Member since 13.6 years
Age 61
Height 5'7" (169 cm)
Weight 161 lbs (73 kg)
Gender Male
Orientation Bisexual
Gear speedos, singlets, shorts, jocks, nude
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  1. Spain, Zizur Mayor/Zizur Nagusia

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Submission Submission
Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Outdoors fights, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Massage

Fetishes: Want sex, Wrestle for top, Jackoff, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Cock fighting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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I am a masculine guy looking for man2man contact. Nothing hotter than 2 men entangled fighting for dominance. good fight and good sex.
Wanna wrestle?


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Pecador is recommended by frank103

This guy is a beast. We had a super hot time together with mixed of all kinds of fights including cockfight! We fought all over the room till we exhausted. High recommended if you got a chance.



frank103 is recommended by Pecador

We had a very good time this afternoon in his hotel room
We did many things all around enjoying each other company
Nice guy. Good person to meet.



Pecador is recommended by Natwing

Pecador is a great challenge and a very enjoyable opponent on the mats. He clearly loves wrestling and everything he does shows it, both in his demeanor and in his style. Strong upper body and legs, he applies his holds with a lot of force and follow through. Will look forward to the next match with him. He also is a great guy off the mats, funny, intelligent and yet very relaxed and down to earth. Highly recommended.



Natwing is recommended by Pecador

We meet in Chicago 7/30 and it was a hot and sweaty afternoon with this tall wrestler. I enjoy every moment that we were together.
Very nice and talkative person in and out the mats. Great guy and highly recommended



Pecador is recommended by SeattleWrestler3

Pecador and I wrestled several times over two days. It was an excellent challenge. He enjoys submission wrestling and is strong and good. Highly recommended.



SeattleWrestler3 is recommended by Pecador

Oh what can I say!!! SeattleWrestler3 and I spent 2 days wrestling back and forth. We were challenging each other in and out the mats so we were always wanting to come back to the mats and rolling around more and more.
Highly recommended , don’t hesitate to meet him when possible.
Hope we cross horns again stud.



Had a hot and sweaty afternoon with this Spaniard. Jorge was such a good time to hang with can't wait for his return



Pecador is recommended by Jabi

Mi esperado y deseado encuentro con Pecador no defraudó en absoluto. Imposible para mí acercarme a ponerle difícil la lucha.
Ha sido un placer haber compartido este encuentro y espero algún día que me de la revancha en mi terreno de juego. Absolutamente recomendable.Y sin duda alguna excelente anfitrión.



Pecador is recommended by Blazer

Pecador is an eager and skilled wrestler. On his visit to Miami, he drove to Ft Lauderdale to meet me, and take me on in a non stop wrestling match. True to his word, he is dependable and on time, equipped to wrestle. Very nice guy, easy to hang with, total fun. So glad I had the opportunity to meet him after months of talking, where we finally laid it on the line today. Hope to get a rematch on his next US visit. Great guy, highly recommend him!



Blazer is recommended by Pecador

After months of talking and talking, we finally met for a very fun afternoon of wrestling. Blazer is a very nice guy and great host. I really enjoyed my first match with him. We wrestled several rounds while watching wrestling videos to add more fun. He is a tough guy on the mats. I highly recommend him for a match. Looking forward to meeting him again



Pecador is recommended by AD idf

we passed very good time on and outside mat. he is strong but very friendly. a very perfect guest.
thanks for all. just hope we can meet again soon.
If you have the occasion to meet him don't esitate



AD idf is recommended by Pecador

After months of chatting, I had a pleasure in meeting ad_idf.
We had a very very good time rolling around for hours
Very nice guy in and out the mat, strong, skilled and a great person
Looking forward for a rematch
Highly recommended



Pecador is recommended by Paul Vincent

Ce sympathique gars vaut le voyage.
Râblé, avec une musculature très puissante, expérimenté dans la lutte nue, le tout allié à une volonté de dominer maximum et à une virilité affirmée. Cet ensemble caractérise ce mec au nom imprononçable correctement par un français. Une seule solution est de chercher à l'étouffer si par le plus grand des hasards vous êtes dessus. Et ne vous fiez pas trop à son gabarit, j'ai eu l'impression qu'il faisait 100 kg tant il peut serrer.
Enfin si comme lui, vous avez coché la case "cherche sexe", pour lui "le sexe avec un homme est un combat". La lutte fut très disputé et longue mais finalement ses bras, ses abdos et son expérience de la lutte nue ont fait la différence. Évidemment il était super excité par le combat et comme perdant j'ai dû mesurer sa longueur, sa dureté, son intensité, longtemps et pas avec les mains...



Pecador is recommended by FlDean2012

Pecador was an excellent guy. I enjoyed every moment that we were together. Just wished we were closer in distance so we could have a match more often but the time I spent was priceless. If you know where he is going to be or traveling to his parts of the world then you want to set up a match and have a great time.



FlDean2012 is recommended by Pecador

Awesome guy, strong, tough, pretty skilled and handsome too. We met twice in Florida on 2012 and 2013 and we had hard and aggressive matches. He controlled me most of the time but we really had a very competitive battle. If you have the chance to meet him up, don´t miss the opportunity to fight him. You won´t be dissapointed. Nice person in and out of the mat. Looking forward to our third fight.



Pecador is recommended by newstravel

Jorge is a great buddy, I got him at the last minute and be surprise on my great town of Pamplona on and raining day and .. he got what he wanted .. to be beaten .. jeje Had good time with him on the mat because of his tenacity and passion for this sport. In addition he is
great host, nice person and good wrestler-



newstravel is recommended by Pecador

Miguel is an awesome wrestler, strong, quick, smart, enthusiastic and very very skilled. He gave me one of the best match I`ve had in my short life wrestling. He knows how to wrestle and what to do at any moment. He has a very good technique and stamina always determined to win. I couldn’t do almost anything during the match but I really enjoyed it A LOT and I am looking forward to meeting him again for more battles. If you want a real good him. Highly recommended. Thanks for everything.



Pecador is recommended by calwrestler

I met wrest69sex and we had some terrific matches
He is really strong and knows his moves…….great fun and very sexy, muy simpatico



Pecador is recommended by judokamad

es fuerte y muy hábil
todo un buen luchador, para pasar un buen rato
lo pasaras genial
ademas es un tio estupendo y muy divertido



judokamad is recommended by Pecador

Uno de los mejores luchadores de la web, del país y del mundo.
Con mucha experiencia, fuerza y destreza, además de buen coach.
Fuera del tatami es el amigo perfecto para salir, compartir, reírse y pasar MUY MUY MUY buenos momentos en su compañía.
100% recomendable.
No dejes de conocerle si estás cerca.



Pecador is recommended by g6fighter

We are in contact since 2009. Finally we could meet and I have not looked back, except that I'm not already come rather to Bilbao. You were really a strong challenge for me. Sure, I'm heavier and larger than you. But I have to say without envy that you're a great, strong and horny and very well built athletic fighter. Horny strong Bizepese and legs, muscular chest - which has already impressed me.
We had the opportunity to go to the mat two times, and it was oily sweaty long hard fights. We gave everything and fought to total exhaustion. Great also that we agree in our ideas and preferences about a fight man against man.
Not to mention, even outside of the mat You're a very nice guy and a great guide. I hope that we can someday meet for horny test of strength again.

Estamos en contacto desde el año 2009. Finalmente pudimos conocer y no he mirado hacia atrás, excepto que no estoy ya vienen más bien a Bilbao. Usted fue realmente un gran desafío para mí. Claro, yo soy más pesado y más grande que tú. Pero tengo que decir que sin envidia de que usted es un gran, luchador atlético fuerte y caliente y muy bien construido. Bizepese cachonda fuerte y las piernas, el pecho musculoso - que ya me ha impresionado.
Tuvimos la oportunidad de ir a la lona dos veces, y fue peleas duras largas sudorosas aceitosos. Nos dimos todo y luchamos hasta el agotamiento total. Grande también que estamos de acuerdo en nuestras ideas y preferencias acerca de un hombre que lucha contra el hombre.
Por no hablar, incluso fuera de la colchoneta Eres un tipo muy agradable y un gran guía. Espero que podamos cumplir algún día para el enfrentamiento caliente otra vez. Muy confiable! ¡Muy recomendable!



spladleguy is recommended by Pecador

OH!!! HE is an easy going guy, very good wrestler and good looking too. We are both very competitive and we need a rematch sometime soon to see who´s the better wrestler



Pecador is recommended by Dadfights

Finally, after knowing each other online for years, Jorge and I met on August 10! It was a great time of man to man bonding thru wrestling! Although he was only here with me for 28 hours we packed the time with wrestling! He is a great guy! One of the nicest men I have met and a strong wrestler. I recommend him highly and look forward to the next time we are in the same place at the same time! Not only a great wrestler but also an intelligent guy to talk with, an element missing in some wrestlers!
I'm honored to have met him and count his as one of my friends!!



Dadfights is recommended by Pecador

I met Dadfights in the summer of 2013, after speaking to him on line for years. It was great to meet. He was easy to get along with, and he knows different styles of fighting that makes the match very interesting. I highly recommend him.



Pecador is recommended by Ctgrappler1

Jorge was a great fighter. Very skilled wrestler I enjoyed our competitive alpha battle. We traded tight holds punches and a more than a few hard open handed face slaps just to make the match even more intense . Jorge knows how to be competitive without being out of control. The match was exactly what we described a rough back and forth between two Latin gladiators that unfortunately was hampered by a small fighting space. During and after the fight we had intense cockfights going on. I can't wait to fight this handsome man again he's a great guy that's all male. Gonna punch the fuck out of you Jorge!:) xo



Ctgrappler1 is recommended by Pecador

Fabian is very strong and skilled wrestler/fighter. We had a long and rough fight that I enjoyed very much. The fight was a draw so we need to meet and fight again to decide who the real man is. Bring it on Fabian!!!!!!



Pecador is recommended by Ftlfightr

Had great time. Strong in shape guy. Looking forward to rematch.



Ftlfightr is recommended by Pecador

Nice guy, tough, good wrestler, strong and always ready.
Looking forward to rematch even harder



Pecador is recommended by juan carlos rejona

Lo pasé estupendo con wrest69sex, no sólo nos dimos bastante caña sino que, además, me enseñó varias llaves, cosa que no suele ser tan habitual entre otras cosas por falta de tiempo.
Está fuerte y resiste lo que le echen. Muy recomendable experiencia que espero repetir, si él está dispuesto y pueda volver por Madrid.



Pecador is recommended by ulises007

this guy is full of stamina and testosterone ,a real macho who likes wrestling and hot matches, he looks really great ,hot body and male attitude in the mats
I really enjoyed our meeting and i willing to see him again
he is a must if you look for fun and competitive matches
totally recommended ,he is the number 2 in my own top ten



Pecador is recommended by Guysmiley

First, let me say a public thank you for being such a gracious host in Pamplona. Your recommendations helped make the trip what it was. Being good looking, strong, skilled, and a fine opponent only added to the experience. I recommend him to everyone on any level.



Pecador is recommended by wrestling coach

What a very pleasant surprise.... handsome, strong, muscular, intelligent, better than his pictures. His hand was still recovering from surgery, so there was no full out fighting, and we had to constantly catch ourselves slipping over the nasty competitive edge. I had to get him to use the BJJ 'TAP' because I did not understand the Spanish for 'STOP'. But just what we were able to do motivates me to challenge him again soon. He is definitely a mano e mano warrior type with lots of added attributes that make him one of the hottest packages I have ever met. His smile alone will melt you.



Pecador is recommended by JUDOMARS

GREAT past opponent, we fight like demons... and grappling was with some very nice mutual punches... highly recommended! fight, armwrestling, tests of strenght, cockfights, in all we had real maletomale matches, in hard way. And was such a nice guy out of mat...



JUDOMARS is recommended by Pecador

Judomars has my full recommendation. Similar to what so many others have said, he was a GREAT past opponent. We fought like two men possessed, grappling, punching, armwrestling and cockfighting for hours and hours. A real male vs. male war. Judomars was also very nice off the mat. Make time to go fight him



Pecador is recommended by Wrestleboyjoey

Hmmm... he claims to be "good fight and good sex"... OK I will leave that bit alone! :) Seriously, he is one of my favorite people, and not just on the mat. He is very passionate, and quite a character, as those who are fortunate enough to know him will attest. He did travel a long way just to wrestle me, as I did for him. 'Nuff said! :)



Wrestleboyjoey is recommended by Pecador

I had a GREAT time with Joey. He is an AMAZING person and a good wrestler. I have wonderful memories of our group meet in Madrid, and I am waiting for my chance to meet him again in the future. He is a very reliable and a passionate wrestler.



Pecador is recommended by hammersmithuk

great guy..good morecam one want..Nice too.