Member since 9.8 years
Age 49
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 194 lbs (88 kg)
Gender Male
Gear shorts, t-shirt, wrestling masks and singlet
Languages spoken English
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  1. New Zealand, Lower Hutt
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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Online chatting

Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling

Miscellaneous interests: Friendship

Fetishes: Wrestling gear

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Looking for some sane wrestling matches. In good shape, but have limited experience. :) 馃嚦馃嚳 馃嚭馃嚘


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Huttman09 is recommended by dave the jobber

Pleasant friendly guy with a great wrestler's physique, and bloody strong. Uses his strength well and was a very dominant opponent! Remains within safe & sane limits and was someone who liked to have a laugh during the bouts! Sorry to say only managed 2 pins against him, but i'll get you next time, Huttman!!! Highly recommended.



Huttman09 is recommended by wrestlepurc

I had a great time with Huttman09. We had a few falls which I was fortunate enough to win overall but Huttman09 put me through my paces with unmatched strength and tenacity. Plus he looked great in his gear too. Top bloke and hopefully a new friend too. Happy to recommend!



wrestlepurc is recommended by Huttman09

I think this would have to be one of my most enjoyable wrestles to date. Even though I think i may have 'techniquely' lost. Wrestlepurc is a really nice guy, and looked after me extremely well in Queenstown. He has fantastic stamina. L
uckily I had the weight advantage, otherwise I would have been toast. Definitely recommend. 馃槉



Ausfitboy is recommended by Huttman09

I met Ausfitboy for a wrestle last year and have been meaning to write a recommendation. I had the advantage of experience and weight, but definitely enjoyed the match. He is very fit and easy on the eye. Would definitely recommend, and hopefully in the future will be able to have another rematch. 馃槉



Huttman09 is recommended by Squashlad

06/02/2020: After missing out on possible opportunities to wrestle Huttman09 in 2017, 2018 and 2019, 2020 proved to be my year, and I got a sweaty Waitangi Day tussle in with the Kiwi muscleman, and a great experience it was too. He始s in cracking shape, one of those guys who make you think that maybe you might have bitten off a bit more than you can chew when they take their shirt off, and certainly he is plenty strong. Thankfully for me though, a bit more experience combined with the increasingly sweat-soaked nature of the bout (February is mid-summer in New Zealand) meant that I was able to slip out of trouble, and then get a choke or armbar or two in as needed. It was, however, hard work, as I needed to be quick to get things on before he powered out of them. Between subs he始s a very easy guy to chat to, friendly and engaging and with a big sunny smile on him even when he始s otherwise doing an Incredible Hulk impression and popping out the veins on his neck and traps! He始s safe and sane and very careful of his opponent. He始s also a kind and generous host and the match was very simple to arrange. Huttman09 is therefore highly recommended and a must for a good sweaty rematch when I始m back in the Kiwi sunshine.



Squashlad is recommended by Huttman09

When Squashlad (Squash for short hereafter ) first send me a message asking if I would be keen for a wrestle, I checked his profile and had a minor panic attack. This guy has wrestled about 20x the number of wrestlers I had. Finally I gained enough confidence to say yes, and I am very pleased I did. Squash pinned me more times than I can remember, but always let me retain some dignity. He is in good shape and knows what he is doing. Everything seemed effortless to him, while I was a sweaty mess. Like the hundreds before me, I definitely recommend Squash for a match, and look forward to our next rumble. He's a very nice guy off the mats too. Five stars.



Huttman09 is recommended by Galfort

Huttman09 is a nice guy to wrestle with. We discuss about our limit and agreed to it. We learn wrestling technique from each other. Recommend this guy to wrestle 馃憤馃徎



Galfort is recommended by Huttman09

I was lucky enough to be Galfort's first wrestling opponent from this website. A special treat. He is in great shape, and despite me being approx. 20kg heavier, managed to pin me several times. Looking forward to next remax and thoroughly recommend as an opponent.



Huttman09 is recommended by jobberasian

It was a pleasure to meet this handsome New Zealand fella. He was a gracious host with clear communication.

On the mats, he is an expert at using your own limbs against you - I was twisted up like a pretzel for most the match. He also has SUPERIOR grip strength that kept me immobilised for most the match - it felt like being grasped by a machine!!! I could not escape his countless pins (including my favourite, schoolboy!), although I must say I was able to escape his scissor attempts :D That was my victory from this match haha.

I had great fun with smiles all around and thoroughly enjoyed my match with this friendly guy. He's also a lovely guy to chat with and spend time after the match. Enjoy your stay in Brisbane and thank you for the wonderful time!



jobberasian is recommended by Huttman09

I must admit I quite enjoyed myself during this match with jobberasian. Having been a while since my last wrestling match it was a great opportunity to test new holds and possibly some technique 馃槉

I think the weight differential was a significant advantage to myself, but jobberasian certainly put up a fight and had underlying strength. His leg locks were particularly dangerous.

Would definitely recommend, and enjoyed his company after the match for a coffee/tea.



Huttman09 is recommended by Tripolar

Both off and on the mat, Huttman09 is a lot of fun. Don't let his killer laugh or smile distract you.

He made me work hard for every pin. It was fun controlling this strong man on the ground. I'm definitely hoping our paths meet again.



Tripolar is recommended by Huttman09

Looking for a real wrestle with someone with real wrestling skills? Look Tripolar up. He absolutely owned me during our match despite the difference in size. However it was still very enjoyable and a lot of fun was had. Looking forward to next time.



Huttman09 is recommended by Younggun

Strong, fit and very easy to set up a match. Huttman09 had a little more experience on his side and was good enough to share some tips with me. Would definitely recommend this friendly but tough opponent and am looking forward to round two.



Younggun is recommended by Huttman09

If you are ever passing through Brisbane, look Younggun up. Muscled and fit and very easy on the eye. Not only that, but a great personality too. With us both having limited experience the wrestle wasn't the most technical, but a lot of fun. Definitely recommend and looking forward to the next match



Huttman09 is recommended by Italian Wrestler

Big day of fun with Grant on my visit to Wellington! He joined me to the gym first (my attempt to get him tired before wrestling), then we went for a hike (his attempt) and then finally on the mats. We both lack of technique but man, this guy is strong! I struggled to make him submit and he managed to make me tap several times too. I'd certainly be up for a rematch and I can suggest everybody to meet him.



Italian Wrestler is recommended by Huttman09

I was lucky enough to meet Fede yesterday, and had a great match. Unfortunately for me, a number of factors were working against me, including age, general fitness levels, and strength. However, we had a great tumble, and I think Fede even broke a sweat. Definitely would recommend for a wrestle. A nice guy off the mats too. A good day all round.



Huttman09 is recommended by Nick

Huttman09 and I met several times and it is always a pleasure to wrestle him. He's better than he says he is and will give you a great time on the mat.
He's also a great guy outside of wrestling!



Huttman09 is recommended by grappleurd

Really nice wrestler in new zealand, dint miss he if you have the opportunity, he is quiet better and stronger than he think!



grappleurd is recommended by Huttman09

Very enjoyable match and a friendly fella. Sadly my lack of technique (and maybe age) let me down. :-) Would recommend for a wrestle.



Huttman09 is recommended by razorfish

Met Huttman09 in his home town Wellington. Spot on timing and very well mannered man. With a smile to melt the polar caps. Had a fantastic and challening match at his house. If he had more experience then what he has now. He would conquer the world. Hope you get more practice until we meeting again. Would recommend to anyone.



razorfish is recommended by Huttman09

I had the pleasure of wrestling David while he was visiting NZ. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by his size. :-) He is extremely strong with great technique too boot. David has a great laugh too, and very easy on the eye. Sad to say he got the better of me (this time). Looking forward to the rematch! Thoroughly recommend. Until next time.