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seeking more wrestling buddies. please feel free to get acquainted. Into most types of matches, submission or jobber vs heel matches. Loves a long and sweaty match.

Hoping to reconnect with old opponents too :)



  1. Singapore, Singapore
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Age: 32-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 141 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken: Chinese, English, Malay

Gear: Speedos, Briefs

Submission Submission
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Start of membership: 7/26/2012 10:46 AM


zulkarnain is recommended by Muscleboy91

Great jobber....very strong rear naked choke and love to be dominated...... can bear lots of pain awesome guy



Muscleboy91 is recommended by zulkarnain

Had a sweaty and hot session with this muscle jock when he was in Singapore during a stop over. As mentioned, he has a great body and physique and is easily capable of overpowering most guys.

once he wraps those arms around your neck, there’s nowhere you can go! hope to meet you again soon!



zulkarnain is recommended by hapwrestler

He's a guy who likes to be dominated. Despite countless submissions i did on him, he is quite resilient in attempts to exhaust me.

Besides that, he's a kind soul. He cares more about his hairstyle than fighting with you. ...



hapwrestler is recommended by zulkarnain

what an awesome meet-up! hapwrestler has an awesome physique and is relentless in making you submit, and you’re sure to feel the powerful squeeze and pressure from those muscles! 💪🏽

when not wrestling, he has a great, easy going personality and a great guy to joke with. highly recommended! hope we meet again ☺️



zulkarnain is recommended by Andrey

Intense and aggressive match. Was trapped by his legs a couple of times. He is a competitive wrestler. Wrestling aside, he is a nice person with a friendly personality.



Andrey is recommended by zulkarnain

awesome match. intense and sweaty. he definitely knows his technical and freestyle stuff. I had to move faster to keep up with his speed, but hey I got you good a couple of times didn't I? :P

Other than that, he's a really friendly dude with a great personality! :)



zulkarnain is recommended by Madj

What a great guy! Gracious host, he patiently guided me along as we fought in a heel/jobber match. He really likes to be headscissored and lasts long in that hold. Friendly chatty guy off the mats too! Cant wait for the next match with him!



Madj is recommended by zulkarnain

it was an impromptu meet-up but a fun one indeed! He's strong and will be a very mean heel one day! Do meet up with him if you're looking a good fight :)



zulkarnain is recommended by gemini92

Update (May 2017) Met up Zul again and it was yet another great, sweaty and steamy match. I've improved slightly since the last time and it was definitely much more fun this time round. The match was aggressive and there was plenty of trash-talking and submission/sleeper holds. looking forward to our next match.


Highly recommended. He was the first guy I met from this site and he was really nice. He was very patient in guiding me as it was my first time really doing wrestling with another guy in such a context. The match was nice, sweaty and tough and definitely learnt a lot.

He's strong and has a nice body and also very easy to talk to. Highly recommended for sure and it was an excellent first experience. :)



gemini92 is recommended by zulkarnain


Met Gemini again in May 2017. 2nd time round, even sweatier, intense and hotter match. He's definitely getting better, and that was evident through the intense match that we had! Off the mats, he has an easy going personality and I'm definitely looking for more matches with him :)

Highly recommended! He's actually great for someone who's new to wrestling. Has a willingness to learn, a great body and an easy going personality. Definitely enjoyed our sweaty match! Hope I didn't go too hard on you :P

I very much look forward to our future sessions. Want a rematch? :P



zulkarnain is recommended by g9988

Zul was the person who brought me into the world of wrestling and also to this meetfighters site. Can't thank him enough for that.

We had our first match back in 2011 and man his enthusiasm for wrestling never cease. Do link up with him if you are looking for a wrestling match.



g9988 is recommended by zulkarnain

first of all, thank you for your kind words! I always enjoy meeting this dude and in fact he has gotten better! Beware of his scissorholds, you won't wanna get trapped in for very long! Hope we have more matches in the future dude!



zulkarnain is recommended by litewt78

Hot match in skimpy gear.. ;-) looking forward to another trip here. Definitely worth meeting up with this guy.



litewt78 is recommended by zulkarnain

Very friendly dude, met him for wrestle during his short stopover in Singapore. We had a good wrestle :)



zulkarnain is recommended by wrestlefag75

Friendly guy and we had a pleasure wrestling session.looking forward meeting him again.



wrestlefag75 is recommended by zulkarnain

Strong and friendly guy :)
Love his bodyslam and bearhugs!!



zulkarnain is recommended by wrestleindo

having so much fun with him, if u're going to SG u should wrestle with him ! get ur sweat all over ur body with him .. nice erotic movement too :)



wrestleindo is recommended by zulkarnain

had a match with this dude when he was in Singapore for a holiday. Great guy to be with, definitely a strong opponent!! great fun to be with!


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