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Just found out this website and I will see what comes out of it. I am a bjj and boxing fighter looking to improve skills and learn some more grappling.

( July 2019) Six months on this website and I meet to most wonderful grappler and wrestlers around. Thank you guys for making this self-learning journey so nice, intense (and sexy at times).
I will now enter on a different phase where I will focus on more competitive fighting. I haven’t left the world of bjj/grappling and MMA behind but for the next years I will focus on boxing and bare knuckle fighting.



  1. United Kingdom, City of Westminster
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 225 lbs (102 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Commamdo is recommended by MisterNoGi

Commamdo is a very nice guy and a great fighter. He is supposed to be pretty new as fighter but in my opinion he is already very good.
This very strong and muscular guy is a challenge on the mat. Apart from his strength, he is also fast and very efficient in counterattack.
He was not at his best when we met, it’s probably why I had a short advantage after a hard match.
Off the mats, it was nice and interesting to talk.
This warrior trains in a club, I can’t wait to face him again for a rematch.
Highly recommended.

Commamdo est un gars très sympa et un excellent combattant. Il est supposé être nouveau au combat mais, à mon avis, il est déjà très bon.
Ce gars très fort et musclé est un défi sur le tapis. En plus de sa force, il est également rapide et très efficace en contre-attaque.
Il n’était pas à son meilleur quand nous nous sommes rencontrés, c’est probablement la raison pour laquelle j’ai eu un avantage après un match acharné.
En dehors des tapis, c'était agréable et intéressant de parler.
Ce guerrier s’entraîne dans un club, j’ai hâte de lui faire face à nouveau pour une revanche.
Hautement recommandé.



MisterNoGi is recommended by Commamdo

MisterNoGi is an excellent fighter. We met in Paris for a fight and he brought chocolate croissants with him. I was a bit slow that day due to a strong muscle strain but we still manage to fight twice.
I gave him a hard time but in the end he submit me twice.
We spoke about work and obviously about the grappling world.
He is very respectful and surely a great guy to fight with.

MisterNoGi est un excellent combattant. Nous nous sommes rencontrés à Paris pour une bagarre et il a apporté des croissants au chocolat avec lui. J'étais un peu lent ce jour-là en raison d'une forte tension musculaire, mais nous parvenons toujours à nous battre deux fois.
Je lui ai donné du fil à retordre, mais il a fini par me soumettre deux fois.
Nous avons parlé de travail et évidemment du monde de la lutte.
Il est très respectueux et sûrement un bon gars avec qui se battre.



Commamdo is recommended by daniellibra1986

We met via our common opponent on the site, and it was a very enjoyable roll between us, I enjoy every moment of our roll, a lot of techniques exchanges and definitely, a good workout, great legs (which always a turn on for me), strong shoulder, and Commamdo balance his strength and techniques during out roll. While maybe a beast on the mats but nevertheless a nice gentleman off the mats when we had a enjoyable meal and chat. I am very much already Looking for our rematch when I back to UK



daniellibra1986 is recommended by Commamdo

Daniellibra1986 is a really sweet guy.i enjoyed a bit of wrestling with him when he was in London at the end of his sabbatical.
It is very difficult to make Danilibra1986 tap. He is very resistant and very strong.



Commamdo is recommended by AD idf

Commamdo came few days at my home. I am really lucky for that. It was an amazing weekend.

He is really a great guy. We passed good time together to visit Paris, discussed on many subjects, look rugby. He is really friendly respectful. Always happy to meet others.

And we pass many time on mats of course in grappling and some boxing. What a guy. He is massive, really strong arms and upper body, with skills. He give you a really good session on mat, you have to work to make him tap but always with good fight spirit, same, safe. We rolled and exchanged tips and shared techniques a lot. He is always happy to learn more and he learns fast :-).

I really enjoyed our meeting on and outside mats.
I can’t wait to meet him again and again .



AD idf is recommended by Commamdo

Ad_idf invited me to stay at his place in France and grapple on his inhouse purpose built MMA room. It was quite an experience. Ad_idf is the best host you can find. On the mats he is highly technical and always ready to teach you new skills. He is also great boxer. Very sane but tough gentleman.
He is an awesome person. We went to watch rugby together and he cocked the best French home made food I ever eaten.
Ad-idf is what you can call a proper Knight. He is polite, helpful, competitive when needs to be and caring when it needs to be. Ad_idf has a proper warrior spirit burning inside. Definitively, looking to meet him back as soon as possible.



Commamdo is recommended by Judomonkey

This dude is going to be a monster.
Big, strong, enormous hands, legs of the tree trunk variety... As a white belt he’s determined and keen to get stuck in from the start. That scores very high...
Expect his monster rating to increase as he fills out his game...
Smart chap with a good perspective on this stuff. Hopefully first roll of many...



Judomonkey is recommended by Commamdo

Ha were to start?
Judomonkey was my first contact on Meet the fighters. He is a truly exceptional martial artist.
He really knows his stuff but he won't submit you straight away he will let you try to find out your ways out and he will purposefully let you think you are getting him just to turn the fight around when he feels its time.
Judomonkey is very technically oriented and he is happy to share his knowledge.
Definitely, he is the top dog.



Commamdo is recommended by SPWrestler

Great guy, very friendly. No attitude. Was great to roll with him. He's just starting in no Gi BJJ and he'll be awesome once he's rolled a bit more. Definitely wrestle with him again.



SPWrestler is recommended by Commamdo

Awesome player. Great knowledge of BJJ and no gi wrestling.
Real good sport and nice person to have a conversation with.
I will be definitely looking forward our next fight.



Commamdo is recommended by DenverWrestler

I had the pleasure of meeting this big strong Brazilian guy at a small group meet at Walthamstow. He's currently training in BJJ, but you'd think he's been doing it for years from the skill, power, and speed he brings to the mats. I had no chance against him, but he made the match enjoyable by wrestling safely, not cranking holds on too quickly, and being very polite each time me submitted me. LOL Off the mats he's a great guy to talk to. With his size and strength, along with the skills he's rapidly developing, he'll very soon be one of the toughest guys on this site, and I've wrestled hundreds, so I speak from authority. So if you want any chance to defeat him, you better challenge him soon! Super friendly super skilled, super tough – obviously my top recommendation.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Commamdo

Really nice bloke to wrestle with and a great person to talk to.
He travels to different countries to meet opponents, if he is coming to your country it is definitely a challenge you should accept.



Commamdo is recommended by Solidman

What a guy. He is massive in every sense. Hands, thighs, calves, arms and chest, just a massive hunk of a man.

Yet, he is friendly, respectful, polite, strong, safe and sane. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

We rolled and exchanged tips and shared techniques, and I can’t wait to meet him again :).



Solidman is recommended by Commamdo

Fantastic opponent. The name fits reality and Solidman is really Solid, competitive and tough fighter.
We met for as part of a group in North London and the experience was very rewarding.
Solid man fought one opponent after the other nearly without breaks for the best of two hours.
Very powerful opponent that I want to have the honor of fighting again.