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  1. United Kingdom, London
  2. France, Tignes
    (I'm here between 11/02/2019 and 12/14/2019)

I am willing to travel 100 kilometers


59-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 161 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: speedos,jocks,naked


I am very fit, with excellent muscular endurance and strong for my weight. I enjoy even matches with well matched opponents. But if you are up to 90 kgs and muscular, I’m happy to give you a good workout.

I prefer easygoing but competitive sub matches but also enjoy erotic and very much enjoy oil matches.

I am a jobber by preference. I really appreciate a dominant heel, though I enjoy being a heel with the right opponent.

I can't accommodate, so I use the Stockwell and Grove Park mat rooms frequently.

I'll travel a long way for a good, fun match.

Latest match and body photos (in the Gallery) are from Oct 19, my hotel match with V VV V.

I have wrestled for top and for stakes, so Naked Kombat round three is good for me.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Not interested in cyber
Miscellaneous interests: I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Naked wrestling

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Last modified: 11/26/2019



resl4top is recommended by Combat21

Stuart a foulé les tapis bourguignons pour un bon combat engagé d'entrée, il a fait preuve d'une rare combativité et ne s'avoua jamais battu. ll dispose de bonnes techniques et les applique sans répit ! J'ai eu la chance de rencontrer Stuart et vous recommande chaudement d'en faire de même!



Combat21 is recommended by resl4top

J'ai eu beaucoup de chance de pouvoir rencontrer Christian. Il était très patient avec mon français éparse et changeait fréquemment les jours et les heures d'arrivée. Quand je suis enfin arrivé, il était l'hôte parfait. Il a d'excellents tapis et est un combattant fort, déterminé et plein de ressources. Il m'a complètement classé. Je me sentais aussi complètement en sécurité car il prenait rapidement en compte mes blessures et les contournait trop facilement! Je ne peux pas le remercier assez pour une matinée très agréable avec un excellent hôte et un adversaire amusant et compétitif.

I was very lucky to be able to meet Christian. He was very patient with my patchy French and frequently changing arrival days and times. When I did finally arrive, he was the perfect host. He has excellent mats and is a strong, determined and resourful fighter. He completely out classed me. I also felt completely safe as he rapidly took account of my injuries and worked around them all too easily! I can't thank him enough for a very enjoyable morning with an excellent host and fun, competitive opponent.



resl4top is recommended by v vv v

Oct 2019
It's a surprise rematch during Stuart's work trip. Due to the restriction of the hotel room we could not be very competitive, however, we both still sweat a lot during the roll around. Stuart was as tough and strong as before but I could defend better now. It's quite fun that we had masks on at the beginning for video recording, but the real fun started after we took off our masks and we almost fell out of bed at one point! Thanks again for the fun match. Can't wait for another one in the near future 😉

Sep 2015
As a strong and experience wrestler, Stuart gave me some tough yet fun bouts. He pinned me down most of time with various holds. I could only escape using our sweat getting some breaks in-between. Off the mat he was friendly and chatty. Thanks again for the great time. Meet him if you have chance!



v vv v is recommended by resl4top

On a work visit to Leeds I was lucky enough to spend a couple of sweaty and highly enjoyable hours with Vx4. He was bang on time and an absolute pleasure to get to grips with. We had a series of long, sweaty closely contested holds and then, when fatigue started to set in, got a little less serious. It was really good fun and absolutely made my visit. Thoroughly recommended.

20 Oct 19. Round two and wow, was that hot! Sun has turned into a total hunk and we had a very, very enjoyable roll in my hotel. Now that was a match I wish I could repeat at least once a week! Total star.



resl4top is recommended by tallfitldn

It was nice and straightforward to arrange a match with resl4top. He’s tall, lean and very strong! I felt the match was quite even and he got me in some very tight holds indeed. I was excited when resl4top suggested we did some freestyle wrestling which is my absolute favorite! We took turns to start in the referee’s position and what fun that was. Just wished I had bigger mats so we really could have moved around further. After that, we showed each other various holds and pins including the Banana ;) resl4top is such good company, interesting to talk to and a formidable wrestler - I couldn’t recommend him enough.



tallfitldn is recommended by resl4top

The profile picture only tells half the story! Even though tallfitldn had 10kgs of rock muscle more than me, I had the best time. Steve is a really welcoming and thoughtful host. Great mats and a superb opponent who is strong and determined but always completely safe. After I failed to make any impression during out subs match, we tried a few falls of freestyle wrestling, just on the off chance I might have a little more success. Wrong again! He then kindly spent some time showing me how to do a number of BJJ holds and freestyle pins. I can't recommend Steve highly enough.



resl4top is recommended by Alan2005sg

It was a full on, non-stop & intense wrestling action with resl4top.
He is an energetic & very competitive grappler at his size. I was caught in his tight closed guard numerous times, & I tried so hard to escape from those deadly locks.
Off the mat, resl4top is a handsome, soft-spoken British gentleman. Do meet him when you visit London.



Alan2005sg is recommended by resl4top

Alan2005sg is too generous in his kind recommendation of me. He was the clear victor. He is a skilled, strong and technically able wrestler and his carefully applied holds had me tapping twice. I really enjoyed our match. Alan2005sg is a hunk and it was a treat and a half to get sweaty with him.



resl4top is recommended by Transatlantic

Last minute invite almost didn’t join but was perfect way to let off some steam! I had an excellent 3 way match and resl4top is a fantastic wrestler. I suspect he wasn’t giving his all feeling a little malaise after an earlier match up. Skilled, controlled and has wrestling running through his veins!



Transatlantic is recommended by resl4top

A bit of a powerhouse! Mr T dropped everything to come at very short notice to an impromptu, oil 3-way. And that is not a sentence I write every day! He got stuck in and proved to be a very slippery customer! Strong, skilled, controlled, safe aggression. Great to have met him.



resl4top is recommended by dundun

I enjoyed every second with resl4top. You say it: a memorable evening. A fantastic body, mind and soul. We had a great, intense wrestling action on the mats during 2 hours before he could confirme what a fantastic human being he is while having a drink and a beautiful conversation afterwards.
Rather than a recommendation... this man is a must.



dundun is recommended by resl4top

That was a really memorable evening. You can read the many positive recommendations for yourself. I can only endorse them and say that every single one understates. Truly memorable and I’m very grateful.



resl4top is recommended by finest

Good hard match - well recommended!



finest is recommended by resl4top

I'm not writing a recommendation, just on the off chance that it might persuade Jamie to wrestle me again - let's do it, J; I'll definitely write you one next time...

Don't wait - challenge him!

Dec 18 and this must be the fifth time I've wrestled finest. He remains irresistable!



resl4top is recommended by Glasgow

A cool, fun, energetic grappler. Competitive. Gave as good as he got. Meet him if you get the opportunity.



Glasgow is recommended by resl4top

That was epic. Glasgow is a real master of the oil pit and I had the best time wrestling him. It was competitive but good humoured and serious fun. It didn’t hurt that he is really hot. A couple of times a week would be nice but luckily for Glasgow, London is a long way away.



berber is recommended by resl4top

Das war ein besonderer Kampf! Ohne das Öl hätte ich keine Chance! Berber ist stark, geschickt und ruhig. Ich habe mich immer sicher gefühlt und mein Match mit ihm hat mir sehr gefallen.



resl4top is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Had our first match yesterday after we met as agreed. S was on time and a really nice guy. It turned out we were pretty well matched in strength, stamina and skills once we got down to the match.

I ended up on the wrong side of the argument this time but it was a close run thing and next time...



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by resl4top

Master of the surprise attack! I had a really enjoyable meeting with Aw&m which was competitive and pleasurably sweaty! He is strong, determined and has loads of stamina. He is also experienced and a safe and sane opponent. I've been hoping to wrestle him for some time and am so pleased that I managed to catch him on one of his trips to London. He was kind enough to flog all the way down to Grove Park, not the easiest of trips for him. An all round champ!

Nov 18 catch up with Armwrestleetc. Our fourth (?) meet, I think. As always, a really enjoyable roll. Very competitive match. I'd forgotten just how hard it was to get any sort of submission and also how dangerous it was to give an inch! As always, safe, sane and very good fun.



resl4top is recommended by Jow

Resl4top is a very good and strong wrestler, very resistant! I had a so great match with him ! Being under him and trying to escape was so fun and I have so enjoyed that.
Moreover, he is a cute and very nice guy !
I do hope I will wrestle him again and again...
Do not hesitate to meet him !!



Jow is recommended by resl4top

Joel was worth the wait! Finally we met and it was an excellent and really enjoyable afternoon. Joel is very strong, safe and super hot! I'm a big fan. When the leg scissors come on, it's all over. I wish I lived closer so we could wrestle regularly. Our 2 hour match flew by. Epic opponent.



resl4top is recommended by Bham87

Had the pleasure of locking up with Resl4Top today at Grove Park. I can only agree with all the great recommendations this guy has. Lean, agile and strong and a cracking guy to wrestle. He's a total gentleman on and off the mats and VERY generous with his knowledge. He taught me every move he used and let me practice until I had them down. A nice guy with a vibrant personality, funny and a humble guy with nothing to prove to anyone. Well worth meeting him. HIGHLY Recommended



Bham87 is recommended by resl4top

It was good to meet Bham87 finally. We have tried for some time to be in the same place together. At last we succeeded and it was worth the wait! Although he is new to wrestling and still learning, he is a real handful - strong, muscular and a quick learner. He is also the nicest person you will meet this year. Meet him before he gets out of control!



resl4top is recommended by Wrestletowrestle

Enjoyed a hard sweaty match with resl4top
Unbelievably strong and relentless yet safe and sane a pleasure



Wrestletowrestle is recommended by resl4top

A really enjoyable if too brief bout with 'wrestletowrestle'. He looks great and is predictably strong - very tough to escape those arms once they are wrapped around your neck. A real pleasure to wrestle.



resl4top is recommended by small gladiator

I met this excellent wrestler / fighter at a group event at Barnet in June. resl4top has great wrestling and martial arts skills. He is very fit and with speed and flexibility. A well worthy opponent and I look forward to meeting resl4top again soon.



small gladiator is recommended by resl4top

I had a short but very competitive and enjoyable bout with small_gladiator at a Barnet meet some time ago. He is clearly very experienced, has loads of strength, skill, stamina and determination. A really good opponent.



resl4top is recommended by codo

Resl4top is a really experienced sexy fighter who didn't let me win any of the rounds and completely beat me down. I actually enjoyed loosing to such a dominant powerful fighter. He even had stamina left after our match to try few difficult lifting positions with me which he did with no problem, awesome session.



codo is recommended by resl4top

A strong, competitive and feisty opponent. We had a hard fought subs match and then did some less serious stuff, picking some extreme holds to try out from among Iain's pictures at Grove Park. A really fun afternoon!



resl4top is recommended by DenverWrestler

Great guy – interesting, funny, very enjoyable to work over, but he definitely doesn't just lay there – kept coming back for more and certainly made me work for every submission – he's fit strong and determined - the perfect kind of jobber in my book. Add to this reliable, easy-going, and hard-bodied, and you have the makings of a great match!



DenverWrestler is recommended by resl4top

Fit, strong, skilled, safe and good looking! This bastard's got it all! A really enjoyable bout during which I was totally outclassed and enjoyed every moment. And learned a lot! An absolute pleasure.



resl4top is recommended by Tyger

had a really great match with this tough wrestler. we went back and forth with no one getting a sub. 3 minutes wasn't long enough - really want to fight him again for longer!



Tyger is recommended by resl4top

I've just seen how many guys Mr T has wrestled; that explains a lot! Tough guy. Muscles. Fun.



resl4top is recommended by Blitzkrieg

Resl4Top represents one of the few matches I've had the pleasure of engaging in following a lengthy hiatus due to a lack of time and shifting priorities. He possesses much strength that defied the difference in our size and it was a thoroughly enjoyable match.



Blitzkrieg is recommended by resl4top

I'm sure you have read all the other recommendations, so I won't take more of your time, but it was epic. Blitz is a 6ft plus solid, handsome alpha guy who is happiest on top and has the strength, massive shoulders and arms to put you down and keep you down. I enjoyed every minute!



resl4top is recommended by fitguy2

Resl4top is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character. Off the mats he is a real hospitable English gentleman regaling you with stories of his life experiences. But once he gets on the mats, it's like a wild beast takes over and he is very energetic, enthusiastic with great endurance from all his fitness/strength training. Really enjoyed encountering both sides of his personality and I hope we get to do it again real soon



fitguy2 is recommended by resl4top

Reader: he wiped the floor with me! Lightweight he may be but he is strong, skillful and aggressive, though always safe. I enjoyed every minute! No surprise he is so popular and I can only endorse all previous comments about what good company he is off the mat. A bit of a privelege to wrestle him.



resl4top is recommended by LdnGrapple

Stuart came by: he'd had a tough challenge the previous day and so was looking for a slower roll around with me. Still, he is quick, experienced, strong and determined. Wresle 4 top... why? Once on top he does not want to let you out... its the best way to defend ... but he also knows how to be offensive ... at an appropriate level for his opponent (that's a skill in itself).

As with many fight partners on here, off the mats Stuart is really easy to get on with.

This guy's fitness regime goes way back so for a competitive skilled challenge .. get in touch with Resl4top



LdnGrapple is recommended by resl4top

LdnGrapple had to deal with me on the rebound from a very tough match the day before, poor sod! He was really patient and welcoming and his mats are superb! We took it slow and easy and LdnGrapple taught me some really useful techniques, so future opponents beware! A warm, friendly, experienced and welcoming host.



resl4top is recommended by Torrnado

I expected a very tough fight with Resl4top and I was not disappointed!
A fit, strong and competitive wrestler with a great knowledge of holds I had to give it everything I had to provide any effective opposition during our match. He lived up to his MF moniker and came out on top by the end of or bout! An attractive guy in great shape and very interesting company off the mats, I'd thoroughly recommend him.



Torrnado is recommended by resl4top

Mr T must be pound for pound the strongest wrestler I have met. He is also fit, determined and just keeps going! He's built like an athlete and a pleasure to get to grips with. His scissors are not a pleasure to be gripped by; they are very effective! Loads of moves and a charming and interesting host. I'm really grateful for the invitation to meet and would thoroughly recommend him.



elgreco is recommended by resl4top

I had an all too short 3 minutes on the mat with El Greco and I really hope I get the chance to meet and wrestle him again on his next visit to London. He is strong, killer scissors and never stops working to get on top and get his sub. We both worked very hard and I enjoyed every second. Again, please! But this time longer!



resl4top is recommended by niwrestler

Met Stuart at short notice, very good of him to be able to make it. He is a great, strong wrestler. Very experienced and knows how to use it, applying holds and escaping my holds! Despite his weight advantage he was very safe. He also took time at the end of our match to give me some stretching on my extremely tight hamstrings!! Definitely recommend this great wrestler.



niwrestler is recommended by resl4top

Nice surprises for a Friday don't come in much more attractive packaging than niwrestler! A message in the morning and a hotel match in the afternoon. I can only endorse what others have already said: NIw is a fit, strong, good looking guy with killer scissors. Fortunately I was around 11kgs heavier so my tactic of lying on top of him seemed to do the trick, otherwise it would have been curtains for resl4top! A relaxed, enjoyable meet and I would thoroughly recommend him.



resl4top is recommended by flipkick07

Had a tough, draining match with this guy, thoroughly enjoyable and very competitive. Good company and easy to communicate with (far easier than I am). No hassles..Highly recommended for a meet. Thank you for making the journey. Hope you enjoy your second match today when you get back.



flipkick07 is recommended by resl4top

Well that was the sort of match I always hope for but seldom get. I was outclassed, outmuscled and outfought but I enjoyed every moment. Flipkick is really very strong but I never for one moment felt anything but in safe hands. Our match was hard work, highly competitive but at the same time relaxed and very enjoyable. I only wish I lived closer - I'd be round every week for a rematch! Needless to say, highly recommended opponent and one I very much hope will want to meet me again.



resl4top is recommended by mr marcus

Had a great wrestle with this gent the other day. Arrived by motorbike, stripped the leathers off his superb physique, and got straight down to a sweaty tussle with me. I was a well-chosen opponent, whilst he recovers from a serious injury, and temporary retirement, and eases his way back into the sport. Easy for him maybe, but tough for me! But I survived in style and enjoyed hugely. Will enjoy again before he's back to his usual toughie level and harder wrestler milieu.



mr marcus is recommended by resl4top

For my first meet after 18 months injury-enforced abstinence, I could not have hoped for a safer, more satisfying and welcoming return.

Hospitality was warm and the fight was hot!

I've booked a return visit and next time I'll stay longer.

I had a great time - no surprise Mr M's list of past opponents is so long. A star.



resl4top is recommended by Superfly

This guy is a excellent wrestler, strong, agile and knowledgeable about subs as he was able to pin and got some subs out of me. Had good stamina and we were both dripping in sweat. Great guy who was very interesting and was humorous. Genuine and reliable and match was easy to arrange. I would def meet again. Highly recommended.



Superfly is recommended by resl4top

I was really really good last year and Santa brought me a match with Superfly!

If you have read his other recommendations, all I can do is say again that of all the wrestlers on this site the experience of wrestling Rob must be one of the most enjoyable and best.

We had a relaxed but very competitive, hard fought and good humoured match and it was one of the most enjoyable matches I can remember.

Thank you Santa (oh, and Rob too!) - I want the same again; lots of times, if possible!

PS Leave some time to chat too; the opportunity to listen to experiences like his comes very rarely.



resl4top is recommended by readyforit

wrestled resl4top for the first time and having watched some of his taped bouts knew I had my work cut out. Had a hard and very enjoyable bout with this strong, well made, good looking and skilled opponent who, besides his strength and weight, used some clever moves and holds that forced me to give. Once stuck in one of his impossible to get out of holds the man used his teasing sense of humour to pile on the fact he was yet again on top. Want a rematch soon! A great opponent and a great way to end the year.



readyforit is recommended by resl4top

I really enjoyed my first (and hopefully not last) match with readyforit. He is fits, strong and determined and despite giving away 20kgs, was a terrific and enjoyable opponent. I wish I had had more time to get to know him better because he is self-evidently such a genial, amusing and intelligent person (apart from being hot, obviously). Something to look forward to, I hope!



resl4top is recommended by Alpha Destroyer

This man is first rate! Handsome, strong and tough. We had a spirited and somewhat brief bout when my frustrated rival turned to cheating in a failed attempt to "even the score". As we say in the States...."Cheaters Never Prosper" I came away with the "W" but this is far from settled. We agreed the mat room will be the proper venue for our next match up.

Highly recommend this bloke. A gentleman off the mat, and a tiger in combat. Happy to grant you a rematch to try and even the score!



Alpha Destroyer is recommended by resl4top

Alpha Destroyer is well named. He is strong, determined and experienced and more than capable of backing up the talk. We had an all too brief bout, ended early by injury. My advice: do what I did and cheat! Have fun: I did.



resl4top is recommended by blackwrestleruk

Goodness knows why Ken would need yet another positive recommendation, but here is one anyway! He's a seriously strong, relaxed, competitive and thoroughly nice guy. You know you are wrestling a star when you are trapped in a sub and at the same time feel totally safe. That is Ken. I barely got a look-in although he very kindly let me get away with a couple of sneaky subs. He is definitely on my list to be a regular opponent (if he can find the time away from all his fans, obviously!).

Well I'm gonna say that Stuart also has a lot of glowing recommendations. That's why I was glad we arranged to meet at the weekend. Stuart has a way of making you feel really comfortable which doesn't detract from his being very fit, fast and competitive on the mats. I may have had the edge but he made me work hard and sweat. I found him very difficult to control. Anyway, I so want Stuart to be a regular wrestling buddy. A star in the making!



blackwrestleruk is recommended by resl4top

Goodness knows why Ken would need yet another positive recommendation, but here is one anyway! He's a seriously strong, relaxed, competitive and thoroughly nice guy. You know you are wrestling a star when you are trapped in a sub and at the same time feel totally safe. That is Ken. I barely got a look-in although he very kindly let me get away with a couple of sneaky subs. He is definitely on my list to be a regular opponent (if he can find the time away from all his fans, obviously!).



resl4top is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team

Resl4top has a real experience in wrestling and fighting.
He knows a lot of holds and can challenge almost anyone on this site.
It was a very good moment and almost impossible to get any submission !

Beside the mat, he has intense activities and i think he is never quiet :-)

don t miss to wrestle Stuart if you go through London.



2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by resl4top

We had a relaxed but competitive match, hard, good humoured and quite technical. toughwrestler is the best sort of opponent: sane, calm, strong, fit and immensely experienced. It was pretty even but only because I was the last of seven guys he fought in 24 hours. Amazed and grateful!



resl4top is recommended by barryg

I wrestled resl4top (Stuart) recently, in the matroom in Stockwell. Not only is he in great shape and a good wrestle, he is a truly decent guy. I thoroughly recommend him, Thanks Stuart, I look forward to round two.



barryg is recommended by resl4top

If you haven't wrestled Barry, put your name down now. Despite giving me around 6kgs, he was more than a match for me. He is strong, skilled, determined and experienced. What is more, he made every effort to ask enough questions to help us both find out how we could best enjoy our first match and it was great. I really hope for more.

Thanks, Barry, much appreciated.



resl4top is recommended by matchup

had a great match with resl4top. He was fit, skilled and showed flashes of a real, controlled aggression. He was also tactically aware and very determined. He was also on time and sorted the venue out. Recommended.



matchup is recommended by resl4top

matchup must be one of the best guys to wrestle on this site. I can only think of one or two others I would recommend this highly.

Read his other recommendations - all accurate.



resl4top is recommended by madridwrestler

I met resl4top in a recent trip to London and glad i had the chance to meet and wrestle him. He is quite competitive and fit and we had a good workout. Unfortunately it was a busy day for him and i wisched our match could have been longer. Skilled and safe too. My highest recommendation if you are in London. Next match soon...



madridwrestler is recommended by resl4top

I was really lucky to meet Madridwrestler during a flying visit to London. We had a really enjoyable, competitive and hard match and I would have liked more time than we had. He is a real gentleman off the mats and a strong and determined opponent on them. 5 stars, J!



CONSTRICTOR is recommended by resl4top

I'm guessing Constrictor is new to this site because has done a LOT of wrestling. He is tough, very hard indeed to submit and very experienced. He is also sane, considerate and a perfect host. I'm very pleased to have met and wrestled him, unfortunately not for long enough for me to even the score. Next time - definitely next time! 5 star recommendation, Constrictor!



resl4top is recommended by freestyle

Stuart is a great guy both on and off the mats. i had a great afternoon wrestling him he is very quick and strong too and very good with his holds once on top does not want to let you out constantly working you in holds and looking for the next . highly recommended



freestyle is recommended by resl4top

Freestyle and I had a seriously hot, sweaty afternoon wrestling. He has excellent mats and is a perfect host. Just don't let him get on top. Would definitely recommend him and wrestle him again.



resl4top is recommended by manuz

This man does not exaggerates when he claimes to be perfectly fit. And he's a very strong, skilled and nice wrestler. Never abuses his skills to make you tap twice, he lightens the grip as soon as you let him know you need it and is happy to wait for you till you're ready for the next round. Learned a lot from him about escaping techniques.
Guys, yes, he looks and is strong, but when in the opportunaty to meet him, don't hesitate. You'll have a fun fight !



manuz is recommended by resl4top

I was lucky enough to have a long, sweaty hotel fight with Manuz. I was amazed at his determination and stamina. Also, he has serious grip strength and a lot of guile! Definitely worth a trip to Holland!



Flexforme is recommended by resl4top

Lucky enough to meet flexforme today. We had a pretty even match and I didn't learn quickly enough to avoid his crushing scissors. Flex is strong, calm, sane and an enjoyable opponent. I would definitely recommend him if you were thinking of challenging him.



resl4top is recommended by Sleek

This was the first time I had met Stuart and I had a great wrestle. He very competitive making me work hard and keeping me on my toes. I liked the way he took risks in practicing new holds. We finished both drenched in sweat. We'll ceratinly be meeting again. Off the mats he is really friendly and arrived exactly on time. Thanks Stuart



Sleek is recommended by resl4top

Well a relaxing Sunday morning that certainly wasn't! Sleek is a very strong, experienced and relentless fighter. He was kind enough to say that we were evenly matched, but I certainly didn't feel like it! Paul was a real pleasure to wrestle, though. Hard, competitive and muscular. I'm definitely up for another bout with him. A proper wrestler, our Sleek!



resl4top is recommended by Broc

What a top guy. Stuart is strong and experienced. We had some great subs then he showed me some really good freestyle stuff which was all new to me. Stuart is a very relaxed and warm guy who is as great to chat with off the mat as he is to wrestle with on it. Really recommend him.



Broc is recommended by resl4top

It's all been said about him and it's all true. Safe, sane, strong and experienced. As much fun on the mat as chatting afterwards. Sadly I had to rush before we could have a post match drink. Fingers crossed I'll get another chance. Just the sort of person you hope to meet. Highly recommended.



fitman is recommended by resl4top

I was lucky enough to wrestle 'fitman' some time ago and still remember the encounter with great pleasure! He was then and I am sure is now fit in every sense of the word. We had a great time. Come back to UK - I want to wrestle you again!



resl4top is recommended by leanmuscles

Despite my injured ankle, I had a great wrestle with Resl4top. Bring on the next match when I am fit :)



leanmuscles is recommended by resl4top

Lucky enough to fight 'leanmuscles' today despite the fact that he was injured. Very strong and obviously experienced fighter. We had a good time and I look forward to meeting the fully fit version soon.



socalguyla is recommended by resl4top

Hot hotel match with socalguyla today - I responded to his urgent need for a wrestling match between visits to the Olympic Park! Not much talking done as we spent 60 minutes of solid sweat and effort finding out who the top guy was.

Advice: avoid his leg scissors at all costs! Very strong and painful!

An excellent match and thoroughly recommended.



DANBUSTER is recommended by resl4top

I was lucky enough to wrestle Dan today. I had a great time. He was really welcoming and a solid, safe, fun fighter. I'd definitely recommend him and go fight him again.



resl4top is recommended by ChineseGrappler

Had a fun, competitive subs match, with a dash of freestyle thrown in. Safe and sane with some good technical skills, happy to recommend



ChineseGrappler is recommended by resl4top

Excellent, long and tough fight. Very determined, strong wrestler. We had a safe, hard but sane fight. Would definitely meet again once the body stops aching.


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