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looking partners all around the world. Mature bears a plus.



  1. Spain
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Age: 38-year-old Male

Stats: 5'10" (178 cm), 172 lbs (78 kg)

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AD idf bikermanrr French Novice



WrestlerBCNovice is recommended by French Novice

A new wrestler from Spain is here.
A smart and cool guy, easy to talk.
On the mat, this novice doesn’t seem to be so novice 😉.
This sporty guy, in a great shape with a good stamina, learns fast. We had a long sweaty match.
It wd be great to meet him again for a rematch.
Highly recommended !

Un nuevo luchador español está aquí.
Un chico agradable, es fácil de hablar con el.
En lucha, este novice o no parece ser tan novice 😉.
Este chico deportivo, en buena forma y con buena resistencia, aprende rápido. Tuvimos un largo partido sudado.
Sería genial volver a verlo para una revancha.
Muy recomendable !



WrestlerBCNovice is recommended by bikermanrr

A Keanu Reeves version warrior. A tall and handsome man, very classy.
    I had the chance to meet him at his beginning because of his abilities, his motivation, his strength, he will quickly shine during his fights. I was the victim of his first lessons with AD IDF, so he scored points, was able to impose some techniques , can be difficult to escape , he is a sportsman with a good endurance and a good cardio. Fights in sweat, but also a lot of respect and security. We fought in meeting . He is greedy, he never says no, but rather again and again for the pleasure of the fight. An opponent we would like to have in sparring so his abilities are excellent in the fighting
  I strongly encourage this very classy guy to continue fighting, he is cut and made for that.
      In addition to being a wrestler, he is a biker. Sports version, I would also like to turn with him for a challenge with his Honda cbr Arghhhhh I like this guy
      Champagne was de rigueur for this exceptional good meeting.



bikermanrr is recommended by WrestlerBCNovice

What can i say aobut this guy.... he 's the perfect opponent if you are looking for an experienced wrestler, he has an amazing condition(as you see in the pictures) and he's a gentleman in and out of the mats. I hope to meet him soon!



WrestlerBCNovice is recommended by AD idf

I had the pleasure to host wretlerbcnovice for a long weekend and for his first sessions on the mats. It was an amazing weekend. He is stronger than he can say and he learns fast. Put him in safe and good spirit atmosphere and he gives you great time on mat. It's an evidence that he likes grappling and he can play long time due to his good cardio. I am sure he will continue to play regularly and he will can put in difficulty many guys of the site soon.

Outside mat he is a great guy with who you can discuss on many subjects, pass good time in down town for example. Friendly, polite, easy discussion what can we ask more?

For sure we will meet again and again and see how he improves his skills but I am sure that will arrive fast due to facilities to learn and because he likes play on mat.

Necessarily recommended.



AD idf is recommended by WrestlerBCNovice

It was my wrestling baptism, and it couldn't be better. AD idf knows how teach wrestling and have an amazing place to practice. From the beginning i felt really confident and motivated because you can feel his passion for wrestling and it transmit to you. Also he's the perfect host. I don't know how to express my gratitude to him. It was a perfect weekend.
I hope to meet him soon!
Mandatory recommended!!