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  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Barnet

I am willing to travel 5000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


54-year-old Male / 6'5" (196 cm) / 271 lbs (123 kg)

Gear: Pro gear (boots, trunks/tight, pads etc)


      • PLEASE NOTE Due to the pandemic, and dealing with issues around my elderly parents during this time, i have hardly wrestled during 2020/21. I am now wrestling spasmodically again and with care ***.

Hi guys. I am a very tall, very muscular build (6'5, 272lbs, 53” chest, 19" bis) and very strong guy, based in NW London, UK. Lots of interests in life, laid back and easy to get along with, and a university academic.

I’m into pro wrestling; have done proper pro training and about 50 commercial pro shows off-and-on over the last few years. It has been a very enjoyable experience and I have met some really great people. I am also very into bodybuilding, lifting and gym in general and have lots of contacts and mates in that world.

Happy to chat to guys with pro wrestling and bodybuilding type interests. I am a friendly, laid back kinda guy so am happy to make new friends etc.



Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach, Looking to coach
Specific wrestling styles: Brit pro wrestling, Going to matches
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, Friendship, Relationship
Fetishes: Wrestling gear, Trampling, Muscle worship

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Jobberboy0115 is recommended by thetallwrestler

This chap is a very handsome, toned and athletic guy - in other words, perfect for being squashed! 😃 He is also a nice, friendly and decent guy (who looks good in his trunks) as well as a good communicator so it was straightforward to arrange, fun to wrestle, and a delight to demolish 😃



thetallwrestler is recommended by skadoskesutton

Very friendly and genuine guy with pro wrestling experience which was very obvious from his build, physique and gear. He’s even bigger in real life (which I didn’t think possible!), looks great flexing, massive arms, powerful and would destroy anyone in his way! Would recommend.



skadoskesutton is recommended by thetallwrestler

This chap is a sensible, genuine and nice lad who really appreciates wrestling, and you should definitely chat and meet with him!



thetallwrestler is recommended by hiwrestling

This hulking beast of a man is everything you'd want in a big pro heel. Crazy strong, dominating, knows how to put a jobber in his proper place. Super nice guy as well, was an absolute blast to get destroyed. Can't wait for another brutal beating.



hiwrestling is recommended by thetallwrestler

A strong, muscular power house of a wrestler who enjoys his pro ring action and getting punished by a bigger man. A great guy and easy to get on with. Happily look forward to Round 2!



thetallwrestler is recommended by Grapple Guy

After becoming interested in trying pro for the first time, I'm very grateful to thetallwrestler for passing on some of his expert knowledge to me. He was great at going through each move before watching and guiding me. After a couple of hours we finished with a match to connect all the new moves I learned. Fantastic meet thanks! Would really recommend to people wanting to learn real pro wrestling.



Grapple Guy is recommended by thetallwrestler

Grapple Guy is a really nice young man, who enjoyed his first ever pro experience in a ring. He tried really hard, worked hard and had a lot of fun learning the basics of something that was totally new to him. He’s also a very cool guy, and easy to get along with. Great stuff!!



thetallwrestler is recommended by youngjobber

I'm struggling to find words that do this guy justice. Having talked about wrestling for a while, it's clear so see that the tall wrestler (6'7"!!!) is a true pro wrestler in every sense of the word. Looks stunning in gear. Pinnacle of masculinity. Patient and a throughly decent chap. 10/10.



thetallwrestler is recommended by mania25

Stepped into the ring for the first time this weekend and it was a great experience! Thetallwrestler showed me the basics of pro wrestling which I didn’t have any experience of previously and he had great patience but also skill and knowledge.

Look forward to getting in the ring again!



mania25 is recommended by thetallwrestler

‘Mania25’ is a really nice, athletic and handsome guy who I got along with really well, and is easy to talk to and arrange with. We did something very different and very new to him: proper pro wrestling coaching in the ring. He was really engaged and a fast learner and after a few hours we were able to put together a pro worked march. I
Think he really enjoyed himself, I certainly did and a great time was had.



thetallwrestler is recommended by jobberpunk

I've actually known thetallwrestler for 15 years and consider him a good friend, but we haven't wrestled for the last 10-12. We got in the ring together recently, though, and had a hell of a match. He beat the living shit out of me (which I'd asked for) and also gave me some pointers (which I also asked for). I'd been accusing him for years of being too nice to be a proper heel, and he made sure to disabuse me of that notion (although even the brutal stomps he dished out won't stop me from continuing those accusations). If you want to wrestle a super-hot stud who knows his pro and knows what he's doing, do whatever you can to wrestle thetallwrestler.



thetallwrestler is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Had my first proper pro lesson with this chap today. Super patient teacher, and what a surprise it was to learn how it all actually worked, despite having attended several pro matches before. Our training session worked it’s way to a little match at the end, which was also a lot of fun.

If you want to learn pro wrestling he really knows his stuff so I heartily recommend him!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by thetallwrestler

Wrestlingguy is a super and lovely guy, who I was very happy to introduce to the world of pro wrestling. He gave it a great shot and hopefully had a good time and learned a few things. A thoroughly decent chap who I’d happily recommend and would gladly call a friend.



profant30 is recommended by thetallwrestler

Nathan is a super guy, very friendly and accommodating. He has a good look for being a pro baby face and enjoyed taking some punishment in the ring and a little bit of a apro wrestling lesson. A very good guy, well worth meeting!



thetallwrestler is recommended by Jefary

Patient and strict teacher who is huge and an expert on pro wrestling. Anyone who’s willing to listen and learn, I highly recommend Thetallwrestler!



Jefary is recommended by thetallwrestler

had a fun time teaching this guy a few basics of proper ring commercial pro wrestling - was a blast!



thetallwrestler is recommended by RoninWarrior

I'm really glad I got to meet up with thetallwrestler in the ring and learn a thing or two about pro wrestling. It was a really fun experience to lock up with someone who really knows their stuff. He's a great guy to meet with if you get the chance.



RoninWarrior is recommended by thetallwrestler

I had a great time introducing 'Roninwarrior' to the art of commercial-style proper pro wrestling. He was great fun, a great, nice and friendly guy, and definitely has potential to get into pro, with a good natural ability to sell. Also he is a really nice guy so if he get the chance to meet, you should!



thetallwrestler is recommended by hotprofanmuscle

Nice guy
great pro coach
looks amazing
don't miss this big man



hotprofanmuscle is recommended by thetallwrestler

Mr 'Hotprofanmuscle' is a great guy who had a thoroughly good go at learning some basics of pro wrestling in the ring. Made some progress! Great conversation and a very decent and friendly chap too.



thetallwrestler is recommended by Willuk

Had a great time with thetallwrestler! He's as tall and built as he looks! He really knows his stuff. We met for a ring wrestle and he taught me the basics of pro wrestling as I was a complete novice in the pro world. He was friendly, easy to get along with and encouraging. A proper gent. Would definitely recommend if you have any interest in pro wrestling!



Willuk is recommended by thetallwrestler

I met Will to give him an intro to the world of (proper) pro wrestling in the ring. Will is a really lovely young man, easy to chat to and easy to get along with. He had a really good go, enjoyed himself and once he overcome his natural shyness made great progress - he has good potential even if a pro career isn't in the offing just yet! A really nice young man who you should definitely meet if your paths or interests cross.



thetallwrestler is recommended by the duke

I had a great training session with thetallwrestler yesterday. It was hard work and a good cardio exercise session. We worked at my pace and I learned a lot in a short space of time. I would strongly recommend a session if you want to learn the real skills of pro wrestling



the duke is recommended by thetallwrestler

The Duke had a pro wrestling training session and did well in terms of learning (or maybe remembering) some of the basics... Think he enjoyed the workout too!



thetallwrestler is recommended by Gforce199

It has been fun to fight with such a big wrestler, he has taught me the basic movements of pro wrestling in pippas ring, and with his training I could get great improvements in my skills!maybe I can teach him some basics of sub wrestling as well, thanks!



Gforce199 is recommended by thetallwrestler

Jon is a lovely guy with a great body. He is shy but warmed up really nicely and (I hope!) he really enjoyed the basic pro training session that we had. He was beginning to show signs of moving and working like a pro towards the end! Great guy.



thetallwrestler is recommended by Groundcombat

Thetallwrestler is a must-do for anyone who loves good pro action. He really knows his stuff. He really does! On top of that he's a mountain of a man that looks great in pro gear. Lots of fun to work with. Highly recommend and will certainly wrestle again, I hope.



Groundcombat is recommended by thetallwrestler

One word: awesome. An awesome physique, awesome personality and awesome ability in the ring. Great guy, a 'natural' for pro wrestling and if he had the time for training i am sure he could do pro shows with no problem. :)



thetallwrestler is recommended by Greenwich

Had a great time at the Grove park ring with TheTallWrestler, awesome teacher showed me the ropes of pro wrestling and made it fun and enjoyable, really nice guy out the ring too, if your thinking of trying some pro this is your guy



Greenwich is recommended by thetallwrestler

A very nice, friendly lad, and a great guy, who (hopefully) really enjoyed learning a little bit of actual pro wrestling in the ring :)



thetallwrestler is recommended by Lpoolsub

So, a few months ago I took the oppotunity having a few spare hours in London to rock up at this guys place. When the giant guy he is opened the door I knew that I was in for it! He definitely made me work and had me tapping within seconds! Worth the visit!



thetallwrestler is recommended by leanaussiemuscle

He's even bigger than his pictures especially standing toe to toe and he knows his stuff. Strong as an ox and a perfect gentleman off the mats. A fighter not to be missed. Can't wait for the next round!



leanaussiemuscle is recommended by thetallwrestler

Very nice, very athletic, lovely man who I would happily meet (and crush ;-) ) again anytime and anywhere



thetallwrestler is recommended by grovelad

It’s been my pleasure to put on the stripped shirt and referee this guy in a World of Sport pro style bout at the Manchester ring. Thetallwrestler is a really nice and easy going big guy. In the ring he’s a very strong, tough, skilled and safe wrestler. We’ll be getting together for more of the same and I would highly recommend this guy.



grovelad is recommended by thetallwrestler

It was a great pleasure to be refereed by Grovelad, who had his part off to a tee. He was the modern day Max Ward, warning the wrestlers, issuing public warnings, and generally adding brilliantly to some classic pro wrestling muscle-on-muscle action. Great stuff; if you need a pro ref, this is your man!