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Looking for wrestling hook ups. All offers considered.



  1. United Kingdom, Hastings
    (I'm here between 1/27/2018 and 1/27/2026)
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Age: 51-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Speedos

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boddyprett1 Johnrpage kingj Petra_Wrestler


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Petra Wrestler is recommended by grappleu2

Met Petra on one of her earliest trips to London. As you can imagine from her background she is extremely strong but also very fast and skilful. Had a great session with her. Recommended.



grappleu2 is recommended by kingj

Met with grappleu2 for the first time yesterday after messaging for some time. It was well worth the wait. We had a couple of sessions and both ended up very sweaty which made them all the more enjoyable. The sessions though were bothr too short and I hope we can meet again soon for a longer time. Thoroughly recommended for a safe, fun and sweaty grapple.



kingj is recommended by grappleu2

Had a very enjoyable and very sweaty grapple with John yesterday. He is a lovely guy, very strong and durable. I am looking foward to a rematch.



grappleu2 is recommended by Johnrpage

Peter and l had a good, energetic tussle. We were well-matched in skill and had great fun.
A re-match will be good.



Johnrpage is recommended by grappleu2

John is a very nice guy and a considerate host. We had a very enjoyable and closely contested wrestle at his place. I am looking forward to doing it again. Recommended.



grappleu2 is recommended by boddyprett1

Hosted a great meet with Grappleu2
After a closely fought and very testing arm wrestling contest we then had an excellent wrestling match.
I certainly had my work cut out coping with his strength and wrestling ability and It developed into a very hard and sweaty contest and by the time the final deciding submission was gained we were both absolutely exhausted.
A very interesting chat and much needed refreshments rounded off an excellent day and I can thoroughly recommend Grappleu2 as a great opponent.



boddyprett1 is recommended by grappleu2

I took Rob on at his excellent wrestling room. We had a great battle at arm wrestling followed by a long hard fought wrestling bout that went to the final fall. A gentleman off the mats and a safe and sane opponent on them I thoroughly recommend him.