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Into fit, lean, fun wrestlers. Big fan of matches that feature some cocky trash talk and flexing. Give & take submission and pro fantasy are the favorites these days...competitive bouts are also an option.

Always up for some intense gut punching too.

Bring it on, boys.



  1. USA - Washington D.C., Washington
    Place of residence
  2. USA - New York, New York
    In NYC often
  3. Mexico, Ciudad de México
    (I'm here between 12/30/2018 and 1/02/2019)
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I am willing to travel 500 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 37-year-old Male

Stats: 6'1" (185 cm), 166 lbs (75 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

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tranqwild is recommended by Npdubai

I met with Tranqwild when he visited Dubai. He was not just kind enough to host me, but also let me borrow his wrestling gear. Tranqwild is tall, lean and quite a good looking man, and looks hot in his wrestling gear. He is also very deceptively strong, so watch out. We had a super hot match and I am really looking forward to our next meeting.



Npdubai is recommended by tranqwild

This guy is just as impressive in person as in photos, and much stronger than he looks. We had a great back and forth, which got way more interesting when we introduced oil into the match. Highly recommend this stud for a solid, fun match if you're visiting his city.



Erik Salgado is recommended by tranqwild

a ver si podria comunicar totalmente la diversion que es luchar con este tipo. un luchador super majo....lo pasamos super bien, con una lucha que duro varias horas. el es fuerte y tranquilo a la vez, una combinacion peligroso. fuera de la lucha, es un tipo muy amable. le agradezco mucho por haberme demostrado unas partes de su ciudad tan hermosa. hasta la proxima puedo esperar.



tranqwild is recommended by alphalean

After months of taunting and trashing talking, I finally met up Tranqwild for our highly-anticipated match. The super pleasant, chill, and fit attractive lad quickly transforms into a fierce competitor once the gear is on. Probably one of the most intense matches I’ve had in a while, but also one of the most fun! Surprisingly, we went for a few hours without there being a clear victor or any submits after months of trash talk. This means that we have no other choice but to lock up again in DC or NYC. I look forward to the next bout and highly recommend if you have an opportunity to square off against this one.



alphalean is recommended by tranqwild

The review of this stud is way overdue. We had a great, extremely fast-paced match in NYC. He was easy to coordinate with and the level of trash talk (which lasted for months) did not disappoint. His photos don't lie...sculpted like an adonis and much tougher than I thought he would be. I won't reveal who dominated the match, but I think one of us really enjoyed being slightly submissive. You figure it out. Next match, he'll be tapping multiple times.



tranqwild is recommended by MDWrestle98

Wrestling with Tranqwild has been an amazing and hot experience. This recommendation is a bit late. However, I am still feeling the exhaustion from wrestling him. He is quite charming to talk to and is hospitable as all hell. I cannot wait for Round Two.



MDWrestle98 is recommended by tranqwild

Wrestling this compact stud was worth the wait. From singlets to speedos, he looks amazing in gear and we were able to go a few rounds of fun promission. He's a newbie, but learning quickly and it'll be great to see him develop in both skill and cockiness. If you enjoy wrestling lean muscle guys who can take some punishment (and dish it out), this is your guy. Looking forward to round 2.



tranqwild is recommended by calad100

Really enjoyed meeting this guy today and had a fun wrestle with him during his visit to London. We both worked up quite a sweat as we grappled to dominate the other with some punishing holds. Would definitely recommend meeting him if you get the chance.



tranqwild is recommended by Mat submission wrestling

When we set a date for our long awaited match, I'd admit I started to second guess if it was a good idea or whether I'd end up being a jobber, but by the end of the match, my hand was raised with a gd score of 7-4, tranq-jobber let me know when your back if you dare for round 2. Also another opponent who failed to make me tap out to a bearhug



tranqwild is recommended by SubmissionMSCL

This hot guy is a handful...takes abuse as well as he doles out! Very cocky once he gets a schoolboy pin...better when you turn it around on him. Solid headscissors and RNC's....and of course his abs took a pounding. Looking forward to his returning to Boston.



SubmissionMSCL is recommended by tranqwild

This stud is the real deal. The cocky attitude, the wrestling skill, that BODY. The match was a great back and forth and I'm looking forward to the next meet up. He's also very hospitable and forgiving (biz meetings kept me tied up a little longer than expected), and an all-around great opponent. Hit this muscle boy the next time you're in Boston for a hot match.



tranqwild is recommended by PinOrTapAtl

Super sexy and in great cardio shape. Tough guy who sprang back from every sub ready for another. Definitely recommend!!!



PinOrTapAtl is recommended by tranqwild

Seasoned technician with a great mat setup. He knows how to dish out the pain continuously and keeps a match as competitive as you can take. And a heavy trash talker to boot :-)



tranqwild is recommended by libertine109

I had a chance to meet with tranqwild while he's in Toronto. We had a really fun match. He's very agile and quick to apply holds (after holds!) He's also a great guy off the mat. I definitely recommend him, and I'd love to wrestle him again!



libertine109 is recommended by tranqwild

A tough jobber who put up a great fight. This guy is skilled and doesn't tap easily (if at all). But he can take lots of punishment, and his abs are a great spot to dish it out. Friendly and super-accommodating; if you get the chance to meet up with him in Toronto, definitely take it.



tranqwild is recommended by toprosub

This match was a long time in the making but was definitely worth it. He's strong with a real solid lean frame. Those arms and legs will wrap you up before you even know they're coming. Off the mats he's super easy going and a lot of fun to hang out with. Hopefully it won't be as long until our next battle.



toprosub is recommended by tranqwild

Where to start with this guy? We've kept in touch for years and I finally made it up to take him on. I was not disappointed. He's seriously strong...full stop. At one point, a 3-way match turned into a 2-on-1 and he effectively held his own against both of us. In addition to great skills on the mat, he's a superb host and a great guy all around. I couldn't give this guy a higher recommendation. He's the real deal in a battle and a great guy to boot.



tranqwild is recommended by DancerDC

I've had two fun sessions with this guy. Lots of strong (safe) grappling, hot flexing, and serious abs punching. I'm definitely looking forward to my next chance to roll with him!



tranqwild is recommended by Wrsl150

Long, lean and fun to wrap up! I met with tranqwild a couple times and thoroughly enjoyed wrestling and spending a little time with him. He's got a great body to wrestle; strong, flexible and open to taking as much as he gives. You would not be disappointed!



tranqwild is recommended by pshawfocus

Met this very handsome guy in Washington DC. He wanted to explore some gut punching and we had a great introductory session. He has a wonderful, strong physique, is happy to give and take and is charming and engaging on / off the mats. I'm not a wrestler but doubtless he's good - highly recommended.



pshawfocus is recommended by tranqwild

awesome gut punching session. he's skilled and really takes his time with applying several different levels of speed and force. he's got a hot set of abs that are also ripe for receiving some punishment. highly recommended.