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Enjoy the physical contact and workout from a good wrestling match. It would be great to find an opponent to wrestle with regularly. I like to enjoy the match as we compete to see who is the better wrestler all while having a lot of fun. Please be height and weight proportioned.



  1. Panama, Las Tablas
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Age: 65-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (172 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: singlets, shorts, speedo

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Animal52 is recommended by FlDean2012

Animal was fun to wrestle and hope i will get a chance to wrestle him again. We live apart from each other so its not going to be easy but you never know. If you see him around, wrestle him.



FlDean2012 is recommended by Animal52

Dean and I have wrestled at least twice and he is a fun opponent who keeps the match at his opponents skill level. He knows his moves; he is surprisingly strong; and keeps the match moving along. Not only is he a good opponent to wrestle, but he is also a very good host. I highly recommend a match with him should you be in the Ft. Lauderdale area. I miss our matches since moving out of the country. :-(



Animal52 is recommended by briansp

Bob was gracious enough to host our match. We had a great time rolling and exchanging holds. He's good and strong - and a fun match. Bob is a super nice guy off the mats as well - unfailingly polite. I understand he may be moving soon, but if you ever get the chance don't miss out!



briansp is recommended by Animal52

What a great time wrestling with Brian. He is strong as an ox; has stamina that won't stop; knows some great holds; and has a sinister smile throughout the match that keeps his opponent guessing what's coming next. Brian keeps the pace at his opponent's level. I had a blast working up a good sweat and tiring my muscles out wrestling with him. I highly recommend him. He'll make your time on the mats well worth it and you'll have fun the whole time.



Animal52 is recommended by kevin patrick

Great fun and fantastic wrestler. Had a lot of fun.



kevin patrick is recommended by Animal52

Kevin is a great wrestler with a lot of skill and a great personality. He wrestles to his opponent's ability and makes sure that both have a great time. His stamina is amazing and he's quite creative throughout the match. I'm looking forward to some more rounds with him and his tag team partner. I highly recommend him.



Animal52 is recommended by BDsubmit

Don't let the name frighten you off. Animal is a fun gracious host. His mat set up is terrific; and he is a worthy opponent on those mats. You will walk away with a great sweaty work out and a fun experience.



BDsubmit is recommended by Animal52

I can highly recommend BDsubmit He is everything his profile says and more. He is stronger than an ox, respectful of limits, creative in his moves and smiles throughout the match. I can guarantee you'll have a good time if you wrestle him and you will come away sweaty, tired and wondering what happened. A word to the wise: Don't let the age fool you. He's better and stronger than most guys half his age.



Animal52 is recommended by liketowrestle

Had a fantastic time with Animal52, he is a nice guy and lots of fun both on and off the mats! I have wrestled him a few times now and have had lots of fun! He is in good shape, strong and just loves a good match on the mats! He is a genuine guy and recommend him to anyone visiting his area!



liketowrestle is recommended by Animal52

We met up again to wrestle November 20, 2014, and it was better than the the first time. Liketowrestle keeps the match at your level, has a ton of moves he likes to use, and is willing to teach you along the way. We had a great time wrestling and burned a lot of calories. And off the mats he is a great guy and good friend. I'm already looking forward to his return visit for another match. I highly recommend a match with him.