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I've had a gut punching fetish for decades. I'm a pretty fit oldergay man and I love gut punching hard abs. I love receiving punishment too.
I've been obsessed with gut punching for decades. Although, I've been a big fan of all the combat sports, boxing, wrestling, mma, muay thai etc, I don't participate, I have limited skills. My thing is gut punching. I dig 2 on 1, or one sided. When it comes to give and take, I'm looking for men who are roughly the same size as me, and who share my similar fitness. I dig the competition of 2 men slugging it out, testing each other's strength and endurance, and for me, gut punching is a huge turn on. Also, I don't drink or use drugs. I don't judge. If that's your thing, cool for you. I can't do em anymore. Let's go, my gut needs a beating..



  1. USA - California, Victorville
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I am willing to travel 200 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 58-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 154 lbs (70 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Jeans, no shirts, naked

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Johnnyg56 is recommended by musclefightsmuscle1

I was a little under the weather, so we couldn't wrestle; but this dude has very strong abs. He can take shot after shot. I used his torso like a heavy bag (which I work at the gym) and he just hung in there forever. If you are really into GP, giving and receiving, hit this dude up. We were pretty even at pec punching, but I have to entirely concede that his abs were stronger than mine. Damn! I want a rematch when I'm 100%.



musclefightsmuscle1 is recommended by Johnnyg56

Who knew a guy could receive a proper beating in So Pasadena. Musclefightsmuscle1 beat me like I was a heavy bag at the gym. If the gentleman wouldn't have been under the weather, the match could have been longer. David was a super nice host. Friendly, funny and unassuming. I felt very relaxed in his company. I'm looking forward to my next visit with musclefightsmuscle1.



Johnnyg56 is recommended by Funfighter1985

Such a great guy. Easy to talk to and uncomplicated to setup a meeting.
Awesome looking hard abs and wow can he take a beating. My fists are all bruised up from our session but it was worth it! Highly recommended!



Funfighter1985 is recommended by Johnnyg56

I had a good, but short session with funfighter. He's one of the strongest, hardest hitting punchers around. Easy going, fun and a real good guy. If you need your gut bashed, give him a try



Johnnyg56 is recommended by NorthwestGPer

Johnnyg56's previous recommendations are spot on, as he is a first class gentlemen. He was my first match since being on Meetfighters. He is tough and easily took all of the punches I gave him. When I felt like I was good for the day, he graciously stopped without prodding me to take any more punches. Johnny is also a terrific conversationalist and a great guy to know. I heartily recommend him and look forward to meeting him again.



NorthwestGPer is recommended by Johnnyg56

I just enjoyed a gp session with NorthwestGPer. He's a lot fitter than his profile pic suggests and was able to absorb some pretty hard punches with complete composure. He displayed an excellent attitude and is a super nice guy, friendly, respectful and very interesting. I hope to see him again the next time he travels through the desert.



mekmall is recommended by Johnnyg56

Mekmall sure can take some very hard punches and knees. Very tough guy. Give him a try



Johnnyg56 is recommended by gprunner

Finally get a chance to meet Johnnyg56 to have a GP session. Johnnyg56 is a friendly guy who can take a lot of punches with his rock solid abs. As a puncher, he is strong and courteous . If you are into gut punching, I highly recommend that you meet with Johnnyg56.



gprunner is recommended by Johnnyg56

I finally had a session with gprunner. He was respectful, fun, and can take much more of a beating than I imagined prior to our visit. I asked him to give me all the punishment he could muster and he did. For that, I'm very grateful. When a man needs a gut beating, he needs a gut beating, thank you gprunner.



Johnnyg56 is recommended by Donwres

Had a great match with Johnny–he's the real deal not too experienced but strong and hangs in there–has great abs and pecs–amazing fun trading gut punches and holds with him. Make sure you look him up if you are in the area.



Donwres is recommended by Johnnyg56

Donwres was respectful and mindful of my limited wrestling skills and was willing to perform at my level. This allowed us to have a good and memorable session. He was fun and a very interesting person to meet.



Johnnyg56 is recommended by ca510140

What an amazing guy, super nice, easy to set a match up with and so easy going. Total gentleman. But boy once on the mats his gut can take way more than mine, he is rock solid. So looking forward to our next round. Don't miss this guy if you have a chance.



ca510140 is recommended by Johnnyg56

I don't have a lot of recent wrestling experience, but ca510140 is a lot stronger than his lean body suggests. He was respectful, yet highly competitive. And very good looking. He is an excellent host with mats in the heated garage. And if you don't have the proper attire, no worries, ca510140 can provide you with the gear you need. He has a plethora of colors, sizes and styles to feed nearly any appetite. If you're visiting So Calli, you owe it to yourself to look him up.