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Experienced pro wrestler. Coach, trainer and promoter for BG East Wrestling and - I treat jobbers real bad to make them feel real good. All limits respected.

I have wrestling rings and mat room facilities near Boston and in Fort Lauderdale available for private use and parties. Send me a message here to book.

If you contact me for private action, have a photo with a head. I really don't get this headless photo paranoia. It's the 21st century. It's just wrestling. If you're still in the closet, what the f*ck are you waiting for? Grow a set. How can you live your life as a coward and then talk big in chat rooms?



  1. USA - Florida, Boston/Fort Lauderdale
    Place of residence
  2. USA - Massachusetts, Somerville
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I am willing to travel 3000 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


Age: 59-year-old Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 158 lbs (72 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Italian

Gear: all gear

Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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KidLeopard is recommended by SlimScrapper

The legend himself, not that he needs a recommendation, but have to give him one. Got to get a long overdue rematch in his ring, and what a hot sweaty fun time it was! Great technical prowess, he got me twisted and locked up in ways I couldn’t comprehend. I tried but definitely put in my place. Also a really cool guy to just chat with and get to know and learn from. If given the chance with him, take it!



SlimScrapper is recommended by KidLeopard

Great pro match in my ring with this pretty boy who's no longer a jobber. Gave me a real challenge until necessity required I put him in his place. Nice long, strong head scissors from this guy. But discover his weakness and he's yours. Sensual, sexy, smart and fun.



KidLeopard is recommended by submisionss

Not that this amazing wrestler need my recommendation but he sure as hell gets it. My meeting with him was one of the most intense and memorable work overs I have ever had. The man is a beast and know how to make a jobber tap and quiver in anticipation and enjoyment. If you love getting worked over and especially getting choked you will be in heaven. Hope we can meet again



KidLeopard is recommended by Kayden

Should go without saying you can learn a lot from this guy on and off the mats, know I wouldn't be where I am without his help. Plan to show him everything I've learned next time we lock up.



Kayden is recommended by KidLeopard

One of the more imaginative and sexy wrestlers I've met in the last few years. Clever, inventive fun and passionate with lots of twists and turns. And did I mention extraordinarily sexy, smart and attractive?



KidLeopard is recommended by jjhartfl

very skilled wrestler. master of submission. have wrestled him a couple of times. 1 in fort lauderdale and 1 in boston. nice guy on and off the mats. glad i can call him a friend



KidLeopard is recommended by frenchprowrestler

Does that man need a recommendation ?!
He is one of the BEST wrestler since years so don't hesitate ! He is the BOSS or erotic and non erotic pro wrestling !
Le patron du catch erotique ou non !



KidLeopard is recommended by wrestleinsocks

After seeing KidLeopard in videos for years I was shocked to get a chance to meet him in person. He is a great guy and fun on the mats! I hope our paths cross again some day!



wrestleinsocks is recommended by KidLeopard

Great guy and lots of fun.



KidLeopard is recommended by ARGONSA1

EXCELLENT inner thighs to choke you in !