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Age 57
Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 192 lbs (87 kg)
Gender Male
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Gear Jocks, briefs, singlet, speedos, naked
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  1. United Kingdom, Ascot

I am willing to travel 50 miles
I am willing to host. (Bed and Breakfast)

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Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
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Boxing Boxing

Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Play wrestling, Practicing techniques, Two on one, Not interested in cyber

Stand-up fighting: UFC/MMA style matches

Miscellaneous interests: Massage

Fetishes: Jackoff, Spandex, Wrestling gear, Naked wrestling, Gut punching, Nipple play, Face sitting, Rip and strip, Muscle worship

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Experienced wrestler happy to take anyone on from young bucks to old silver foxes. Dad and son fights can be great fun

Love to see if I can still beat the young guys...or get turned over! Happy to wrestle women. Happy with tag bouts. Male catfights can be fun with the right opponent. Got mats and room at my place and happy to host and accommodate .

Planning a visit to Asia in late 2022/2023


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geminiwrestler is recommended by caribkid

Wow!!! What a workout! Would be happy to call this man coach any day. In the lead up to our meeting I let it be known that I wasn't very experienced and geminiwrestler said he was happy to teach me a thing or two along the way. He came through on his promise and really put me through my paces. But he also switched from encouraging coach to dominating heel from time to time which made the entire experience even hotter.
Add good hospitality and lively conversation off the mats to the above and you've got a great all-round guy that I'd recommend in a heartbeat and happily meet up with again and again.



caribkid is recommended by geminiwrestler

After a very long period off the mats due to covid and more latterly a knee injury, I got back to some wrestling with Caribkid which was excellent and has definitely got me back in the swing of things. Caribkid was great fun and a good opponent who showed real commitment and strength, although he'll say he's not strong - Don't believe him. We exchanged holds and submissions throughout a very sweaty session.
Definitely good to get back on the mats and nice to do it with such a great guy both on and off the mats - bring it on💪😎



geminiwrestler is recommended by ffilc

Really strong, and packs lots of muscle, a great guy who certainly knows what he was doing. Tough with some cool moves, but patient at the same time. Being completely new, he taught me the basics and by the end of the session, I could test newly learnt moves with him. Really, couldn't ask for a better opponent.

Nice guy off the mat as well!



ffilc is recommended by geminiwrestler

Was lucky to get a short notice wrestle with this muscled guy who whilst being shorter than me and pretty new to wrestling picked up the moves really well and we had a good sweaty few bouts.

This guy has really defined and strong muscles and with more technique will be a good wrestler.

It also gave me an opportunity to practice my lifts which was great.

A great guy off the mats as well



geminiwrestler is recommended by wrestle08

Don't go by his age and picture...
He is much more stronger than you can expect...
A broad shouldered guy with a good technique makes him a must recommended guy ..

Every time he tried his level best to get out of the submission choke/hold.

Out of the mat, he is gentle, humourous, knowledgeable about out of the box topics, a solid host....

Can't wait for Part 2....

Highly Recommended...



wrestle08 is recommended by geminiwrestler

This is one big guy with strong shoulders and arms. Can lift and carry without too much problem.

Gets you in some great holds that are pretty tough to get out of...and sometimes tapping was the only way..

Good guy off the mats and enjoyed his company.. happy to take him on again



th trooper is recommended by geminiwrestler

What a great battle with one very strong guy. He is well built and knows how to dominate a fight. He had me tied up and tapping from the start! Watch out for the chokes...

It was a pleasure to battle this guy and burn a few calories! Nice off the mats as well.



Met Geminiwrestler for a last minute match after we both had no shoes from our opponents and it was an amazing match ! He is strong , skilled , resistant and with a never say die attitude ! Had an amazing time with him and it truly was even better when he called a friend of his to join the meet ! We had a blast and the 3 of us finished the combat exhausted ! After it we had an amazing dinner and I can’t wait to wrestle him again ! Fully recommended !!!



Just had a great fight with a very strong guy... It was last minute but like a pro he arrived and I knew I was up against it as he is one big muscular guy! But you get nothing in life if you don't try and boy did I try and work hard... No surprise he won... But it was really good fun and bloody exhausting... Old wrestle friend joined us and we continued the fight... Then dinner for what was a really enjoyable evening... So sometimes if things turned out differently from how you planned it can be a real bonus... Definitely take this big man on again...



geminiwrestler is recommended by DenverWrestler

I was very lucky that this hunk happened to be in London on business and was available for a match on relatively short notice. He is a very tough guy – big pecs and arms and strong muscular (and very sexy!) legs). He definitely knows his way around a mat and has a vicious headlock that is virtually impossible to escape. On top of all this, he's a super nice guy, articulate, well-informed, and very easy to talk with. Overall, a real quality guy and a very good tough wrestler – someone I definitely want to meet again.



DenverWrestler is recommended by geminiwrestler

This was a short notice fight but very enjoyable with a guy who knows his way around the mats and is very strong and knowledgeable of pretty much every move and hold... When he gets the headlock on its game over so don't ever give up your back!

Enjoyable chat before and after the fight with this really nice guy ... Second round when this guy is back in town.



geminiwrestler is recommended by Toughsnowflake

I had the privilege of spending the evening with Geminiwrestler, he's a wonderful host, an amazing coach, and strong as a tank, he spent a few minutes brushing me up on a few moves to get me up to speed then we went at it, he's a very strong lad, had me tapping out a lot and left me aching today! He knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and how much to do it. After our roll around we ended up having loads of deep conversations over a pint, a great end to a great evening, he's a strong, handsome, and a very intelligent man, if you ever get the chance to tangle with him I highley suggest doing so, hope we can have a round 2!



Toughsnowflake is recommended by geminiwrestler

Well what a surprise. I thought this guy would be a walk over..but it's all in the name and toughsnowflake is just that - tough.

Very strong guy with good looks to add to the joy of the fight. After a few warm up moves we decided to go for it and boy was it fun. I love a good fight and that's what I got in bucket loads! Boy is he hard to get down and tricky to get the subs on... With a few more fights this guy will be even harder to fight ...

If you like a good hard sweaty fight then Toughsnowflake is the one for you. Our next meeting is boxing which I already know will be full on and great fun.

When you finish a fight it's always a pleasure when you're opponent is interesting and articulate about a wide range of topics... More of that also next time 😎



geminiwrestler is recommended by FoxyBoxer

Awesome fighter! Really made me put a good fight and boy can this man hit hard...after the first couple of punches i thought i was done for but no I kept holding on and managed to deliver a couple of deadly hooks ;) Had an awesome convo after, really friendly and insightful!



FoxyBoxer is recommended by geminiwrestler

Met this guy for a boxing match and he told me he wanted it tough and not to hold back.. when we met he looked pretty tough, but I thought after a few well placed punches he would tap out. How wrong was I when he just kept taking the blows and landing hits on me! We boxed for a relatively short time but very intense and pretty physical.
Next bout I aim to put him out with a few good punches! He says he wants to box again so bring it on..
After the fight a very smart intellectual guy to chat with



geminiwrestler is recommended by ShortMick

Had a very good match with no complaints at all. Geminiwrestler knows plenty of techniques for many different styles and is also a very good teacher/coach. I felt very at ease as he is a genuinely awesome, laid back and interesting man who clearly had a passion for wrestling.
Not only if Geminiwrestler a great, versatile opponent, he is also an incredibly decent person, providing a all-round fantastic wrestling match.
A warning for future opponents, once you get caught in a leg hold, you may as well give up!



ShortMick is recommended by geminiwrestler

Met Mick for a wrestle and to lift this great guy and try out some moves and holds. He is a strong guy who learns really quick. As soon as I showed him a hold he used it on me!

The wrestling was really very enjoyable and Mick is a great guy both on and off the mats. Good body and mind - ideal combo. (And great hair).

Defo up for another wrestle with this guy and I am sure next time he'll know even more holds and use them.



geminiwrestler is recommended by Submission

This man is very very strong. We had a great time with submission wrestling. Don’t try double leg Boston crab on this man, his legs are very strong as well. Highly recommended.



Submission is recommended by geminiwrestler

Had a great session with this guy. Little power house with some great holds both arms and legs.. we mixed it up with heel / jobber and a bit more competetive. It was a sweaty and fun session with a really nice guy - sure we'll have another session.



geminiwrestler is recommended by Tigris

My first wrestling experience ever was fantastic because of him. We had a good conversation about wrestling and he taught me quite a few things before, during, and after wrestling. He is strong, enthusiastic, and serious about it, but is still laid back enough that I felt comfortable despite being a total novice. His hospitality in Exeter was also superb. In short, he is a great guy all-around!



Tigris is recommended by geminiwrestler

Wrestled this guy a few years back and was a really great fight. He is a strong guy and put up a good fight and was a good opponent. I know he has since built up more experience and practice so I am sure our next fight will be very competetive.....😎. Nice guy to chill with after as well...



geminiwrestler is recommended by Qrius

I had a 3 way match with Geminiwrestler and a new guy to the scene. Geminiwrestler had a lot of experience with various submission holds and can be a tough competitive, but thoroughly safe and sane opponent. It was my first (unplanned) 3 way tag but it worked out well, thanks to Geminiwrestler's experience. Very friendly off the mats too. Highly recommended.



Qrius is recommended by geminiwrestler

We met for a threeway fight with a new guy to the scene... it was a good session with lots of holds and pins.. Qrius is a tough guy and held his own against me and the new guy..mid twenties asian guy with some mma training.. it was a fun sweaty night of wrestling.... !



geminiwrestler is recommended by slpt

What a fantastic weekend in the company of geminiwrestler! Our meet was long overdue, as we’ve been chatting ever since he had his previous profile. And I was certainly not disappointed: the man is big, strong, skilled and a delightfully warm/funny person as well. He gave me a hard time on the mats (no way out of his full mount!), and a full-on sweaty workout trying to get a few subs out of him. I’ve succeeded a couple of times though! :D Apart from the wrestling, he is a very entertaining and mindful host. I’ve had a really great time around Exeter with him as a tour guide, and kicking back to have a few drinks as well… highly recommended! Thanks again for the meet my friend!



slpt is recommended by geminiwrestler

I had the pleasure of meeting up with slpt for a long awaited wrestle session of a mix of wrestling styles. I knew from his previous opponents he was good and would be in for a good time.. It was indeed fun and tough..he is a strong guy with great legs which locked me up on more than one occasion. With my greater weight I was able to get him down and keep him pinned, but boy he struggled and it was a tough job.

Slpt is an experienced guy and showed me a few new moves. We also tried holds on each other to test strength... a lot of calories got burned!

Off the mats he is a great guy and we had alaugh and would certainly take him on again.



geminiwrestler is recommended by Jagoan

The fight was testosterone-packed and very competitive. Geminiwrestler is very strong, skilled and fit, complete with the aggression you want in alpha males contest. The match was very long and sweaty, just the way I like it. I'd be up for another match to re-confirm who is the better man. After the fight, I enjoyed the company of this good nature and pleasant man. He comes at my highest recommendation.



Jagoan is recommended by geminiwrestler

We met for what was billed as a competetive submission fight. This guy is incredibly muscular and very fit... and we had a very long sweaty fight.... my experience worked to protect me in some part from this very strong guy...The competition was incredible and the power of the guy had me on my back and underneath this guy too many times! Once he is on top of you beware, he can sub you in many ways and does a very mean rear naked choke... I know!!!

This is one alpha male you should experience, even if it's only to get a damn good work out!!!

Like others have said he is a great guy off the mats and a pleasure to have met..



geminiwrestler is recommended by Amirul

He is a strong guy. I learnt a lot from him. He showed me lots of great move! I would love to meet him again and have a real fight with him. We had an enjoyable moment together. He is not a past opponent but he is a friend now ;)



Amirul is recommended by geminiwrestler

Had the pleasure of wrestling Amirul and after showing him a few more moves and holds he was straight in at me and is a pretty strong guy for height and weight

Had a great fight and enjoyed it a lot. Watch out for this guy as he now has a few more moves that he applies very well..



Zenox210 is recommended by geminiwrestler

What a big strong guy.. Amazingly big strong arms and does a mean lift and I am not that light! Really good fight and highly recommended. Also really cool guy off the mats...



Have wrestled Dave for many years. When I first started wrestling, he was one of my regular wrestling partners. Experienced wrestler, who respects your skill level. Safe and sane. Very recommended



We have wrestled many times over the last few years and every time Stephen gets better and stronger... Really skilled wrestler and very tough!

If you get the chance to wrestle londonoriental you will be in for a tough wrestle with lots of good technical holds and submissions from a smart wrestler.. Also great guy off the mats