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  1. Denmark, Københavns Kommune
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30-year-old Male / 5'11" (180 cm) / 179 lbs (81 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Romanian


Hello there :)
Did Judo and Kickboxing for a couple of years, but now more into wrestling
Looking for some great people for awesome matches
P.S: Yes, muscle worshiping is hot, anyone else thinks the same? :)

Update: Staying in Copenhagen for 2 years. Hopefully I will find guys to have cool matches :P

Ask away :D



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai
Judo Judo

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Arm wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a jobber
Fetishes: Want sex, Cock fighting, Foot fetish, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 1/08/2020



Andrew21 is recommended by Nordic Wrestler

This review is long overdue (Andrew, sorry about).
Andrew is a strong and skilled wrestler. I am glad that I had the chance to wrestle with him, we had a fantastic fight, one of my best fights.
Andrew is a handsome, very friendly guy off the mat. But on the mat he is a fighter with the will to beat you. Full of energy, with strong arms and legs (so better avoid to be scissored by him). This guy is really tough, to wrestle him was a real challenge and so much fun.
Don't pass up the chance to wrestle him when you are in Copenhagen. Highly recommended!
Looking forward to our next fight



Nordic Wrestler is recommended by Andrew21

A really strong opponent ! He knows his moves and can put you down in seconds- and keep you there :P

It was a pleasure to fight him! Looking forward to a rematch!
One of the greatest fight I have had here in a long time!!



Andrew21 is recommended by muscsydney

This guy is quick and strong. He's 'muscled up' quite a bit from some of his pics so be warned. He was a good solid challenge and i'd enjoy a rematch anytime.



muscsydney is recommended by Andrew21

This guy is a powerhouse. Muscular and very strong! He might say that he's a newbie, but he can really pin you down if you are not careful !
Looking forward to a rematch sometime



Andrew21 is recommended by muscldfighter

Keen fighter and wrestler. Has a distinct advantage in reach and height!
Also building up in the gym now and he'll be an even tougher fighter then! Watch out for his legs!
Friendly reliable and helpful kid
who you should meet up if in Copenhagen.



Andrew21 is recommended by Guysmiley

6-9-2016: it's been 3 years since I last met with Andrei. That was in Paris/London. This time in Copenhagen. Since our first meet, he has muscled up quite a bit, expanded chest, beautiful biceps and quads that bulge. His desire hasn't changed and I didn't fail showing him old man strength. We spent several hours working each other over, but in the end, he was again taught his lesson. Maybe next time young Jedi knight.

What a wonderful, intelligent young man, and well built as well. His desire was to see how an older man like myself would last against a young, virile buck such as himself. And how quickly he could be beaten. I am glad to say he learned both from me. A meeting in NYC in the future is already talked of with him working hard to improve and see if the outcome changes. Looking forward to it my young Jedi knight.



Andrew21 is recommended by StrongGrapplerLondon

A strong, tough, friendly guy. Rematch definitely on the cards.



Andrew21 is recommended by Bennyfighter

Great guy with legs like weapons! Strong and sexy, how i like it!
Was great fun on the matz and a sweaty match.

Also good conversations off the matz! Hope for a rematch some day!!!



Bennyfighter is recommended by Andrew21

A strong fighter, killer leg user I have to say, have to be careful.
A great guy and host off the mats.
One of the best matches I had and hope to meet him again.



Andrew21 is recommended by vince 29

A very nice and dedicated guy, who is gonna be stronger and even more skilled soon.

Yeah, i was right. Met him again half a year later, and he is growing :) Strong arms and great fighting spirit. Looking forward to next time!!



vince 29 is recommended by Andrew21

A really strong guy. It was awesome to wrestle with him



musclesurfer is recommended by Andrew21

A really great guy, was nice meeting him
Pics dont do him justice :P
Had a couple of different matches (boxing, mma, wrestling) he won...
Really strong and resistant
Hope to fight again soon



Andrew21 is recommended by enflinkfyr

Andrew is a very kind and honest person. It was fun to wrestle him.



Andrew21 is recommended by Belgianjudoka

Andrei is a very nice and sexy guy. It was a pleasure dominating him :-)



Belgianjudoka is recommended by Andrew21

A really really great guy to have a match with :D