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  1. USA - Pennsylvania, Erie
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


57-year-old Male / 6'2" (188 cm) / 235 lbs (107 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Shorts, boxer briefs, singlet.


I’ve had about 30 matches. I’m a normal masculine man looking for another normal masculine man for safe and sane matches, give and take, trade holds and pins, horseplay and bearhugs with guys around my size. Not into injuries. I’m strong but not out to crush anybody. I am a heel, but willing to explore different aspects of the sport. Met some really good men, looking forward to meeting more. Every match is a great workout.



Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Just watching Just watching

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Not interested in cyber
Specific wrestling styles: Folkstyle
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, I'm a heel
Fetishes: Don't want sex

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Last modified: 6/10/2020



Paul Vinig is recommended by lets Box

Met Paul and found him to be a great guy Pleasure to talk to and more then a worthy wrestling opponent had my hands full try to get out of his many holds Look forward to meeting him again and again Could not ask for a better person to meet



lets Box is recommended by Paul Vinig

Wasn’t sure how a match with lets Box would go, but he was an awesome opponent and a great guy. Very strong guy! Hockey player legs! Good, solid build! Super friendly, and respectful. Intense, physical match. Definitely wrestle this guy if you get a chance. I’m looking forward to the next match.



Paul Vinig is recommended by Nightwing33333

Finally got to meet up with Paul after many messages. Paul was one of the first to contact me when I recently joined this site. He was fun, nice and easy to chat with. We agreed to meet halfway and he was very reliable.

Paul was great! Plenty of back and forth and we each made sure the other persons guidelines were followed and both enjoyed match!
Gear is big to me and paul agreed to wear some that I brought (and I am glad he did, they fit him nice!)

Def enjoyed and looking forward to more .



Nightwing33333 is recommended by Paul Vinig

Nightwing and I finally met for a match. He’s a strong guy who definitely got me in a few pins but I got him in a few more. Friendly, strong, great guy and opponent. Look forward to the next match.



cubby is recommended by Paul Vinig

Had an awesome give and take match. Cubby is a strong determined opponent with a great personality and sense of humor. The match was very hard and very physical. Perfect for both of us. He tapped and made me tap several times. Awesome wrestler and a great guy!



Paul Vinig is recommended by lspowerhouse

Met Paul. Had a great fun roll back and forth very safe with my arm. .great guy love tapping him out. Rematch for sure..



lspowerhouse is recommended by Paul Vinig

Powerhouse is a strong guy, but he tapped out a few times too. I really appreciated the physicality of that match! Respectful but an intense match with a powerful opponent and a good man.



Paul Vinig is recommended by Tom Sawyer

Paul was my first competitor and I was not disappointed. He overpower me for the most part but it wasn’t completely one sided either. He is a great competitor but also a genuinely good guy.



Tom Sawyer is recommended by Paul Vinig

Tom is a newbie but he’s a fast learner and he’s very strong. It was a pleasure to meet him and I look forward to another match with him.



Paul Vinig is recommended by bherringer13

I had a blast with this big bullof a man. Very strong and carries his weight very well in a balanced wrestlers manner. A total gentleman and willing to work around the fact I had an injury which he deferred to at all times. Gregg Guy highly recommended



bherringer13 is recommended by Paul Vinig

Had a good, solid, give and take match with this strong guy. He’s a seasoned wrestler and gave me loads of tips and tricks. The only thing holding us back was his broken foot. He was a great host and a friendly guy!



Paul Vinig is recommended by Albthrowdown

I had a great time wrestling Paul. He was fun, energetic and had some good holds. I think I got a few more taps out of him than he did me, but definitely competitive. Would have a rematch any day.



Albthrowdown is recommended by Paul Vinig

Albthrowdone and I had a nice, long, sweaty match. He’s a well-built, beefy, powerful opponent who can really turn on the power, plus he’s a friendly guy with a mild-mannered approach, but here’s there to wrestle! I’d recommend this bear to anyone and would welcome a rematch.



Paul Vinig is recommended by bearohio

Had a blast wrestling this big guy. Wrestled for over two hours, great back and forth action. Friendly and a great time on and off the mat. Looking forward to another match



bearohio is recommended by Paul Vinig

Great opponent. Great guy. Strong and tough. Had a 2 hour+ match that put both of us through our paces. One great match. Look forward to the next one.



Paul Vinig is recommended by Syrwrestler

Had a good fun match with this guy. He is very strong. Looking forward to another meeting!



Paul Vinig is recommended by lakelandjobber

Paul is an awesome person and a strong wrestler. He is still learning holds but can easily over power you with his strength. He is honest and straight forward, also very punctual. If you are scheduled to meet he will be there on time if not early and let you know when heading you way. Would highly recommend Paul if you enjoy a good sweaty competitive wrestling match. Want to wrestle him again and would as soon as we are in the same area. Great Guy



lakelandjobber is recommended by Paul Vinig

Lakelandjobber is a fantastic guy! We had an intense, sweaty match. Don’t let this guy fool you! He’s a determined, focused, strong opponent. He’s also friendly; we were comfortable with each other as soon as we met. I’d recommend him to anyone. He’s a good man.



Paul Vinig is recommended by MKC111

Paul is a great guy and is very passionate about staying strong and being fit. He is a great motivator and has been a good friend.



Paul Vinig is recommended by 4fun

Fun match strong and solid guy, if you get a chance to take him on grab it, as for me looking for a rematch. Rematch today, strong as before or more... always a good match and look forward to matches....



4fun is recommended by Paul Vinig

4fun is a great opponent. He's patient with this newbie and he teaches as he goes. He's built, quick, and very strong. Very cool guy. I'd definitely wrestle him again.