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Filipino lightweight based in the Philippines. I'm into wrestling, both sub and pro, boxing, muay thai and MMA. I can go sparring and sometimes real matches (but only with experienced guys).

I am a fan of the ff:
1 prosub moves (camel clutch, boston crab, dragon sleeper)
2 MMA sub (RNC, Tri chokes)
3 Pro moves (Slams, clotheslines, suplexes)
4 Ground and pound
5 Knockouts (fantasy)

So if you're ever in the area, do send me a message. Cheers!



  1. Philippines, District I
    Place of residence
  2. Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
    (I'm here between 7/17/2017 and 7/13/2018)
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I am willing to travel 5 kilometers


Age: 26-year-old Male

Stats: 5'2" (158 cm), 99 lbs (45 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Tagalog

Gear: Wifebeaters, underwear, shorts

Submission Submission
No holds barred No holds barred
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling
Boxing Boxing

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Start of membership: 11/08/2015 11:47 AM

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TheMakatiKid is recommended by sgboxingboy

Had an awesome boxing match with TheMakatiKid while in Kuala Lumpur. Undaunted by our size difference, we managed 4 rounds of boxing and a round of MMA, even allowing me to practice some of my rusty BJJ submissions. A great and easy-going guy off the mats as well.



sgboxingboy is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Off the mats, boxingboy is such a friendly bloke; an awesome guy to have a conversation with. But when he puts his gloves on, you better prepare for his strength and techniques. He may need improvement in his submission game but his striking is powerful and precise. Definitely a guy to look for when he's around your area.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by PinoyBoxer21


- He's my first ever meetup here on MF, we had more of a practice match at his place, really great host and really friendly, taught me every choke and submission holds he knows, and that experience was incredible (painful but incredible). Outside of the mats, a real swell guy, treated me to a meal. Can't thank this guy enough, I for sure, learned my lesson ;) Can't wait for our next match!



PinoyBoxer21 is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Guy's really receptive to instructions. He is very willing to learn the ropes! And he learns fast! He made me his practice dummy several times and he'll definitely hurt you (but safely). He also packs a puch to be honest. Hurt me real good in our punching session.

He's such a great guy to be with! Lots of stories, lots of fun, lots of awesome moments.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by tapout

BJJ skilled, very fast (body movements and brain) and flexible. He is not scared of taking on guys of 2.5 times his weight ;-) Recommendable!



tapout is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Definitely more skilled than me and learned quite a few during the session. Haven't been doing BJJ for a while so the meet up was something I was looking forward to!

Can't recommend this guy enough! Patient when teaching, a beast when rolling!



TheMakatiKid is recommended by bluetiger

This guy is super strong. Now i really believe what other wrestlers says about this guy.
Dont underestimate him or youll pay dearly. He can squirm away any hold you put him and counters you. Very smart and strong , deadly combo. i call him " THE GIANT SLAYER "



bluetiger is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Bluetiger is definitely willing to learn the skills to become good in wrestling. Awesome and artistic guy, too! He can definitely handle himself well on the mats. Hopefully I'll get the chance to meet him again. Our first match was too short!



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Pandathug

Do NOT be fooled by this guys size. I have no formal training in grappling and he does. So I already knew he was gonna be difficult to beat. I expected that. What I did not expect was his strength. He has a lot of power in his little frame. His strength paired with his skill left me no chance at victory. Haha. I got him to tap once from using my weight. Other than that, he dominated the rest of our match.
Off the mats, Themakatikid, is a really cool guy. Very friendly and fun to talk to. We had a really good conversation about wrestling, work, history, and other things. Already planning our next match the next time I come to Manila. Hopefully by then I will have gained some skills to actually give him a challenge. Haha. I can't recommend him enough. If you're ever in the Philippines, don't pass on the chance to roll with him.



Pandathug is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Despite knowing that I have a little bit of an advantage when it comes to techniques, it wasn't easy getting him to submit!

I had to use every ounce of strength just to not get caught under him but he still managed to have me on full mount (and made me submit eventually). This guy definitely knows his strengths and is able to use them to his advantage.

Off the mats, he's a really cool bloke, an interesting guy, and a wonderful companion when you're passing time. Our conversation lasted for three (?) hours, I think.

Anyhow, I recommend you to hit up this guy for some wrestling if he's in your area. And let him bearhug you. It's an amazing experience. 😅



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Npdubai

I had the pleasure of meeting TMK in Manila. it was kind of him to be so accommodating to meet me despite my delayed flight. TMK is a real fighter with loads of stamina and skill and I could see him grow in strength as the match progressed. We had quite a long competitive hot match, which was great fun. I hope to see him the next time I'm in Manila.



Npdubai is recommended by TheMakatiKid

This guy is one you should challenge when he's around. If you get intimidated by his physique, it's rightly so. He's very strong and can take a lot of punishment. But he can definitely dish it out, too!

He's a very nice guy outside the mats but a mean one inside. I would definitely have another match with him given the chance.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Wrestlertoo

What a great surprise, to meet this with this "pocket rocket" of a guy, who destroyed me many times during the course of the day of our meet. Very humiliating, especially as he isn't at his full fitness level yet!



Wrestlertoo is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Wrestlertoo is great in wrestling and definitely knows how to make the match great! He totally respects my preferences which makes the match even better.

Outside the mats, he is such a friendly guy and easy to hang out with. Definitely someone you shoukd meet for drinks or for a match.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by hafeezu wrestler

Warning! Dont ever think makatikid is a kid. Lol.
He has strong legs and good skills. He is a sneaky guy and have good stamina too. Dont let your attention away after you make him tap out. He will come back at you even you will not realised.
Highly recommended. 👍 will wrestle him again next time 😁

Had the chance to meet Makatikid again before he back to Philippines. We did semi-competitive match. Again, beware with his legs lock. Its really strong. 💪 Lets have a match in Philippines again next time.



hafeezu wrestler is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Hafeezu wrestler was definitely a great host. Friendly and approachable and a very good wrestler. He knows moves that will definitely make you tap out. Definitely a guy that I will wrestle again when given the chance.

If you are in the same area with him, grab the opportunity to wrestle this guy.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Swiss-Fighter

He might be small but dont be fooled, he can up a good fight!
Im twice his size but that didnt stop him to set up a KO fight and come at me again and again and again
That should tell you alot about his fighting spirit!

Great guy of the mat and dont let your guard down cause he makes you tap otherwise

Looking forward to our next encounters .....



Swiss-Fighter is recommended by TheMakatiKid

I was on the way to the hotel when I saw this guy ride the MRT. He did not notice me but I immediately knew who he is. I thought to myself: "Damn. This is the guy I set up a match with?! I am gonna be KOed easily."

And I was right. He is very, very skilled. I think he just toyed with me. He rocked my head definitely. At one point all I hear was static before I fell down. The room was spinning. I think it was a hard right hook. I can't know for sure. I didn't see it coming.

Before and after the match, we also had some wrestling moves tried. Of course, before and after everything, he is a totally great guy. Awesome both on and off the mats. I fully recommend you set up a meet with this hot guy whenever you're near him. He does not disappoint.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by wrestlinglover89

I guess makatikid is probably the smallest guy i ever met. But don't be fooled by his size cos he knows the technique to make you tap. He is a friendly guy and I highly recommend you to meet him if you're a first timer. He taught me how to perform the RNC.

It was a memorable session together with sparringbuddy and hafeezu. I'm looking forward to meet him again in the future.



wrestlinglover89 is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Despite this guy's first time, he can handle hinself pretty well in matches. His strength is definitely an advantage. He is a bit rough with his techniques now but this guy will only get better and better!

Friendly off the mats and a fun guy to talk with. I'll definitely wrestle him again. Check him out when you're in the area.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Mark uk

Sept 17. Hosted a weekend of wrestling with the pocket rocket and damn did we have some great matches. Given the huge height and weight difference you'd think it would be a short match but don't be fooled as this kid is a little machine. We would wrestle for a couple of hours then take a short break. Sitting on the sofa he'd look over and beckon me back onto the mats for more. Now officially my lightest opponent at 99lbs but one of my favourites.
An awesome guy and friend i hope to meet many more times.

July 17. After having been out of the country when he passed through Singapore, I have the pleasure of meeting with The Kid in Manila this week. Pre-match banter had been going on for quite some time but now was the time to put it all on the line. I have to say although The Kid was 9'' shorter and half my weight he still bought all his cockiness to the meet.
The kid is a legend. I had a total blast both in the very long match and in some tuition after. A bright, intelligent young man who is a real pleasure to spend time with.
If you have the opportunity to meet then please do as you won't be disappointed.
Can't wait for another match. Absolute top guy.



Mark uk is recommended by TheMakatiKid

MEET 2: I was lucky to set another match with The Beast and, boy, he never disappoints. Always fun and hot to have him in a stare down and some flexing before he puts me into various holds. I'd say I'm tough to pin but this guy ain't resting until I can no longer fight. Slams, drivers, racks. You name it, he used that on me. Of course, I managed to made him submit a few times.

Always a great guy on and off the mats. I would definitely fly to SG to meet this guy over and over.

MEET 1: Mark, or The Beast, is definitely someone you have to wrestle with should you be in his vicinity.

Mark's friendly, smart and wise, a great guy to converse with. Such a gentleman, too. But when it comes down to business, he is, as I called him previously, The Beast.

As a lightweight, I definitely was lifted and slammed more than I can count with my fingers. I was quite nervous before but his experience and strength made sure that no serious damage is done. His submission skills are superb. There are times that I would have tapped out. I am guessing he is just not putting his full force. Just goes to show that he puts safety at paramount.

I learned a lot of things from this awesome guy. I had a great time with this awesome guy. I am surely going to set another match with this awesome guy. So, there, go and try to challenge The Beast. Just be prepared.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Small Venum

This guy is really legit. He has a great skills in muaythai, grappling and submission. He has superb energy and really strong fighter. I amazed with his spirit because he has no fear to fight competitively. I would like to meet him again for a rematch.

If you guys seek for a real or competitive match, this guy is absolutely a right opponent for you.



Small Venum is recommended by TheMakatiKid

This guy definitely packs a lot of power despite his size. He is rough and tough through and through.

His striking is powerful. His ground game is good. His overall fighting skill is awesome.

If he's near you, don't forget to ask him for a fight if you're looking for a rough one. He is definitely a guy worth meeting.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by boxph

Had a good match, though I wish it lasted longer haha.
Did a pretty good job despite the large height/weight difference.
I'd definitely want to meet with him again, hopefully when both of us are in better shape haha.



boxph is recommended by TheMakatiKid

Better late than never. This guy is tough! Of course we had a huge weight difference but I manage to take some of his punches but his continuous barrage took me down several times.

Intelligent guy outside the match and a real gentleman. Go for a spar with this guy and be challenged.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by Sparringbuddy

For a person his size, he does have basic grappling skills that can take down guys with no proper training. Unless of course they use brute strength, but then again, hard to say as he is quite quick thanks to his Muay Thai background. Definitely enjoyed sparring with him, and may we have many more. Quite capable of taking gut punches as well. Fyi, watch out for his triangle choke!



Sparringbuddy is recommended by TheMakatiKid

This guy is definitely one of the best guys I had a match with. He is trained but is willing to adapt to his opponent's skills. A great guy who also taught me some techniques as well!

Off the mats, a great host. On the mats, a great grappler. Smart and wise both in casual talks and sparring matches! Definitely have a roll with this guy when you're in his area.

Don't get caught in his RNC or else 😈



TheMakatiKid is recommended by imthere

Tough little boxer/wrestler, when we met.. we only did grappling and submission, surprisingly I was caught off guard by the strength he had lol

He was fun to meet up and really strong compare to how he looks like!

Hope to meet up again soon



imthere is recommended by TheMakatiKid

This guy is really a tough one. I made several attempts to make him submit and tap out to no avail. Definitely worth to roll around with when you have the time.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by jobber r

had a memorable (and rather long but still too short) give and take with TheMakatiKid - reliable, friendly, sensible, and has a good move index and commitment at role-play.

determined to make me submit and he was obliged to do so. he also has some signature combination moves that you wish to add to your own index, but I won't add to mine because I'd rather be on the receiving end.

absolutely no hassles when it comes to meeting and rolling around with him. communicative off the mat and energetic on the mat. can't wait for the next match, and definitely my desired go-to tag partner vs some heels wishing to work us over.



jobber r is recommended by TheMakatiKid

If you want a jobber without the hassle, contact jobber r. This dude is reliable and approachable.

If you wanna be a heel, jobber r is very willing to be worked over. He can take vicious holds easily as he has a high pain tolerance! If you wanna be his jobber, he can dish out some great punishment too!

So if you are going to be within his area, do not hesitate to contact this guy. Great man off and on the mats.



TheMakatiKid is recommended by sgboxerkid

Had a good boxing match with TheMakatiKid on his trip to Singapore – he was brave during the fight despite the size/experience differential. Reliable and determined – meet him if you can.



sgboxerkid is recommended by TheMakatiKid

sgboxerkid is a great host. He's friendly and accommodating. But when it comes to fighting, he is very competitive. The boxing match we had lasted only half the agreed rounds as he pummeled me with his gloved fists. His punches are calculated and powerful. I remember going down twice (I was down for the count on the second one). His gut punching skills are superb as well! He knows where to punch you to inflict damage. He takes my punches well!

So if you're going to Singapore, make sure to contact this guy. I hope this isn't the last time I am going to have a match with this great guy. I will surely train and knock sgboxerkid next time!


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