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Looking for mainly London-based meets.

I'm absolutely terrible at submission but would love to get to the point where I could have a really competitive match with someone.

In pro wrestling I'm normally always the jobber. I do enjoy getting worked over and dominated, but I also enjoy a bit of give and take.

Slightly separately I'm in the market for a gym buddy. I could do with putting on a bit of muscle but need gargantuan levels of motivation to do it. Help would be greatly appreciated.



  1. Spain, Barcelona
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I am willing to travel 5 kilometers


Age: 27-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 148 lbs (67 kg)

Gear: Shorts, trunks, naked

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Jobber415 is recommended by Prostylefan

What a fantastic time together with Jobber415 for a classic pro erotic heel jobber squash match. Had a great time working this willing jobber over as he will easily be someone I look up every time i'm in London. Really awesome guy off the mats and it doesn't hurt that he's incredibly sexy and good looking. I hope he had as good a time as I did and he's always welcome for a match if he ever finds himself in Toronto. Class act and highly recommended.



Jobber415 is recommended by ShortMick

Great fun to wrestle! Given his current stats and build, Jobber415 is definitly not a pure jobber anymore. He is fit, in great shape and clearly knows how to take control in a ring, he was not an easy opponent.
I thoroughly enjoyed our back-and-forth match, though I'm sure he managed to get more submissions out of me in the end - what out for his legs! Was also very interesting to see him battle it out with others during the tag match.
Safe and easy to talk to, I'd happily have arange another match.



Jobber415 is recommended by TonySpeedos

Hosted Jobber415 for a great light subs, heel/jobber match. Where to start? He looks amazing in gear, happily takes plenty of punishment and is all in all a fantastic guy to spend a few rounds with! Can't recommend him enough and looking forward to any rematches ;-)



TonySpeedos is recommended by Jobber415

This was really easy to organise and a lot of fun to do. It was mainly heel/jobber and TonySpeedos is clearly a natural heel. He's in great shape and I couldn't have been dominated by a nicer guy ;)

There'll definitely be rematches.



Jobber415 is recommended by Transatlantic

This was a long awaited match mostly due to my unavailability. We had a late evening roll. He loves being the underdog and is a sublime jobber offering his lean, slender build to punishment and holds. However he does have an aggressive streak and good strong runners legs which he could put to use on an unsuspecting opponent. Very enjoyable match and very polite manner so definitely worth the encounter. Probably best to take round 2 in a ring so I can throw him around properly! ;)



Transatlantic is recommended by Jobber415

This was a fun match. Transatlantic was a lovely host, and we arranged this fairly last minute off the back of plenty of messages prior. It was tough, and he dominated for long periods but I managed to get back into it and got a few taps of my own.

He knows what he's doing and has a range of holds up his sleeve. I look forward to round two.



Jobber415 is recommended by UKThunder88

It was really easy to arrange a meet with Jobber415, he's a good looking guy with the perfect body of a jobber! I was initially impressed at how resilient he was when i started to apply the pressure to him in a deep reverse headscissor, but soon enough as his face began to sink deeper between my thighs and into my pulsating glutes he was soon submitting. From there he did really well to struggle beneath me as i continued to scissor and smother him into complete submission. A really great meet, can't recommend him highly enough.



UKThunder88 is recommended by Jobber415

This was a great match. Firstly MasterOfSqueeze is reallygood looking and keeps himself in great shape. He's naturally dominant, and was at complete ease working me over with an array of powerful scissor holds for a long session. I put up as much resistance as I could but got completely worn down and, by the end, he had me submitting at will. A highly recommended heel.



Jobber415 is recommended by ukwrestler

Easy to arrange a match with, Sam suffered manfully against this bigger, heavier, stronger heel. Flexible and enthusiastic, we had a fun time!



ukwrestler is recommended by Jobber415

A really cool guy and really great heel. Seemed to know every move in the book, and the other book...and the book after that. Highly recommended.



Jobber415 is recommended by fitman321

He is very good jobber sad that could have him all for my self as another friend was with as,Look great in trucks hop e get him in ring grove park for harder match.



Jobber415 is recommended by ArmwrestleAndMore

Was easy to arrange a meet with this guy who turned up on time and ready to go.
He does himself a disservice in his review of me, as he took me down on the first armwrestle we had. Fortunately I pulled it back but was made to work for it.

We moved to the mats and it’s true that this was more my domain. This was a joint session with Andrew83 and this guy went up against us both. No matter how many times we made him tap he was always ready for more and totally undeterred. I suspect he is storing up all the moves we used to bring to the party next time.
There was certainly not a lack of effort despite the 35 degree heat outside and God knows what the temperature was in the mat room. It was certainly a good sweaty match which only enhanced the natural appeal of this guys body. The face is most acceptable too.

A pleasure to meet such a handsome gent.

Bring in the rematch.



ArmwrestleAndMore is recommended by Jobber415

I didn't cover myself in glory for this one. ArmwrestlerAndMore was clearly far too strong for me in both arm wrestling, and in more. He's clearly a very skilled wrestler and had me tapping a will. I had a great time nonetheless and found him to be a thoroughly likeable man. Thank you!



Jobber415 is recommended by Andrew83

Sam is a nice and handsome jobber, who likes armwrestling and wrestling. He enthusiastic in fighting, even if his opponent is stronger. We habe had a good time, I enjoyed it. It was a great match. I highly recommend u m8.



Andrew83 is recommended by Jobber415

This guy is so strong! After thoroughly embarrassing myself at arm wrestling (both left and right handed) I proceeded to embarrass myself on the mat. He was a lot of fun though and he's a really lovely guy. If you get the chance to catch him on his travels, take it!



Jobber415 is recommended by SammyBond

Really enjoyed meeting this down-to-earth guy - he looks amazing and wrestling him was a lot of fun (watch out for his super strong thighs), I couldn't recommend him enough!



SammyBond is recommended by Jobber415

Such an easy-going guy to be around, and I hope to be around him more often. He's definitely getting the hang of this whole wrestling malarkey; made me tap a couple of times and dominated other parts of our match. More please!



jakes stud is recommended by Jobber415

Jakes Stud was the other half of our 2 Vs 1 handicap match against a heel from this site. He is tall, smooth and incredibly handsome. He got into the zone really well and played out various holds convincingly - no doubt helped by his awesome pro-wrestling gear.

Obviously I'd recommend Jakes Stud to anyone considering meeting him. I wish him all the best, and hope for more encounters with him in the future.



Jobber415 is recommended by jonuk

Jobber415 is keen, reliable and far stronger than he looks. Easy to arrange and good communication. I really had a fun time meeting this smart, friendly and great looking jobber. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet him, I'd recommend taking it. 10/10. Thanks for such a positive and memorable experience.



jonuk is recommended by Jobber415

Had a thoroughly enjoyable time with jonuk. We met at short notice, aided by the fact he was incredibly accomodating.

We traded various holds over a couple of hours and he taught me some new ones too. Jonuk clearly has a lot of experience and knows what he's doing. He routinely checked in on me throughout to ensure I wasn't in too much pain and, from the time we spent together, I got the impression that he's genuinely a really nice guy.



Jobber415 is recommended by marconi

Jobber415 came up to Oxford for me to host him in what was his first match. He made an excellent debut, totally getting the pro-fantasy / wwe style I like and selling the moves and fake KOs exceptionally well. We wrestled for about 3 hours and then had a couple of beers, which is a how a match should always end! Thoroughly recommended, do try to meet this guy if you can.

UPDATE ROUND 2: we both made our ring wrestling debuts in our second bout on Sunday 4th February. Jobber415 excelled himself once again, selling brilliantly as I destroyed him with all the pro wrestling moves and holds I could think of, in particular taking advantage of the corners of the ring to squash him, and the ropes to clothesline him brutally on numerous occasions.

Long before the end he was a limp ragdoll and when i finally pinned him for the stipulated 30 count it could just as easily have been 300!

Tremendous jobber, couldn't be more highly recommended to the heels out there.



marconi is recommended by Jobber415

I caught a bus up to Oxford in order to wrestle Marconi - and what a great decision that was. I learnt whole host of new moves in a squash-style match, ate pizza and drank beer and everything everywhere was OK. If you're a jobber in search of a work-over; look no further!

Update: we upgraded! Round 2 was ring-based and added a whole other element. Corners, ropes and a bouncy canvas were all used to maximum effect for our best (and most devastatingly one-sided) match yet. The pin count to 30 was far too short!



Jobber415 is recommended by regestar

Just a very friendly guy! Maybe I was a bit stronger and had a little more fight abilities (also being older and having 20kg more weight - at least some part of that in muscles I hope:-)), but who cares? Me surely not! I did not want to kill anyone, I am just looking for friendly and intelligent fight buddies, and in this respect my wishes were by far more than satisfied! All the best, buddy!



regestar is recommended by Jobber415

Had a really great time with regestar. We arranged this one at very short notice when I was hanging about in Prague. Despite this he was happy to host and make arrangements. He's really strong, far stronger than me. But we had fun regardless and I'll endeavour to work out a bit more for next time.