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I’m an easygoing guy, who simply enjoys roughhousing every so often. I identify as a heel as I enjoy dominating my opponent in one sided matches, so I prefer jobbers at the front of the line, especially big guys. I can be competitive, if the chemistry is right. Love to wrestle in jeans or uniform in particular. Prefer to start off play fighting and sizing each other up before getting more serious and competitive. Man on man, getting sweaty and enjoying the physical exertion can be incredibly erotic, though I have no intention of having intercourse with anyone. I always play safe, and limits are respected.

I don’t tolerate rudeness. If you can’t take a simple no for an answer without becoming a jerk I’ll immediately block and report you for abuse. Don’t confuse my friendliness with weakness. I have a life, a job and relationships. I like to schedule matches a week or two in advance when possible. So be patient. I usually can’t just get into a match the first day we speak.

Also love to incorporate certain fetishes I enjoy whenever possible, particularly trampling or squashing my defeated opponent.



  1. USA - Virginia, Addison Heights
    (I'm here between 12/27/2015 and 5/23/2020)
  2. Puerto Rico, Ceiba
    (I'm here between 3/27/2018 and 4/01/2018)
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I am willing to travel 50 miles


Age: 35-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 168 lbs (76 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Shorts, jeans, uniforms

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Ezekiel-Night is recommended by dcsteven

If you are considering a match with Ezekiel-Night - just go for it because I highly recommend him.  As soon as I saw him walking up to my house, I suspected that I was in trouble and was about to get my a$$ handed to me – yes he looked that tough and strong.  Fortunately  appearances were somewhat deceiving - although he is a very strong and talented wrestler, he also respects his opponents limits.  We had both been avoiding the gym and wrestling for a little while, but we had a good time going at it for an hour – in spite of the fact that he pinned me all four times.  We both worked up a good sweat and had a good workout, which is what this is all about.  One of the things that you have to watch out for is that he will attempt to fake you out at the start of the match – he will act like he is lunging at you and then stop, I never determined if it was to keep me off balance or to test my reaction time.  Either way it didn’t matter because, as I’ve said, he consistently pinned me – even though I put up a good fight.  Once again, he couldn’t be nicer and is a safe opponent for those of us that are less skilled.



dcsteven is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

We had engaged in conversation for a couple of months and we finally got a chance to go at it. It was pretty much out of the blue that I happened to have the opportunity today, and was my first match after a few weeks of idleness. I was not disappointed. He was considerably stronger than I anticipated, and has quite a bit of stamina. He’ll definitely work you into a sweat. I can see him easily being a match for more experienced opponents with just a little training. Very friendly off and on the mat with a witty sense of humor. Has a nice massage set up too. Give him a chance. Totally worth it.



Ezekiel-Night is recommended by Schoolboypins

Ezekiel-Night couldn't be nicer. There was no question that he is stronger and far more skilled, but he made sure we both had a good time. If, like me, you're a bit of a jobber, just let him know what works for you and what doesn't and you'll have a great time.



Schoolboypins is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

Schoolboypins likes the simple things and I’m perfectly okay with that. One of things I get off on is pinning a guy down and dominating him. He provided me with the opportunity to indulge myself as he struggled beneath me. He put up a valiant effort to knock me off. Lots of fun. No nonsense and articulates exactly what he’s looking for, which I love. Clean fun.



Ezekiel-Night is recommended by ScrimmageJock

I was super excited to meet Ezekiel-Night and as soon as he walked in I knew both that it was going to be a fun battle and that I was in trouble...he did not disappoint! The guy has that warrior look in his eyes that tells you to prepare to fight...or else. This dude is solid built too. His fight skills, quick movements combined with his rapid fire ‘machine gun’ punches to my abs kept the action quick and I barely recovered from one bout when the next one started. What I didn’t expect was such a tough fighter to be such a nice guy and so in tune with his opponent, dialing the action up and down...really toying with me I think! He has an infectious laugh and tells great stories off the mat - definitely a MUST meet fighter and highly recommended!



ScrimmageJock is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

It took a while to finally schedule a match but it was well worth it. At first glance ScrimmageJock is imposing with his considerable height, and he has a good body. His arms give him a considerable advantage with his reach which meant I had to come well within the “kill zone “ to take him on up close. He’s as strong as you’d expect from his size, and reasonably fast. He likes to learn, and he’s clearly making progress from his matches.

Quick to smile and very friendly as well. I definitely recommend him.



Ezekiel-Night is recommended by rock20087

Best match of the year and definitely one worth waiting for. There's A LOT of power in that 5'7" frame, with amazing technical skills at getting submissions. Fun guy on and off the mats, be prepared for a workout that won't be soon forgotten. A must-have match for grapplers visiting DC, and know you'll be stiff the following day. Highly recommended.



rock20087 is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

We had initially agreed to meet a couple of months ago, but due to an injury I sustained and other life things our match was postponed. After healing up he was my first opponent in over a month of inactivity, and it felt good to get back into it. This guy has some serious stamina and his legs are very strong. He’s pretty good at holding you at bay with just his legs. We grappled for close to an hour, getting soaking wet with the sweat of exertion. Also very open minded and funny as hell. I definitely recommend him as an opponent.



Ezekiel-Night is recommended by RNC23

I wasn't expecting really to have a match today...but was great that it happened with EN!! Didnt take too long to arrange our meet up...and hope it doesnt take too long to meet up again!! Guy was real strong and knew what he was doing! Real easy to get along with off of the mats as well. Appreciate him making the trip...and dealing with my dog haha. Looking forward to meeting up again!



RNC23 is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

I rarely run into someone who can fight me to a standstill, on equal terms and this gentleman did. Very friendly and goofy I really enjoyed my match with him. A major plus is he’s indulgent of your miscellaneous interests, within reason. Definitely recommend going up against him. I hope to do so again. Oh, and his dog is ridiculously adorable.



Ezekiel-Night is recommended by mapuchao1

This man knows his business. Very tough opponent but respectful. It was very fun rumbling with him, won't hesitate having a match again. Very nice man and well built



mapuchao1 is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

Had a real good time with him. Fun, friendly and clean. Open minded to try new things is a huge plus. Puts up a pretty good defense when backed into a corner. Fun to torture once defeated as well 😈



Ezekiel-Night is recommended by Spruceman

Proud to have recruited yet another great fighter over to this site. Hosted him in the matroom (March 6, 2018) and had a super time with him. He is one strong, tough, skilled fighter Don't call it mere wrestling, nor boxing, nor any other single fight sport . This guy is all them wrapped up into one hard-to-impossible-to-overcome fighting machine.

We spent an hour on the mats, with him essentially owning me with his strength, stamina, speed, and skill. No need to teach this "newbie" anything. He will be teaching me – hopefully for the long haul.

(Update March 22, 2018) Don't let his looks fool you. Pound-for-pound, the strongest guy I have ever met – for sheer guts-n-toughness, yet to meet tougher. Underestimate him at you own peril – he'll own you with a big smile. Really nice, no-nonsense man.



Spruceman is recommended by Ezekiel-Night

Had a really good time with Spruceman. I’ve been easing my way back into wrestling and he made me feel right at home. Really cool setup in his basement floormats and padded walls provide a safe environment. Spruceman himself is a strong opponent. Don’t let his age fool you. He has a hell of a grip and an endurance which puts many guys my age to shame. Very friendly, respectful and safe. Give him a try.