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  1. USA - Rhode Island, Pawtucket
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


57-year-old Male / 6'2" (188 cm) / 255 lbs (116 kg)

Gear: Shorts - Briefs - Nude


Looking for some wrestling - with or without body punches - naked or clothed - rougher the better. Since I can’t host, firm believer in “When in Rome, do what the Romans do.” Meaning - If I am lucky enough for you to host me, I’m pretty easy-going for playing by house rules.

Feel free to contact me and ask anything else you want to know.



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No holds barred No holds barred

Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Stakes

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GansettBear is recommended by Lumberjack

So, several hours after GansettBear and I finished our match I still have a big stupid grin on my face. This guy, all 6'2" of him is
*good looking
*likes to play rough
*awesome personality
*brought beer and hard lemonade, which he kindly left for the hubby
*went out of his way to actually speak to my husband
*throws a hard punch
*took several good punches and kept on going like it was nothing (Damn)
*just a shit load of fun
*has a cute Boston accent
So, do yourself a favor, meet up with this very strong, intelligent man and have a really good time with a really good man.



Lumberjack is recommended by GansettBear

Do not let the handsome friendly man who greets you on his porch fool you. He’s very personable and very welcoming. However, once he gets you in his set-up, he is all man and quite different.

He knows how to throw a punch and take one as well. The first time I thought I had him and was going down, a harsh reminder that he is a lefty. He threw those punches like his life depended on it - which in some cases it did. Hehehe

Lumberjack is good, doesn’t believe it, but he is. He dishes as much as he takes. I got the better part of him, but not without a fight. In the end, he was the one a little messy.

I hope he enjoys the beer as a consolation prize, but he also deserves them. Trust me, he’s worth taking on and meeting. Good conversation afterwards - nice guy and I WILL meet him again. Get a little rougher next time and have more fun.



GansettBear is recommended by Jrugbyguy53

Definitely a ton of fun loves to hit hard great stamina as well. I love scrapping with this dude take him on if you have the chance.



Jrugbyguy53 is recommended by GansettBear

He’s a big ol’ rough guy who knows how to hit hard. He and I had great match as we are both scrappers. I’ve taken him on a couple of times and will continue to do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. Worth the effort to meet.



GansettBear is recommended by averagejoe

Damn, what a lot of fun. A hard match for me, based on his size and prior experience, but well worth it. We had a blast. He is affable, entertaining, and a lot of fun to be with. In addition, he has a solid supply of power moves from which to draw on. Cannot believe it took us this long to finally throw down, but am looking forward to the rematch, and will not wait anywhere near that long for a second roll. Thanks for a really great time bro.



averagejoe is recommended by GansettBear

This is long overdue. I should have written this shortly after he nearly wore me out. There is nothing "average" about this beast. Although he has had his share of injuries and surgeries, do not underestimate this man's prowess. He may find himself on his back one moment and in a blink of an eye, he can flip you over. When he wants to be in control, he can be and will be. He has the skills which he graciously demonstrated on me and taught me a thing or two. But I got lucky and winded him and stretched him. I can't wait to take him on and take him again.