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  1. United Kingdom, Birmingham

I am willing to travel 50 kilometers


30-year-old Male / 5'8" (173 cm) / 181 lbs (82 kg)

Languages spoken: English

Gear: Quite easy on gear, have singlet, shorts, boxers, briefs, jeans etc.


Update: Feel free to check out my first match for BGeast!

Feel free to follow my insta as well for pics of matches and the like ;)

(Really need to update this more often) Well new year new body! Attempting to continue my improvements but definitely making progress. My plan for the year is to kick more ass and take more names, So hopefully be seeing a lot of you soon ; )

Still inexperienced but developing skill and technique and wouldn't mind finding a professional coach potentially. If anyone knows of any good coaches please do recommend them my way as mentioned in my blog post! :) In the meantime rather laid back and easy to get on with, just exploring my options and meeting new people and getting more experience. Feel free to drop me a line and hopefully can arrange something.

At the moment can't host but content to travel within reason.



Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Workout partner, Online chatting, Like cyber wrestling, Looking for coach
Specific wrestling styles: Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Stand-up fighting: Not interested in stand-up fighting
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship, Relationship, Modeling
Fetishes: Muscle worship

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Last modified: 3/24/2020

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Wrestlingn00b is recommended by axxo007

Well I guess we both surprised each other, as this guy is very far from being a noob. That username needs some updating ;) He’s got strong legs that can squeeze and he can crank on some pretty tight chokes. Off the mats, he’s a super nice guy to chat with. Thanks for making the trip!



axxo007 is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

When I met axxo007 and he said he had no technical skill I thought I may have this in the bag...I may have forgotten to look that he has over 100 previous opponents and his experience shows! He is stubborn, great at defence and knows how to position himself and keep control of a situation.

axxo007 off the mats was a super chill guy, very friendly and easy to get along with, on the mats he reminded me I need to step up my game and training. But definite recommendation and hopefully keeping in touch for a match up.



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Garion

After quite a few years out of the game, Wrestlingn00b was a very welcome opponent.

Wrestlingn00b is definitely far from the n00b his name suggests and worth a match. He'll keep you on your toes trying to work out what he's going to try next.

He started off surprising me with a headlock to take the lead, a trick he tried to pull a few times. Make sure if you need a quick respite that you call timeout though! He caught me unsuspecting in what I thought was a quick break to take the lead again after I'd evened it up. Nice close match eventually finishing him off with a final score of 6-4 to me, but he didn't make it easy!

A rematch is definitely on the cards!



Garion is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Well Garion was definitely a pleasant surprise. Saying he's rusty might have been a ruse as he definitely could hold his own, and his grapevine hold was quite something. Still managed to hold my own against the big lug and put him through his paces, a close match up but a hella challenge.

Off the mats Garion is a great laugh, friendly, nice and an 'alright' Smash player...even if he picks Kirby ;)

Looking forward to our rematch.



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Kayden

Been going at it back and forth with this guy online for a while and we finally got the chance to throw down. Got to make him eat a few of his words but got put in my place than once as well. Don't let the good looks fool you, he's got a killer guillotine and he'll make you pay if you take him lightly.



Kayden is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Well what can I say but Kayden was worth the wait. We've spoken back and forth for a while, and I was happy and pleasantly surprised to see he could back up all the talk he had got. I expected him to be all sex appeal and not as much skill, but he can handle his own and punish when given any openings.

Off the mats Kayden is a fun guy, great banter and a huge nerd (which is a plus in my book!) so totally recommend facing this powerhouse when given the chance. Looking forward to a rematch!



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Scrapperlad86

Rematch 30/11/15: N00b has stacked on the muscle since our last match. Looks formidable in a singlet and his headlock is still excruciating. He got a couple of good subs but pleased to say I still won overall with a combo of holds. He's not the keenest on an abs claw but I reckon that may be my only defence when we fight round 4. He's got some good bulk to him and with some fine tuning of his holds he will be unstoppable. Always a pleasure to fight this guy - kind, courteous, courageous and an all round good guy. Gracious in defeat but keeps going despite exhaustion. Again cannot recommend him enough and cannot wait to take him on again. Matroom definitely the best fight to date

Rematch 18/06/15: another epic battle with this lad! Still got one of the most painful headlocks I've experienced. My stubbornness has grown since our first fight and I've had a few more matches in between too to refine my fighting. Enjoyed rolling with Neil again and want a third match soon. Cannot thank our host enough for letting me and Neil lock up at his place very much appreciated. Roll on fight three

What a top bloke! Very friendly host and a really nice guy. I thought on first looks he would be a walk over. How wrong was I! Changed in to briefs and squared up. He was quick and clamped on one of he most painful headlocks I've ever experienced. Don't underestimate this guy. A lot stronger than he looks and he's got some good skill and technique. A few months of cardio and some more fights and he'll be a formidable opponent. Really enjoyed fighting him - great guy on and off the mats. The rematch is hopefully going to be soon but this time somewhere more spacious. I think its gonna take all of my strength and skill to win that. Cannot recommend him enough - if you get the chance accept a fight with him



Scrapperlad86 is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Update 02/04/2019: Wow it's been over three years since our last match and the guy is still a beast. Tough and powerful with technical skill he has kept me on my toes for years and keeps me coming back for a rematch. Great to see him in action in a threeway match, gave me a chance to catch him off guard from time to time. Definitely still recommend and look forward to round 5!

Scrapperlad is someone you do not want to underestimate. I thought with only two matches under his belt on here it'd have complete control of him, turns out he's got plenty more experience under his belt that makes him a fighting machine. It's rare I meet someone more stubborn then me, I'd have him in a few holds where he's bright red in the face and I know I've got him on the ropes, and yet STILL he won't tap and weasel his way out eventually (though got a few good ones on him ;))

Off the mats Scrapper is a sweet guy and very friendly and easy to get along with, on them he gives it his all while still making sure the other person is okay. Been a long time coming between us and the end result was well worth it in my view. Hopefully I get that rematch soon man ;)

18.06.15: Remet with Scrapper (Wonderfully hosted by Southern Scrapper, much thanks!) to settle the score and finish off our little back and forth banter. From last time we thought he was bigger, badder, cockier and plenty more skill under his belt, where before he was relying on size and strength he had definitely began using his technique all the more and it made him a lethal threat. This big brute needs to be taken down and fast and I plan to be the one to do it, though on this day he thrashed me and is clearly a force to be reckoned with. Off the mats though he remains one of the nicest down to earth guys I've met on here and was a blast to rematch and catch up. I look forward to settling the score sometime soon : )

30.11.2015 Round three and this guy shows no sign of slowing down and weakening. Even with my added improvements at the gym he comes back like a freight train of muscle and skill. Scrapperlad has definitely developed moves, brawn and stamina (plus the ability to look great in a singlet) Although I got him to tap a few times he definitely managed to keep control throughout most the match. Cannot recommend him enough and hope the next one is just as fun and challenging.



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Wrestlingguy

I really don’t know why the word noob is in this guy’s profile because he is anything but.
He really threw me off guard with his first takedown and then had me tapping repeatedly after that. He’s a strong guy and a good wrestler, better than he gives himself credit for!
Off the mats he’s an absolute pleasure to hang around with and I enjoyed showing him Bristol.
All in all a super fun wrestling get together, many thanks!



Wrestlingguy is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Update 02/04/2019: Was gppd to catch up with wrestlingguy for my first three person match. He's a fast learner and willing to give his all, and he definitely is adorable suffering, which he may have gotten a lot of during the match. Still he kept on going back for more. Still a great guy and still recommend!

Well wrestlingguy was a fun experience for sure! He was polite enough to pick me from the train station and get us over to the mat room while being great company throughout. Was great fun to chat with him and spent some time just enjoying Bristol, definitely recommend him as a tour guide as he knows a lot it seems ;P

As for a match he definitely has some strong holds when he can get them on, when he uses that height advantage he'll be amazing. Till then it was good to take all the trash talking he gave me via messages and make him suffer for it (I lost count of the times he tapped ;)) But overall he's strong, nice and definitely a big recommendation! :)



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by dan9692

After a good few years of messaging on and off, we finally got round to meeting!!

Neil is an absolutely lovely guy and a pleasure to speak to. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him.

In terms of wrestling, it became clear very quickly that Neil knows what he is doing and is very competitive on the mats. He is strong and fast and really put me through my paces!! We are of a similar skill level and this made for an intense and enjoyable competitive subs match, I wasn't keeping score, but it felt like a very even contest with subs on both sides. Beware his headlock!!!

The hotel room was ok, but i definitely think he and I should get somewhere bigger next time so we can wrestle without bumping into furniture, and have a real long and hard match!!!

10/10 would meet again....desoite the accidental elbow to my face!! (In fairness i accidentally caught him a couple of times too.)

Bottom line; safe, sane, reliable, skillful and a genuine pleasure to wrestle and chill with off the mats too!!!



dan9692 is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

In honesty I thought I was going to destroy Dan, that it would be a cake walk. I turned out to be very very wrong!

Dan is definitely more skilled then he portrays himself as, and has quite a good few holds that he can punish you in. With his height advantage it threw me off my game and he never gave me a chance to recover or plan, always giving 110% in the match up, which meant it was fun, competitive and close between the two of us.

Off the mats and during breaks he was a nice guy, easy to chat with and get along and a good laugh. I would definitely recommend making some time for him, but don't let his sweet guy demeanour fool you, he is a threat for sure!



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by HansAuslander

High Recommendation:
Safe and sane however knows what he is doing. Very strong, very tough definitely did not expect for him to be as strong as he is. Very playful and also comes with an array of gear and sportswear. He had a good hold on me but like the rest he stood no chance against my legs. Definitely looking forward to our rematch



HansAuslander is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Kaiserky was a very tough guy I had the chance to match up with in New York after settling in. He knows how to use his size and strength against someone if he gets the upperhand, it's a good thing I kept him under control most the time and made him eat his words ;P

Definitely recommend!



omr24 is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Well omr24 definitely gave me a sense check. After a few matches of winning and taking control he reminded me that I definitely need to work on my technique.

The match didn't last too long as he dominated throughout with his skill and technique. If you want a challenge I would definitely recommend him. Nice guy and very very tough :)



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by toprosub

Very happy to have squeezed this match into n00b's Toronto visit. After the first few rounds I thought Canada might shut out the UK but he came roaring back with a vengeance. Echoing his other recommendations, he's got a massive amount of strength in that bod and knows how to put it to use! So don't be fooled by those innocent looks, he's all business in a match and will jump you when you least expect it. As well, you would be wise to avoid his killer headlock. Besides the wrestling, he's a pleasure to hang out and chat with. I definitely recommend snagging a match with him if you can and I look forward to our potential rematch next year!



toprosub is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Well when I first met toprosub it quickly went 3-0 in his favour, so I felt I was definitely in trouble. He is stubborn, skilled and has a deadly body which he knows how to use. If given an inch he will take a mile and definitely kept me on my toes.

Though I managed to rally and take things in my favour every tap was hard earned and left me sweaty, bruised and aching, definitely a hard challenge but a worthwhile one.

Off the mats toprosub is a lovely guy, very easy to talk to and friendly. I'd recommend if given the chance to lock up with him, he's worth the match and he was definitely worth the wait for me! :)



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by battlefox

It was a overall very nice meeting. He was quick on the mat and really used his power to overwhelm me in the beginning. I had to adapt quickly to finally get a handle on him and i must say, with more training and skills, he will be unstoppable no matter which size his opponent.

It was a bit short our match due to him being sick and being nearly interrupted with hotel personnel. Still the rest of the weekend was nice to explore with him and even when times were not ideal, we had a good weekend together and i hope to host him in the future again for a next meetup in more suitable circumstances. He is a strong wrestler with dark humor you really must meet.



battlefox is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Met with Battlefox last weekend for a match in Belgium. Although brief (due to me hearing someone in the corridor complaining about us >_>) it was a fun match up. Battlefox is very strong and skilled, using his size and strength to his advantage and capitalising on any mistake.

Outside a match he was very thoughtful and had helped me figure out things to do in the city and took time out to assist me with things. Overall a very sweet guy and I'd recommend visiting.



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Marcwrestler

Had a blast to wrestle with this young muscle stud! I am so happy that i could meet him after many months that we chatted. He is very great guy, friendly, strong , great body and lot of fun! We did competitive sudmission match ! He give me a good challenge on the mats! Really liked it ! We switch gear 4 times.. We started with singlet. After we did with speedo, short and thong! : ) It was fun and hot ! : )
Highly recommended for amazing wrestling ! Can't wait to have a rematch with him when i will go back to UK !



Marcwrestler is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Well after years of on and off chatting I finally got to meet up with the legendary Marcwrestler!

He has to be one of the most positive and friendliest guys I've met on here, he genuinely seemed upbeat and happy throughout our communication and meet up.

In a match? His experience and skill shows, if I ever tired he'd chain me in move after move until I recovered or was forced to submit to him. He's a tough package of muscle and skill, but has a few weaknesses which I couldn't help but exploit ;) Part way through he taught me a few extra things to help improve my technique which was greatly appreciated.

I definitely recommend him and look forward to catching him again for a rematch. Was very even in our match, so I look forward to seeing how much more I can make him suffer when I keep improving ;)



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Painandgain

2nd fight.
We had a nice evening and a good fight. He got better from last time and we enjoyed the evening. Still one of the nicest guys here. :)

When I saw him at the airport, I thought that this little guy won't have a chance against me and that it will turn into a jobber heel thing. My arrogant view changed complety after the first minutes of our fight. Whoever thinks, like I did, that wrestlingn00b is an easy opponent for whatever reason, will suffer in his holds and won't stand a chance against his fighting skills.

I recommend him, not only for his performance on the mat, but also for his very nice character and attitude towards meeting other guys. I look forwards to meet him again.



Painandgain is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

28/04/2017: Had the pleasure of hosting Painandgain in Birmingham. Pleasure to have around and remained a perfect guest and guy to hang with. In a match he remained a tough powerful challenge. Even with improving he continued to demonstrate skill and strength throughout. Though I think he learnt this time never to let his guard down against me ;) But once again a pleasure and a full recommendation!

07/10/2016: Met up with Painandgain again in Essen for a rematch. I had been working hard on my body and had a training session from a few months ago under my belt. I felt like I had this.

Painandgain was on the top of his game though. Although rusty from no matches since I thought I'd have him, yet I underestimated how much he'd improve since I last saw him, leading to the match going completely in his favour. Don't underestimate his strength and skill.

Though I lost the match he was a great host as before and was great to hang out with. At least I can walk away this time knowing I'm better at Karaoke ;) Look forward to getting some punishment on him for this.

I had the pleasure of meeting this guy after years of talking online. He was a great host and I really appreciated how much he'd bend over backwards to make sure I was comfortable at his place after my travels and was overall a very pleasant guy to hang out with.

On the mats he has a lot more technical skill then I originally gave him credit for. He's tougher then he looks and knows how to use his body to bring the pain if you let your guard down. Although I got subs on him his technique gave him quite the upperhand and definitely made him a challenge to be reckoned with.

Would definitely recommend meeting him for a tough fight and a fun time, was worth the wait and look forward to the next match ;)



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Mcfight

Wrestlingn00b is a really friendly, polite and likeable person who makes you feel 100% comfortable. Throughout the match he kept things fun and friendly while still showing competitiveness and the occasional mean streak. He is very strong and determined and managed to keep things interesting and competitive even if he didn't get the result he wanted. As others have said his headlock is deadly and he has perfected the hold to make it both painful and also difficult to breath. Beware! I managed to resist the urge to tap a few times but he did get me with it once!

Overall the match was good fun, a good pace and a nice level of competitiveness and rivalry. With his current dedication to the gym and a few more matches this guy could start winning a lot more matches. Highly recommend a match with n00b. Would definitely be up for a match in a few months to see how much more of a challenge he's become.



Mcfight is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

I was already prewarned about how tough Mcfight was, but still we decided to throw down after a bit of chatting and light hearted trash talking. On the mats he is everything I expected him to be. He was tough, stubborn and knew how to use his strength to keep me on the back leg. Although I managed to get some taps on him there were several times I managed to get him on the edge but his stubbornness won out and he'd escape. In the end I ended up the loser in our little match up, as he knew how to take control and has a killer scissors hold.

Off the mats Mcfight was a down to earth guy and very friendly. Very much appreciated that he hosted this. I'd totally recommend him if you're in the area and want a challenge, though might not be much left of him once I'm finished with him in a rematch ;P



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by indigo88

We met in London and it was very nice of him to travel down from Bham. We were very much at par in terms of strength (I may have been a tiny bit stronger) but stood nowhere in comparison when it came to technique. He won with and without a couple of cheap moves which I would love to take revenge for in our next match. A great guy to chat to and hang out with off the mats. Safe sane wrestling. Highly recommended



indigo88 is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

So when I first spoke to indigo he said he was going to destroy me and was confident in this. Well today after chatting briefly for a while we settled that.

Safe to say I destroyed him ;) I won't say the number of subs as a) I lost count and b) he asked me not too. Still he was a tough opponent and resisted all the while. Hopefully his ego will bounce back ;)

Otherwise indigo was a great host extremely pleasant and lovely to chat to. Definitely recommend getting to know him and taking him on : )



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by sundaylight

Don't be fooled by his shy and polite exterior - this guy is a fierce and adept wrestler. As long as you respect one another's boundaries, you are guaranteed a challenging fight. Genuinely nice as well. 10/10



sundaylight is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Great guy to get some practice in. Once he starts working on his technique and gets some more matches under his belt he'll be a tough challenge to take on. Watch out for once he starts knowing his stuff. : )



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by leicswrestle

having meet wrestling00b today what a nice pleasant person on and off the mats.
i think he under estimated how big and strong i was but he managed with it.
Hes strong for his size and has a few moves up his sleeve hope he has a few more now to help him on his way of taking people down.
i would recommend him to anyone and would meet him again for a rematch :)



leicswrestle is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

I kind of underestimated leicswrestle, I'd taken down two big guys before and thought I'd add him to my list, having joked that I'd take him down 10-0. This did not happen. He manhandled me throughout and kept control and there was little I could do to stop him. Did manage a submission on him at least ;P

Out of the match leicswrestle was a super down to earth and fun guy, telling me a lot about his previous match ups and teaching me some more basics to help me learn and develop. Overall a really swell guy and a lot of fun, would totally recommend if you think you can handle him, or not, fun either way.

Definitely rematch again soon. : )



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by howareya

I had a great time taking on this guy! He is strong, quick, and knows how to wrestle well. Very friendly personality and great attitude. Highly recommended.



howareya is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

A super strong guy as well as very skilled. Howareya was a great guy to go up against in a match as well as being very down to earth and easy to get along with. Very much recommended if you are in New York. : )



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by NelsonCrush

Youg, strong and fit wrestler who knows some awesome holds. Great guy too. Would love a rematch



NelsonCrush is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

NelsonCrush is a really great guy and definitely very easy to get along with. In a match up he is definitely strong competition, if he continues to work on his skill and technique he will definitely be tough competition for people! Completely recommend him for a match. Though he does run his mouth a bit, though making him submit seven times seems to shut him up ;)



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by Flexforme

This boy has a good deal of attitude and enjoys taunting his opponents. He is quite new to wrestling but very much looks the part and is a strong guy. He is working on his skills at the moment and has already picked up a great deal. Rematch? Of course.



Flexforme is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Definitely a great guy to wrestle with. Amazingly stubborn, arrogant and skilled (it's fine though, I found a weakness! ;D)and overall a great experience. Definitely a big challenge but very nice after it was all said and done. Completely recommend and expect a rematch soon :P



Wrestlingn00b is recommended by worksopboi

Do not under estimate this lad! More skilled than he likes to make out.
Great guy both on and off of the mats, I am happy to recommend to anyone.
Will meet again anytime.



worksopboi is recommended by Wrestlingn00b

Super easy opponent. I made him tap 20 times and made him cry out like a baby.

...Who am I kidding, the experience and skill level difference between the two of us was rather apparent and in his favour. Still worksopboi was very pleasant and amicable to teaching me to improve the basics that I already knew. He was great to have a chat to as well and very easygoing and friendly, definitely recommend.

I also recommend him because he has puppies! If not for him, go for them ;)