Welcome to MeetFighters!

MeetFighters.com is a social web and personals site for people who share an interest in anything related to wrestling, fighting or the people who do it. Our intention is to let people meet and get to know each other.

Our site is new.
There are other wrestling sites on the world wide web.
We believe we can do better.

How is Our Site Different?

We believe our site is better because we offer something that other sites do not.

It's International

On our site, you can register your name with your own country's writing system and you are not limited to latin (or just plain unaccented) alphabetic characters. So if you come from Greece and your name is Αλέχανδρος (Alexandros) you can sign up as such. Or, if your name is Станислав, you don't need to "latinize" it as Stanislav (or Stan :)

We try to display height and weight metrics in terms you understand. Your American friend could enter his height in feet and inches, and you will see it automatically converted to centimeters, and vice versa.

We do our best to speak your language: we are trying to expand our website with additional translations. Our translation relies on volunteers helping us out. If you would like to help translate MeetFighters to your language, please let us know.

We adjust our clock to your timezone too. Once you log in, you will see dates and times adjusted to your timezone, and not the timezone of a server that is possibly a few hours ahead or behind you.


Geared For The Audience

We want to create a site with the right feature set for a wide range of people. Granted, we cannot satisfy every wish and desire, but we do try to make the site useful for you. We are willing to listen to our users' feature requests too.

Our features include: a rich profile (you can even embed youtube videos!) blogs, a forum and Chat. You can perform advanced searches to find the right person.



It's Free

Unlike some other websites, we understand that you are not here for our benefit. We are here for yours. We also understand that for websites such as ours the "product" is not the fancy design or feature set: it's the people who are registered here. Therefore we do not and will not charge for browsing and messaging other registered users.

In fact, we do not plan to make money from this site. We do take donations, but there is no obligation for any member to give us their money. Donors receive some extra perks that are not integral to using the site.

The basic feature set (meeting people) will always remain free.


We are Enthusiasts

We make this site because we like wrestling and we want a better website for ourselves. We are not here because we want to sell you videos or supplements or other corporate products.

For this reason we promise to give you a functional site that serves you. We are not going to annoy you with pages chock full of seizure-inducing flash ads.