Having him watch us wrestle and take pix then entertain us over dinner with more stories. The guy is a legend in my book and love spending time with him.

30 July 14. Another awesome day down with the big man at his place. Still big, solid, handsome and a beast on the mats. Such a gent and awesome host. Myself, jay219 and big bad bill just love our days together wrestling.. A massive 20/20 for this guy

29 July 2013. Tonight was a special night as a family reunion took place.. Bill, myself and jay219 got in at bill pad. Just an awesome evening of wrestling, chatting, eating , drinking and more wrestling. The legand that is bill was the perfect host as alway as well as a fun powerhouse to wrestle with. Awesome evening and pleasure to meet the big boss man once again.

Match 28 this year and after 2 years I finally got the opportunity to go down to east sussex and meet with what i like to call The Legend Bill musclneck, Have to say I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. This guy has to be one of the strongest guys i have met in 400+ matches and skilled yet just the nicest and most humble of people. He may not have the speed of a 30yo but trust me you wouldn't disappointed in this guy. outstanding recommendation and i am def planning another trip to meet. 10/10



musclneck is recommended by fatpack66

Had a pleasure meeting Bill during my latest trip to London. Very experienced/skilled wrestler and strong as a bull. He shared his great knowledge about wrestling and taught some moves and holds too. Very charming and patient person. Hard to find a better host. Highly recommended!



musclneck is recommended by wrestlingstar

Had a great saturday afternoon with bill and had a few pro wrestling rounds. He is a very good host and is great in his gear.he is very strong and knows his holds.thanks bill



musclneck is recommended by bushchub

At Bill's gym, no one can hear you scream..... you scream a lot.



musclneck is recommended by ARGONSA1

very strong thighs.
When he takes you in a piledriver : you're done !
great host



musclneck is recommended by Lomandlad42

Had the pleasure of meeting Bill yesterday. Can only agree with all the previous things said about this man. Welcoming and an amazing host . A real gent with a great knowledge and wealth of experience of wrestling and a very patient instructor :-) thank you for a great session mr.....landmark meet for me and couldnt have met a better bloke



musclneck is recommended by sthlincs

What can I say that hasn't been said? I was lucky to have this impreeive guy as my first ever meet a long time ago and thats why I'm still here. I was incredibly nervous and wanting to cancel the meet but went ahead and boy was I pleased did! He was awesome, amazing physique, great knowledge and patience, shared tip and hints. Really nice guy. Now I'm wondering why I've not gone back for more!



musclneck is recommended by WillLondon

Bill was a very kind host with a great mat room. He graciously adjusted his wrestling to my novice level, even though he could no doubt have killed me with one hand if he'd felt like it. It was a really fun bout, highly recommended.



musclneck is recommended by wjones

Bill is everything his profile states and a lot more. The posted pictures may be worth thousands of words, but he is considerably better in person. He is genuinely into wrestling with skills well seasoned through years of experience. Bill is quite good with reversals and has an excellent sense for openings. Despite his strength, he goes at them with a great level of finesse. He has the strength and the skills: he does not need to be brutal. Bill is, indeed, truly strong (not “steroid infested” muscle mass at all). It is an incomparable pleasure to be on the mats with him. Concurrently, Bill is the most pleasant gentleman one could meet. He is immensely intelligent and thoughtful. The stimulating conversations with him genuinely would keep anyone highly engaged (even through the most severe jetlag). It is such a pity that there is only one of him to meet the demands of so many who want to wrestle him.



musclneck is recommended by sjs333

Bill is an awesome wrestler.. the best wrestler I have met, the genuine article, smashing bloke off the mat, monster on it!..
the guvnor...very highly recommended.



musclneck is recommended by grappleguy66

my favorate muscle daddy. amazing wrestler and man. the most skilled wrestler i've met. the most generious host. he's taught myself,and so many others to wrestle and how to enjoy wrestling. HIGHLY RECOMENDED



musclneck is recommended by Perseus

Bill is a truly amazing fella. Everything bout him is big - enormous powerful frame, massive arms and a huge personality. His skills as a wrestler are legendary - whether its comp sub or pro all bases are covered with exceptional ease. Unless you have wrestled him at the citadel of wrestling -in battle- where else of course! you will have missed out bigtime. Off the mats fantastic host and and as others have mentioned great to chat to. Can't give a recommendation more highly.



musclneck is recommended by southerngrappler

Met up with Bill again yesterday at Pippas. He is a fantastic guy to wrestle and a great guy on and off the mats. It's always great to meet a guy as experienced as Bill who loves his sport. A great wrestle. Another meet soon for sure! Steve



musclneck is recommended by Jay219

It's hard to know where to start when talking about bill. He was simply an incredible guy to meet. A lot of guys call him a legend and its easy to see why. He's incredibly strong, amazing to learn from, very patient and a great laugh too. Can easily sit there for hours chatting, which I think actually happens, and the tea and buiscuits are a nice touch after getting battered around by the brute. Can't recommend this legend enough, can't wait to see him again for another day of hard knocks from gramps, haha.



musclneck is recommended by Lincoln Lad

I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Bill this weekend and he certainly lives up to everything I’d heard about him before. He’s the perfect host and a total gentleman away from the mats and an amazing wrestler on them. He’s as strong as an ox and he really does know all the tricks – make one mistake and you’ll know about it! Bill was kind enough to point out just some of my many mistakes and he’s a really encouraging and patient teacher, too. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to wrestle this guy, then just do it – and you’ll see exactly why he is held is such high regard by everyone he meets. Thanks, Bill – you’re a true legend.



musclneck is recommended by oldscrapperderby

lovely guy, known him for years, when I grow up I want to be like him! cheers mate.



musclneck is recommended by dadwrestle

This guy is NOT TO BE MISSED! Skilled, strong and totally reliable.



musclneck is recommended by secondsout

Amazing guy. Strong, skilled grappler and great company too.



musclneck is recommended by nu2rasln

This guy travelled to california and came to my home to wrestle, he is very strong and very agile, and great fun on the mats, hit him up for a match and you wont be disappointed.



musclneck is recommended by Physical

This guy got me into the sport and I've never looked back, hooking up with him is like trying to stop a Mack truck. Brilliant wrestler and an all round great guy!!!!



musclneck is recommended by Wrestledad

Don't let his age fool you...this guy is tough and he's forgotten more about wrestling than I'll ever know...