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Hi, looking for someone in the area to engage in wrestling bouts of strength and endurance! Perhaps some sparring boxing! Always safe!

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  1. USA - Florida, Miami
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Age: 55-year-old Male

Stats: 6'4" (193 cm), 235 lbs (107 kg)

Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish

Gear: speedos

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Masculine is recommended by 27bcd

Reliable and friendly, he is eager to enjoy some sweaty fun. He is also capable of engaging in a good , entertaining conversation afterwards.



27bcd is recommended by Masculine

27bcd is very strong, and I found myself engaging him in a few very intense wrestling bouts. He is also a very sociable and friendly person.



redlandguy is recommended by Masculine

Work, the Holidays and other distractions have kept delaying this overdue recommendation of Redlandguy. I’m so lucky that I had the privilege of having a fight with him last November the 1st. We engaged in wrestling, boxing, armwrestling and stand up fighting for several hours. He defeated me every single round. Even when we used our raw muscle power, he overwhelmed me with easy. Yet I enjoyed every second of our meet for it always felt like a real fight, and I like getting into fights. I never felt any pain or discomfort during the entire meet. Redland guy is the safest man to engage in a fight, and he is the strongest best fighter I have ever fought.



Masculine is recommended by HARD ONE

Lutador muito gente boa.
Tivemos um papo agradável antes e após nossa luta. Realmente um cara bem bacana.
Ele tem um tatame em casa, bem melhor que lutar em uma cama.
Tivemos disputas de força, luta em pé e no chão.
Vale a pena conhecer este lutador.



HARD ONE is recommended by Masculine

May12, 2017:
Hard One is a very friendly nice guy. He can make a good friend.
He has a solid built and is pretty strong. He certainly knows some BJJ, and ours was a rough fight. Can' wait to fight him again.



Masculine is recommended by So1be

Great match. Nice guy



So1be is recommended by Masculine

May 11: Awesome fight! Great guy!



Masculine is recommended by swimandwrestle

We met on Friday night at Masculine's apartment. Masculine is close to my size, but taller and bigger. We had a great time wrestling. I got a bunch of submissions out of him. Definitely want to wrestle this big guy again.



swimandwrestle is recommended by Masculine

We met last Friday the 10th of February. Swim&Wrestle is very strong and tough. He's better at wrestling and beat me a few! I would need to join a club to improve technique, but lack the time. Swim&wrestle is a pretty nice guy and it was fun wrestling with him. Hope we can meet up again!



Masculine is recommended by DenverWrestler

A wonderful person, very empathetic and personal. He's new to wrestling and is very eager to learn submission wrestling skills and defend himself against more skilled wrestlers. He doesn't have a lot of free time for matches but it very enthusiastic about meeting when he does have time. He is 100% reliable too and a great host – it was very easy to set up the match and he made it as easy as possible to meet him.



DenverWrestler is recommended by Masculine

Very nice man! Easy to communicate! Reliable! DenverWrestler is a bit humble as he downplays his fighting skills. He is not your average wrestler as he is a better fighter than most of the guys I fought. He does know his BJJ moves and I was easily overwhelmed by him. He was also very careful looking out for my safety at all times! If you really know how to wrestle, then he may be a good match for you!



Masculine is recommended by hvywght blk bxr

Masculine was a gracious host and fun guy to workout with. New to boxing, he gave his all and took direction well as we went through round after round of conditioning. I look forward to working out with him again.



hvywght blk bxr is recommended by Masculine

I admit I'm no match against Hehvywght_blk_bxrs. He is far much stronger and much tougher than me; yet he carefully looked out for my well being, and made sure that his punches would not cause me any harm. He's got a lot punching power, and he is very tough: I gave him a barrage of punches in the belly, and he did not budge. I felt safe with him at all times, and got a great workout. I highly recommend him whether you're an experienced boxer or got no clue about boxing.



Masculine is recommended by Hairywrestler midwest

Very strong and nice guy. Great meet highly recommend



Hairywrestler midwest is recommended by Masculine

Hairywrestler's holds and locks are pretty powerful. He got me many times, but I'm glad I beat him a few! :)



Masculine is recommended by Deutsche1980

Masculine may be new to this site, but he is not foreign to wrestling and he is picking up experience and skills very quickly. He has a very honest smile that makes facing his otherwise intimidating size that much easier!

He is very polite and an extremely gracious and accommodating host. In fact, we had the luxury of using for the first time some mats he had just bought for his place, where he plans on hosting many matches.

I could tell he was very conscious of not hurting me with the size difference, and probably held back because of that. As he gains experience and gets more comfortable with his body, he will be able to push opponents a bit harder...always keeping the fight safe.

He is working on his technique a bit, particularly around leveraging his size more; but he is quite strong and that makes him a though opponent even as he is learning.

If you want to meet a true gentleman that will fight hard, Masculine is a great option. If you enjoy sharing your experience with eager learners, then he is THE option.

At the rate he is going, give him a few months and he will be unbeatable, but I am confident he will continue to be a great sport even then.



Deutsche1980 is recommended by Masculine

Last October 22 I had the honor of meeting Deutsche1980. He is truly a gentleman and a scholar: from the very first moment of contact, during the fight and to this very day. He is very courteous, kind and friendly. He's a very nice guy. We were both under the impression that the fight could go either way due to various factors; but I quickly learned that, not only can he fight, but he is also pretty strong with an incredible stamina that had me worn out by the end of the session. It didn’t take long for me to feel a sense of “dread" when I realized I could not stop him, not even once, from getting me into one of his holds or locks and with such an incredible power. He then kindly taught me some fight techniques and allowed me to get him into some proper holds or locks; but no use, he always managed to break free and then, well, once again, I found myself facing the agony of defeat. I wrestled with a few guys since my high school years, and Deutsche1980 is the best fighter I ever fought. He totally obliterated me. His user name may as well be blitzkrieg. So if you're thinking of fighting him, be warned: He's no pushover. You may well find yoursel bulldozed by this man. Would I meet deutch again? Oh yes! He's an awesome guy!