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Fit with great stamina, usually take on younger and stronger but open to chat, vers, lets share pics and have safe fun. Tall, stocky, facial haired guys get more attention. Waiting for some competition to step forward and muscular guys to try to work me over



  1. USA - Iowa, West Des Moines
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I am willing to travel 200 kilometers


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'11" (180 cm), 170 lbs (77 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, boxers

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Fisty2019 is recommended by Newbiewrestler

I had a great time wrestling with Fisty. He is very friendly and dependable. He can take some long held holds. I hope we could have the chance to wrestle in the future



Newbiewrestler is recommended by Fisty2019

Had a great time rolling around with Newbiewrestler. He is a super nice guy and has a great body to work out with. He has good strength and I look forward too meeting again in the near future. Don't miss meeting this super guy for a great time both during the match and after



Fisty2019 is recommended by boombambam

Great guy, good defense for a beginner. He's only gonna get better, watch out Iowa.



boombambam is recommended by Fisty2019

Could not find a better new friend! Great learning experience and this guy knows his stuff. He is very strong and a great versatile wrestler for your needs. I look forward to meeting again when I head south on trips.



newrestle is recommended by Fisty2019

Had a great sweaty workout with newrestle in Des Moines. We enjoyed a very even match and his upper body strength was a real tough challenge even though we are similar in size. He is skilled and was able to pin me several times with his strength. He has a solid grapevine and very tough to escape. Great guy and I have really enjoyed gaining a new friend. If you are in Omaha or Des Moines you should contact him for a good time on and off the mat. I am sure we will meet again and I look forward to more workouts.



Fisty2019 is recommended by Jim from Iowa

Hosted Fisty2019 at my place and had a really good sweaty match, kind of combo of pinning and submission to outright exhaustion. I outweigh him by 50 lbs but he was definitely up to the challenge. Good strength and stamina had me begging for rest breaks. Definitely up for more matches, and since he lives close by, hoping it will happen. Highly recommend Fisty2019 for fun, sweaty match.



Jim from Iowa is recommended by Fisty2019

Jim from Iowa is a class act and very skilled wrestler. He is a great host and super guy. It was great to find an experienced wrestler who will challenge you at every angle. I highly recommend Jim for anyone who wants to exhibit superior moves by pin, submit, and other styles. Do not be caught comparing ages as he can dominate any age. I learned a lot from Jim and look forward to future meetings to improve my wrestling.