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“Maybe it's because of the new year and a new decade,
but I thought that it was time and felt like finally expressing my thoughts here.

I have a very niche interest, strangling/getting strangled,
so, when someone invited me over to MeetFighters, I did registered, but I left the portal since I thought it wasn't for me.

A couple of year later, I gave it another try, and I'm glad that I did!

True, the type of match that I like to do is quite unique and restrictive to certain point, but once that I started to reach out to people, others reached out to me, and explain the dynamic that I do, some of course, respectfully declined, but many more where curious, some eager, and most of them hands down (and around my neck :P) to try it.

We might look for strong, tough and ruthless opponents, and on the mats we all are like that,
but off the mats, I have met some of the most kind and likeable people here.

You find opponents, you face challenges, but you also make friends here.

Congrats and thanks to the MeetFighters Admin/Team, you have built something special and great here!

Just as myself, this site will only get better and stronger! ha!
There will be a victor, and that will be me!
Let's hit it!”

a victor, Saturday, January 4th, 2020