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  1. USA - Florida, Fort Lauderdale


55-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 180 lbs (82 kg)


Solid, aggressive muscle. Amateur, submission, with or without throwing some punches, give and take, or just locking in tight with another guy and rolling. Basically just two aggressive guys going at it.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

Match structure: Even match, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Outdoors fights
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Wrestling with body punches, Folkstyle

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Last modified: 3/27/2021


Mat Jock is recommended by muscle vs muscle

This guy is all man and never quits. He is a blast to wrestle and is an opponent you can trust even when you are throwing it down big time. He's a super guy on and off the mat and I highly recommend him.



muscle vs muscle is recommended by Mat Jock

Long overdue recommendation for muscle vs muscle, a guy whose name says it all - this guy is all muscle and built to throw down. Monster shoulders and guns and legs like a couple of oaks. This stud is up for a tough, sweaty fight and keeps it fun, even as you're both beating on each other. Great guy on and off the mats. Always up for a rematch with this man. Highly recommend.



Mat Jock is recommended by wrstl77

Total stud who is smart, funny, and wicked on the mats. Easy to set up a match, not as easy to get out of his holds. He knows what he's doing and can dial it or back, which was perfect. Highly recommend and if you have a chance to get on the mats with him, take it!



wrstl77 is recommended by Mat Jock

Wrstl77 is a powerful man that knows his way around the mats. Forget the modesty, this guy is a formidable piece of muscle. He's got an arsenal of holds and once one is locked on watch out, he's gonna make you work, and probably suffer a little. Stay away from those tree trunk legs for your own good. Very easy to schedule, fun on and off the mats. We had a great sweaty back and forth with some hard earned taps. Definitely looking forward to the rematch. Oh, and he's easy on the eyes.



Mat Jock is recommended by sleepermuscle

This is the complete package! Holds a great conversation, handsome, great body and very fun on the mats! I'm ready for another round with this stud.



sleepermuscle is recommended by Mat Jock

Gents, this is a guy you will want to get on the mats. Handsome fella, a body that doesn't stop and a blast to wrestle. Definitely looking forward to the rematch and soon.



Mat Jock is recommended by SpladlePin

Bar —. Ford F-150 grudge match.
Met Mat_Jock spontaneously at a bar in WPB—
After sizing each other up n taking we recognized we wanted to go at each other. We chugged a couple of beers and did some headlocks and ab shots right at the bar—. Too hot!!!
We took the match to the back seats of my Ford F-150 — talk about a bar/ truck smack down —
Grrr. He is extremely strong, Muscular— Tough as heck, with amazing skills —- good looking and eager to fight —
We definitely have more marches lined up in this rodeo showdown——
I totally recommend Mat_Jock —.
Expect power and muscle when you match up—



SpladlePin is recommended by Mat Jock

Something just happens when two alphas are close. SpladlePin and I logged onto MF about the same time and saw that a match right then was possible. We just couldn't make the darn location work so decided to grab a beer. That's all it took, before the first swig we were pec to pec, shoving, headlocks, punching at will in the bar. A few beers later we stepped outside to go our separate ways and Spladle points out his big ass truck and says the back is probably big enough to wrestle in. I don't even think we said anything, just hopped into the truck and started tearing into each other. Tight quarters, rough fight. This man is strong as hell, good tough jabs, and ready to go. Looking forward to fighting him again, anywhere.



Mat Jock is recommended by Mike Gaine

Mat_Jock was fast, strong, and skilled. Had I not had a significant weight advantage—60 pounds?—he would have had me tapping out all night, ALL night. He is skilled at applying a hold and then locking down and in on the hold.

Kudos to him for giving this heavyweight a chance to show that I can control my weight to make for a good match with lighter men.

We had a lot of mat time and had some great laughs along the way. He’s a top-notch man.

I will wrestle him many times to be sure.



Mike Gaine is recommended by Mat Jock

Just wrestled Gain last night and what a blast. Sure the guy is a wall of muscle who knows what he's doing on the mats, he was great at adapting to my level and keeping the match tough and fun despite the difference in size and experience. Great coach too, with an awesome mat setup. I'm going back at this one.



Mat Jock is recommended by MKell

Finally got to meet Mat Jock after a couple of years of exchanging messages. He is one strong and fit dude! We didn’t have much space to wrestle but we made the best of it. He knows his stuff and has a strong base in folkstyle wrestling. He moves really well and made the match a fun workout. I look forward to round two being on mats. If you have a chance to take on Mat Jock - do it!



MKell is recommended by Mat Jock

Finally got to meet MKell and let me just say that I've wrestled some big men, but this guy is a beast. He's bringing 225 lbs of muscle, and it's not show muscle, it's all power. On top of that the guy really knows how to wrestle. He pretty much could toss me wherever he wanted, but kept it in control. Great time, hope to see this one across a mat soon. In the meantime, we need to find some tanks for this guy to take on.



Mat Jock is recommended by Italwrestler

Mat Jock is a strong and formidable opponent. We had wrestled many years ago and recently reconnected. As in the past, it was a hard fought match with some fun trash talking and lots of sweat! I look forward to wrestling him again and hope it happens in the near future! He’s a great guy as well.



Italwrestler is recommended by Mat Jock

Ital wrestler is the real deal. I first locked horns with this guy a decade+ ago and he's hasn't changed a bit, except for putting on about 20 pounds of pure muscle. The guy knows how to grapple and is great for guys like me who like a folkstyle match. Definitely lock up with this man if you get the chance, you'll remember how much fun wrestling can be.



Mat Jock is recommended by bowolverine

I finally had the chance to wrestle this man of a beast . Besides have an amazing body he is a great wrestle and he is freaking strong. We had a great back-and-forth. He is on and off the mats a great guy . I highly recommend him He safe fun and respectful fighter



bowolverine is recommended by Mat Jock

Bowolverine and I only had the chance to squeeze in a quick bout, but woof. Squaring off against this stud should be on your wrestling bucket list. The guy is a slab of muscle who clearly has spent his time in the mat room. He is an experienced wrestler and stronger than guys 30+ lbs bigger, but for anyone worried that he might be too big or too skilled, forget about it, he is a natural grappler who just loves a good rumble and will adjust his game. Bowolverine, my friend, anytime, anywhere.



Mat Jock is recommended by RNC23

Wow, didn't think I'd get the chance to meet up with Mat_Jock, but real glad I did!! This dude is a muscle powerhouse for sure! Once we met in person, I could tell it was going to be a fun battle. Real nice guy who knows how to use his size to his advantage. We deff need to have mats next time so we can really go at it!



RNC23 is recommended by Mat Jock

Great guy who likes a good fight. Very easy to schedule with and lives up to the profile and recommendations. Deceptively strong and very fast, don't give him anything because he'll take it. Just a good old fashioned scrap with RNC. Wanna get this one on mats.



Mat Jock is recommended by WrslMscl

Happy to write this much overdue recommendation. Have wrestled Mat_Jock a few times and it’s always been the most challening, the most competitive kind of match and fun. He’s one of those muscle jocks who get my wrestling juices going. For the last few years he’s been running around the world apparently scared of another bout with me, but now that I’ve tracked him down, I will take him on and take him down again quite soon. If that opportunity presents itself to you, pounce on it (and on him)!



WrslMscl is recommended by Mat Jock

What more can you say about a guy who already has dozens of recommendations, all of which are spot on. WrslMscl and I have gone at it several times over the years and every battle left me wanting more. This guy is about as skilled as you'll find on here and with the muscle to back it up. If I were to design my perfect opponent, it would probably look a lot like this bull of a man.