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Hello! New to this, love the idea of wrestling but not got much experience.

I'm kind of a dirty fighter ;) I love low blows!!!!
I'm also into erotic fights and wrestling for top ;)

So yer, would love to explore ;)



  1. United Kingdom, Norwich
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Age: 24-year-old Male

Stats: 6'0" (183 cm), 150 lbs (68 kg)

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Tommy10 is recommended by dan9692

Tommy was kind enough to host me for our match. It was his first meet, and he was terrified so well done building up the courage to let me come round. We sat and chatted a little which helped i think.

Although i walked away victorious and had him tapping out all over the place, bear in mind it was his first match and he had never wrestled before.......with more technique and skill Tommy could be formidable and he is stronger than he looks.

Now Tommy is claiming a minor victory in that he pinned me, however he only got those puns because i let him get on top of me lol. HOWEVER he is strong and regardless of how he managed to pin me in the first place, the truth is that i just couldnt escape, he was too strong for me.

All in all a very enjoyable match, and im pleased Tommy found the experience enjoyable, i really didnt want to be responsible for him leaving site so soon!!!! A little bonus naughtiness was appreciated too ;)

I reccommend Tommy highly if you want a fun tussle



dan9692 is recommended by Tommy10

Dan was a real gentleman. He could tell I was almost collapsing with nerves, so we talked for a while before we started wrestling and it definitely helped.

When it came to the wrestling, well I totally wiped the floor with him.......... which is what I would be saying if I was a liar.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending) Dan completely owned me haha, but he did it in a nice way!

I could tell he was holding himself back, but god even so some of the holds he did!!! Let see just say my hand hurt from tapping so much ;)

HOWEVER, and this bit Dan may be embarrassed about and try and speak lies, but we had a pin match too and I WON!!!! (Let's not get into how or if he let me or anything like that, I won! And I made him tap out as he was trapped with my **** in his face haha.

Sooo yer, Dan is a great guy, really strong and very talented in wrestling.

1:1 result ;)

And the "bonus" at the end was nice too ;)

And I was good! I hardly went for his balls once ;)