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I used to practice martial arts (light contact). Interested in doing submission as with guys of similar weight. Based in Madrid.


Practico lucha de artes marciales (light contact). Interesado en practicar submission. Ahora en Madrid.



  1. Spain, Madrid
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I am willing to travel 20 kilometers


Age: 30-year-old Male

Stats: 5'9" (176 cm), 146 lbs (66 kg)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish

Gear: Casual, shorts, etc.

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission

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ferligan is recommended by StrikeFighter

A fast and enthusiastic fighter who is a lot stronger than he looks! He definitely gave me more trouble than I had expected.

Very friendly guy, knows what he wants, easy to talk to.

Setting up our match was simple and straightforward. He showed up a bit late but apologized profusely and our fight was definitely worth the wait.



ferligan is not recommended by Mad Grappler T

  • Unreliable / no show



ferligan is recommended by subbud

Update may 2018: This guy got very strong! He has been obviously going to the gym very often. His headlocks are very powerful but he still cannot resist my triangles :) see you next time on the mat!

Oh my god. We had an amazing fight together. He is fit and handsome, has good technique and most importantly fun and safe! Our match was pretty balanced and even I very much enjoyed it! Off the mat he is a cool guy, I highly recommend him to anyone! See you next time in BCN! 😉



subbud is recommended by ferligan

With his toned body, subbud is surprisingly strong, our fight was amazing with a lot of energy and he was very competitive which made the fight more interesting, so the great time is guaranteed. Hope to fight you again my friend :)



ferligan is recommended by Mastakoynas

Good and fast fighter and a funny smiling guy off the mats. He moves fast and he seems determined when fighting. Off the mats he is spondaneous and fun to hang around with. Had a great time man. You still owe me the paella you so much wanted to make and you never had the chance and of course to repeat our match. I forgot to mention the 300+ different brands of beers you didn't manage to taste. Next time buddy



ferligan is recommended by Biked1982

I had a great fight with Ferligan. He’s lightning fast and explosive as hell. It forced me to adapt to his agressive style which pulled me out of my comfort zone. The fight felt quick, primal, no time to ponder, act and react. It felt tremendously good.

I enjoyed hanging around with him off the mats too. A real eye-catcher; not just in looks, but also his character.

Looking forward to our next encounter.



ferligan is recommended by Bamm-Bamm

Flawless body. Super cute face. Personality to die for. And an apparently careless and relaxed state of mind that suits him very well. A very charming person.
Super fast and mobile on the mats. Amazing stamina. Jumping and rolling around me, dragging me with him in the process. Very entertaining. And a very strong will to win. This guy doesn’t like to be pushed around 😀 Hard to believe that he never had formal training in grappling. His fighting instincts are very good.
It was great to host him: once you get the timing settled he’s an easy guest. We didn’t get paella, but he got ‘stoverij’. For paella we’ll go to Barcelona. We have some unfinished business to take care of 😉



ferligan is recommended by subfight

2018: Another one of my favourite guys on here. We met for a 3-way match and this time he was back - faster (and furious :) ) , stronger and tougher than the previous times. We had some scrambles around the small room. Always great fun and nice matches with Ferligan. Very Highly reccomended and if you want to stand a chance you better hurry up as the guys is keep improving.

Great guy, enthusiastic and fun. I Loved to silly tease him and his no stop attitude. He had the luck with a tag partner, but I gonna ask for revenge :) Looking forward to meet up again.



subfight is recommended by ferligan

Great wrestler and an amazing host. He is strong and he has got lots of stamina. He never gets exhausted, not easily. The practice was a also quite fun with his jokes!! Looking forward to seeing him again!



ferligan is recommended by darkJR

Very energetic, handsome and empathetic guy. He doesn't like to loose so be careful if you make him tap... you should keep your guard up all times.

I really had a great time with him, he's very natural an straightforward, making the whole experience very smooth



ferligan is recommended by Swimsurf21

Was such good fun to meet Ferligan. Had a great wrestle with him, even though we had limited room. A very strong and ambitious wrestler. Hates to get submitted, but I had the height difference which allowed me to get some good chokes. Off the mats, he is a really nice guy and also had an amazingly fit body. A great meet, highly recommended.



Swimsurf21 is recommended by ferligan

It was a great experience wrestling with this sportive guy. He is both flexible and strong, as well as very fun, so 100% recommended! Hope you keep on progressing on the fighting path :)



ferligan is recommended by Danywrestler

Muy buen luchador del que quiero destacar su gran velocidad y agilidad y su alto espíritu competitivo, y eso siempre me gusta en mis rivales.
Incluso con un espacio de tatami grande nuestra actividad de lucha nos hizo salir rodando o volando varias veces del mat por lo activo y enérgico de los matches.

Muy recomendado!



Danywrestler is recommended by ferligan

Genial luchar con Dany! Un verdadero maestro. Luchar con él es una experiencia muy buena por todo su conocimiento y su capacidad de adaptarse y luchar con seguridad. Fue un gran combate así que espero repetir pronto.



ferligan is recommended by Opon84

Ferligan is a very enthusiastic wrestler, with lots of energy, very fit, fun and safe to wrestle.
We met upon his arrival in Milan, late at night (past midnight, actually) but he was ready to roll and eager for a match; I am afraid that our difference in size had a not completely secondary role in the outcome.
As everyone is also saying, he is a pleasant guy to talk with, while wrestling and afterwards.
Fully recommended.



ferligan is recommended by judokasf

Ferligan was a great guy to scrap with; highly energetic, strong and competitive while also still being fun and relaxed. I would highly recommend scrapping with him if you have the chance.



ferligan is recommended by einzelkämpfer

Ferligan is a wild, ambitious, spirited and strong opponent. He has a lot of strength, very good stamina and a good technique. We fought for 3 hours very wildly, but with all his energy he fights very save. Ferligan hates losing a round. Then he becomes "angry" :) and the fight gets really much more fun. Off the mats he is a very interested and cosmopolitan, nice, funny guy, Full of power and passion. Definitely recommend! Our next fight will be in Spain or Germany! I can't wait.



einzelkämpfer is recommended by ferligan

Einzelkämpfer is a wonderful fighter. He has a lot of experience and a musculature hard to outdo! Thanks for the experience, mate!



ferligan is recommended by unknown11

Very good fight with ferligan, he is strong, well carved and very friendly. My first oil match, and it was very funny :p
Highly recommanded



unknown11 is recommended by ferligan

Unknown11 is a great fighter, strong, muscled and very skilled. We had an amazing tag match and im eager to repeat soon! Thanks for the chance buddy.



ferligan is recommended by Antho1984

Great physique and really cool guy. He knows how to fight and probably got easy on me. I succeed to got some submission but i guess he could kick my ass easily
Can't wait for a revenge.
Loved as well the training session. Come back mate



ferligan is recommended by Guirj

Ferligan is a strong and experienced wrestler wih great holds and techniques and a very fit body. He is also a very nice guys of the mats, we had a very great and fun match , looking foward for our next match.



Guirj is recommended by ferligan

He definitely got the spirit of the warrior! He likes to fight and his holds are really strong, he is quite tall as well so definitely not an easy opponent! Ill be fighting yoi again soon!



ferligan is recommended by Lugi

Ferligan is a great fighter, never exhausted, and above all fun to wrestle . I enjoyed the match and would recommend him if you get the chance to meet him up. Nice guy to talk to and hang out with also.



Lugi is recommended by ferligan

Meet the star! Fighting with Lugi was a great experience, he is strong and have a great technique, furthermore he also got a great sense of humour. Hope to wrestle again, with or without rock bouldering!



ferligan is recommended by fur4wrestle

Met up with ferligan at short notice and glad I did. He's a very friendly guy but knows how to channel his energy into a great match. Lots of stamina and some killer body scissors. Would definitely recommend. Hope we hookup again.



fur4wrestle is recommended by ferligan

Don't miss the chance of wrestling against him! His physique is impressive, he is not only strong, but a great person off the mats. We'll meet again mate!



ferligan is recommended by Mcfight

A great opponent with a lot of energy and interest in learning technique. Ferligan is deceptively strong for his size and if he continues to progress will be a big challenge to anyone that takes him on. Match two will be soon for sure.



Mcfight is recommended by ferligan

Great opponent. He has very good technique and is a great host. Waiting for the second round!



ferligan is recommended by leofighters

Met up with Sergio the other day.Reliable guy you can spend your time wrestling with !
We had a fun relaxed sub match and traded holds.
Off the mats a very sociable guy .



leofighters is recommended by ferligan

In a glance you can see how good fighter is Leo just looking at his physique but you have to meet him to see that he also really easygoing and has great skills as well. Absolutely recommended.



ferligan is recommended by Wrestler

What can I say about ferligan? He says he is new but he has a martial arts background like he says he does. Although I was taller than him, he came at me like a lion would do to its prey. He is very tenacious, explosive and very willing to learn.

He is such a cool guy off the mats and we chatted for ages. All in all, a tough opponent and cool guy to speak to. I am sure there will be many more encounters between us. When is round 2? Top recommendations from me!



Wrestler is recommended by ferligan

Haha, Pretty strong guy!! It's quite hard to get free from his choke holds. Wrestler is also a very nice guy off the mats.
Nice to meet you on and off the mats.. the rematch will be soon!