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Hi guys!

Just drop me a line if you are interested in a match or just wanna talk about the weather ;)

Have a nice day!



  1. Switzerland, Zug
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Age: 21-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (175 cm), 146 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English, German

Gear: jeans, shorts, shirt (and shirtless), underwear etc.

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Users name is recommended by musclehunk

We had a rip and strip match and it was a great experience! Do not underestimate the passion and fight stamina of that young newcomer! It was a real pleasure and I can only highly recommend that guy. Also a reliable and sympathetic guy beside of the mats. Therefore more fights in the future are much appreciated!



musclehunk is recommended by Users name

Musclehunk is a very fit and nice guy from whom you can learn a lot and have fun on the mat.
He is a tough fighter, but always fair and save, I highly recommend having a match with him.
He is a friendly and smart guy next to the mat, with whom one can have good conversations.
I'm looking forward to our next match!



Users name is recommended by Hooligan

Einfach ein cooler, sympathischer junger Mann .
Zäher Kerl, gibt nicht gerne auf.
Gerne wieder mal 😀



Users name is recommended by Kane78

Users_name is a very sympathic, young guy, full of energy and fight spirit. He doesn't give up very easily and is willing to learn new moves and techniques which he instantly tries to use. Beside the mat he is a fun and honest guy. Definitely a recommendation!



Kane78 is recommended by Users name

Kane78 is a very nice and experienced fighter, who is also a great teacher and I learnt a lot from him. Even if he is much stronger than me he gave me the chance to try out the new stuff he taught me.
Beside the mat he is a friendly and open-minded guy I would definitely recommend for a match. :)



Users name is recommended by marcoonbike

Nach ein paar Tagen schreiben haben wir uns in der Nähe von Zürich getroffen. Und es hat sich wirklich gelohnt. Users-Name ist ein super sympathischer und wirklich attraktiver junger Mann :-)

Und ich bin der erste, der hier eine Empfehlung hinterlässt was mich ja fast ein wenig wundert ;-)

Ich denke, dass das nicht unser letzter Fight war :-P