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  1. USA - Georgia, Snellville
    Near Stone mountain Park

I am willing to travel 30 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)


54-year-old Male / 5'10" (178 cm) / 162 lbs (73 kg)

Languages spoken: English


Gay dude.. not always looking for regular alternative play.... body worship. gut punching, pec pounding,s/m and bondage, leather. Love impact play!!!! Also love Bear Hugs, Rip and Strip, nipple play and cbt..edging and jacking...
Not a huge guy here,but great shape big pecs and very cut body, but very strong.. More into the erotic aspect of this scene not so much competitive..Though do love pinning a smaller guy down or having a bigger guy pin me down, scisssors, choke hold, sleeper.
Hiv poz, undetectable viral load.. safe play like the above.. wrestling, gut punching, pec pounding, learning more holds, body contact and jacking..all safe.. Not up for anal or oral.. Do like choke out play, safe. Love getting in restraints and being worked over or working someone else impact play.



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Match structure: Give and take, Play wrestling
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Massage, Relationship
Fetishes: Jackoff, Leather, Gut punching, Nipple play, CBT, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Last modified: 11/30/2019



jockwrestle is recommended by Ruffboy

Found Jockwrestle to be very honest, great at communicating what he was looking for. Felt instantly at ease with him,and had a great time.. Def recommend this guy.. Does not hurt that he is amazing to look at, great face and body, looks even better than his photos. Really looking forward to our next meet up.



Ruffboy is recommended by chompsticks

Met several times for some hot and fun play! Awesome body and awesome to work on as well. He is very nice and respectful of all limits and always looking forward to another play date.



chompsticks is recommended by Ruffboy

Paul or Chomp as friends call him.. Number one is respectful and trustworthy and an all together good man. Nice to look at, he loves to try new things, loves choke holds.. and can take a hell of a lot of rough play. Strong guy, with tons of energy and stamina. Always look forward to our matches. Have played with him a good number of times always fun. I very highly recommend him!



Ruffboy is recommended by gutsplitter

ROUGH BOY is an under statement -
Rough Boy and I connected on a level much higher than imagined. Online we knew our match would happen without a last minute withdraw, in person I knew the minute our eyes focused on each other we were in for one of the most awesome meets imagined. Without going into full detail our first meet lasted way beyond the norm.
Rough boy is genuine, honest, trustworthy and a true man...Looking forward to our next meet👍.



gutsplitter is recommended by Ruffboy

Had an amazing time with my match with Gutsplitter.. We talked on and off for a long time working through our scene, and found we where perfectly matched.. Communication very important to finding a good match. Moment he walked in knew the chemistry would be good.. And he looks better than his photos.. Super solid hot man.. Almost right away went to work on me.. Somehow knowing exactly what i needed and liked.. Super intense but immediately trusted him.. If your a real sub or someone into Gut punching and similar play... Highly recommend him.. Just let him take over... Well worth it... Will not tell you how long we fought and how long the scene was.. you would not believe it... Def want him back....



Ruffboy is recommended by malegutpunching

Ruffboy has been a great receiver for me in the past. He is always willing to make himself available for a work over. Will continue to work him over when I'm in the ATL area. You should try him out.



malegutpunching is recommended by Ruffboy

Freaking love playing with this dude... very masculine and very knowledgable.. really knows what he's doing... Intense as hell but safe.. With the gut punching and gut play has taken me to some amazing places. Can not really describe what its like but it can get to a place that is very intimate and can even put you in a zen like state... Love me opening my abs and totally relaxing while he works me over.. holy crap... he does the regular gut punching too, but get him to train you for the relaxed kind...Wow! Its about trust.... and you will find you can trust him. Cant not recommend him enough...



Ruffboy is recommended by atlwrestle78

Ruffboy is an amazing guy. Very full of energy. Have enjoyed all the times we have met. He enjoys pushing his limits each time and it is always fun. Highly recommend him.



atlwrestle78 is recommended by Ruffboy

Great guy have been playing on and off for many years.. Totally got me into this kinda safe play. Really knows what he's doing. Very intense and very masculine, but with an eye out for safety. You can learn a lot from this guy as well. Very handsome and very much recommend him.