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I'm a 5'7", 185 lbs., hairy, beefy muscular, fireplug build. I enjoy most any style of wrestling, I also enjoy body punchng and do some boxing. I do this for fun not to prove anything. I can get into rough matches but no injuries. Let's get on the mats.



  1. USA - Texas, Houston
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I am willing to travel 100 miles


Age: 61-year-old Male

Stats: 5'7" (170 cm), 185 lbs (84 kg)

Gear: trunks, square cuts, jeans, singlets, jocks, nude

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing
Kickboxing / Muay thai Kickboxing / Muay thai

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Terryrassler is recommended by Roughmatch

Been privileged to fight this warrior on three different occasions for a total of 15 hours of battle. Neither one of us submitted and it's been a complete draw. He's a great guy and tons of fun to fight. Currently planning a 3-4 day series of hardcore fights of collegiate, submission, pro, pro-mission, erotic and more. Also included will be various contests such as ball slapping, ball punching, bear hugs, nipple endurance, etc.



Terryrassler is recommended by icejohn2

Terry is a great wrestler to wrestle with. We had a great time to lock in some long sweat matches. Super nice guy off the mat and incredibly strong on the mat. Definitely would recommend anybody who wants a good wrestling time not to miss the opportunity to wrestle him.



icejohn2 is recommended by Terryrassler

John is a very strong wrestler. We wrestled for a couple of hours and were locked hard on each other for that entire time. He was great to wrestle with and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a long tough match. I want a rematch with him ASAP.

Enjoy John off the mats as well. A good man to hang out with.



Terryrassler is recommended by Rasslebarefoot

Been chatting a while now, missed an opportunity last year, finally everything lined up on this trip. Met at my hotel and had a hot sweaty pro match with lots of collar and elbow lock ups and tests of strength. We ended the match with a draw, one sub each.
DING DING DING definitely will be a rematch to decide the winner!
Great guy, great conversation, good visit and experience. Definitely recommend!



Rasslebarefoot is recommended by Terryrassler

We have been talking for over a year and missed each other last year when he was in Houston. We met last night for a long, sweaty pro match. Heel vs heel with many tests of strength and long lock ups and holds. A lot of tough give and take wrestling. We each took a fall.

Good conversation and I look forward to another tough match. Put this guy on your list to wrestle.



Terryrassler is recommended by boombambam

After over 5 years of talking about meeting up, we finally did. It was worth it!



Terryrassler is recommended by Tank

It was in the early 90's when I met Terry. We where both in LA. visiting Bill Hughes gym (but at different times) Luckily our paths crossed by other connections and Terry made my La. visit worth the trip . A lot fun to brawl with and hope to meet up with him soon .



Terryrassler is recommended by softbellypro exjock

filmed some great matches with him...have met in 3 different states; Ohio, Illinois & Indiana.....great pro style stuff, very creative. Used his legs and fists very well...we have tried to get together again for years but, been hard since he moved to Texas...we both still have high hopes of meeting again..also both a great guest and host



Terryrassler is recommended by Spruceman

He visited me back in July 2006. Rassled both here in town and out at the very isolated mountain place in West Virginia. [He was man enough to go out there with me] Spend three days with me and did lots of match and back 'n' forth holds, etc. Shame his work schedule doesn't have him flying all over the country nowadays as it once did. Yes, I'd rassle him again at the drop of a pin if he comes my way again.

*****March 30, 2016 Supplemental. Got word from Terryrassler that he wants to do a 10-year reunion match series both here in town and again up on Spruce Mountain with me this summer over a four-day period – on 200 sq ft of matspace in my gym room, and several outdoor locations there . Looking forward to having a lot of fun smack-dam in the middle of nowhere, where satellite phone is the only viable means of communications. Bring on the fun.



Spruceman is recommended by Terryrassler

Spruceman was a great match, very strong. We wrestled off and on for 3 days, indoors and outdoors. He has great stamina and is tough. I would wrestle him any time.