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Hi Guys,

I am the manager of the Barnet Mat Room. The new rules on Meetfighters mean that I can't set out any detailed information about the room on here. but please feel free to message me if you want to come along to an open mat session or want to book the room for your own match. Open mat sessions are also advertised under the events tab on Meetfighters.

I also run 'The Private Wrestling Club' from Barnet. These sessions are not advertised publicly so again, please message me for details.

In addition to my wrestling interests, I also teach and offer one to one massage. Just drop me a line if you'd like to book a massage. I offer special rates to Meetfighters and Meetup members.





  1. United Kingdom, London Borough of Barnet
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Age: 69-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 192 lbs (87 kg)

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UKAndy99 is recommended by romanhero

Andy is and always has been a great guy and a good friend. We wrestled once a long time ago at the old mat room at Hendon (it must have been at least 15 years ago now, and maybe more), but due to health issues, he no longer wrestles.

However, whilst no longer actively wrestling, Andy provides not only great wrestling facilities with the mat room at Barnet, but also very warm and generous hospitality, a welter of stories, a great sense of humour and fun and is a totally reliable, honest and genuine man. If it had not been for people like Andy, many of us gay wrestlers would be unable to actively participate, due to a lack of facilities, and Andy is very good at introducing newcomers and helping them to get to know more seasoned campaigners or old-timers like myself.

I cannot recommend Andy highly enough. Do try to make use of the facilities at Barnet if you possibly can and meet this great advocate of the sport we so enjoy.



UKAndy99 is recommended by newzealander

Andy, loved meeting you and back in the day, we rolled together, you are such a wonderful guy and a fantastic host with eating provided , I have to add to what these guys say, you are a very generous patient host and I really enjoyed my time with you in the old matrooms, thank you Andy for giving me perfect memories !!!!!!



UKAndy99 is recommended by MONSTA

Wrestled multiple times on the famous mats in Hendon now located in Barnet. Marathon wrestling sessions there it felt like it was my second home. Great wrestler. Safe and sane. Awesome guy off and on the mats.



UKAndy99 is recommended by Basildon Bloke

Not sure I can add anything too new to what has already been said about Andy. All I can say is, this is one of the most friendliest guys you can have the pleasure of meeting.

He is a terrific host, and is quick to put you at ease. The facilities at are great. They're clean and very suitable for wrestling. Plus they are very reasonably priced.

Chatting with him is easy and he has lots of great stories about various different subjects.

The wrestling community has a lot to thank him for. Meet or chat with this guy, you won't be disappointed.



UKAndy99 is recommended by ATONMAN

11/13.10.2012 thinking London someone can see the BigBen, The Tower of London or the London eye. For me London is the Andy's studio in Barnet ... an unmissable place where I met great people with a great host for which I have no words that can describe the estimates I have for him - thanks Andy *** 19.10.2013 I had great fun in Barnets with all the wrestler I met. After one year I can say our wrestling match was more intense and funny. look forward for next year



UKAndy99 is recommended by daveylad

What more can I say about Andy that other's haven't already said?

He is a great guy. Patient, warm, caring and friendly and does a great job running the Barnet mat rooms and his other wrestling site.

Just wish he was in a position to wrestle as i would really love a good grapple with him.

Cheers Andy - you are a star.



UKAndy99 is recommended by ShockR

The Barnet matroom is ideal for both one on one & group meets with toilet and shower facilities. Andy looks after you with tea and coffee & water if you need. Both times I have been have been excellent. Recommended matroom



UKAndy99 is recommended by hugefan

Ok, so I can't give Andy a wrestling recommendation because he doesn't wrestle anymore but if my good friend Admin will indulge me i would just like to say what a great massage he gives. Feel like a feather floating on a breeze which is quite an achievement for a big lump like me. Lovely man too.



UKAndy99 is recommended by devonwrestler

Andy doesent wrestle himself, due to health issues, but as many here will know, he does a fantastic job of making facilities available for others to wrestle and also organising group wrestling meetings that raise money for charity as well as being great fun us wrestlers. Totally good guy!



UKAndy99 is recommended by matworker

I've known Andy for many years. He is a great guy, very friendly and hospitable.
I often use his matroom in Barnet for Wrestling Events and he is a brilliant host with nothing being too much trouble.

He also gives a fantastic massage. Highly recommended.

Although we have not actually wrestled, I've added him as past opponent so he can have the required minimum matches to be able to post his own Events on meetifighters. I've only managed to attend a few of them and know they are great occasions. I wish I lived closer so I could be at them regularly.

If you have enjoyed using the Barnet matroom, you may want to add him as a past opponent too and help promote another tireless supporter of the wrestling scene.



matworker is recommended by UKAndy99

Dave is a great friend to me and many in the wrestling world and does a brilliant job running Grapevine Wrestling. The group use the Barnet Mat room each quarter (see the event board for dates). The sessions are great fun and attract a great group of wrestlers. I'd recommend supporting the group when they meet not only in Barnet but in other town around the country. Andy